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    Sapphire J Blue Sunday with Shaun Sinclair: Chat about his book Shaun Sinclair

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    Fresh out the federal pen after serving a bid for armed robbery, Anthony Padmore is whisked to the beautiful island of Anguilla as a reward for keeping his mouth shut. His adoptive brothers have prepared a week of celebration fit for King Solomon himself, but while frolicking on the beach, basking in his newfound freedom, he runs into the stunning Soldada Andrews… 
    Soldada Andrews is fresh out of Law School with an exciting position as an Assistant District Attorney. She has treated herself with a trip to Anguilla to celebrate her achievement. While walking on the beach, she runs into the mesmerizing Anthony Padmore. Her attraction to him is immediate, but she senses something lurking beneath the surface that suggests he would be better off left alone. However, he is too irresistible, so she opts to engage in an island fling. Unfortunately, a passion-filled night boils over into a morning filled with unexpectant emotions and a list of questions better left unanswered, as it is revealed they reside in the same city. 
    Back in the States, Soldada and Anthony discover their lives are inextricably entwined, for her first assignment as an Assistant District Attorney is to bring down Anthony and the whole Padmore clan. The Padmores, led by the sinister, charismatic, Roland Padmore, are involved in high-level, white-collar crime where extortion, racketeering, and murder are the rules of business. Soon, Anthony and Soldada must answer some tough questions, foremost: What to do when you find yourself in a situation where betrayal is the only remedy for survival? 
    Forbidden is the first installment in Gangsterotica, an exciting new series of explosive novels from underground sensation, Shaun Sinclair. Gangsterotica tells the story of what goes on when the unspoken code of street life clashes head-on with love and adversity. What happens next? You’ll only find the answer in Forbidden!


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    Miss Radiance joins The Cherry Spot to talk about that "Gangsta Lovin"!

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    Author Miss Radiance will grace the Cherry Spot with Host Rosalind Cherry and special CoHost Kristi McGee to talk about her release GANGSTA LOVIN! She is new to the Lit Game and we would love to hear her story and how she was inspired to put pen to paper and become an author. Every book has a writer and we love to get to know the person behind the pen so we welcome each new author and new experience, so make sure to join us as we learn about Author Miss Radiance and her "Gangsta Lovin..."

    Call in # 773-897-6297

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    Join us with Danny Blaq Interview and Part II of our Panel Discussion

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    Join us with Adult Star and entreprenuer Danny Blaq talks about his career, likes and dislikes. Why it's important to remain relevant in all that you do.

    Then listen in with @doctorsue and Jorge as we discuss the reality television drama. 

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    When Guys Are The Jump Off

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    A couple of weeks ago we discussed the topic of side chicks, which brought about many interesting thoughts including men's attitudes when they become the side guy or jump off. This week we want to open discussions about having a guy on the side and how they feel about that. Fellas, how do you feel about being a jump off? Have you ever been a jump off? How do you feel about the idea of jump offs?
    Open readings, interviews, fun, laughter, and most of all lots of LOVE!!! Sistahs With Purpose is about being passionate about what we believe in, so yes don't miss this episode. It's going to be mind blowing and heart warming all at the same time. We shall always reach one and teach one!!!
    See ya soon, Why & Yani
    Call in #773-897-6297

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    Author Tonya Barber talks "Not Like My Mama" with Cherry Bomb & Black Sapphire

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    The Cherry Spot with Host Rosalind Cherry and new CoHost Krist McGee welcomes Author Tonya Barber to the interview platform.  She is a writer/poet with several books under her belt and we are glad she will be talking about her latest creative work "Not Like My Mama." We will travel this road with Rainy as she finds herself breaking a promise she made when she was only a child. Will she really end up like "her mama" or have the strength to break the cycle before it's too late.

    Rainy’s mantra is that she will not grow up to be like her mama, but will she be strong enough to recognize the signs and stay clear of present dangers or will she recognize true love and leave the bitter past behind in hopes of the brighter tomorrow waiting just past the rain? 

    All calls and comments are welcome

    Call in # 773-897-6297

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    Freedom's Hands: ft. Sean Morrison, Young Marines Battalion Commander - DE

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    Join us on 4/20/15 for this weeks episode of Freedom's Hands. The topic for this week is Sacrifice, and more particuraly the sacrifice of our brave men and women who fight for our freedoms. Joining the host RKPM, is Sean Morrison the Delaware Battalion Commander of the Young Marines, who will be discussing the national program, the program that he oversees in Delaware as well as how people can help the program. The pair will also be discussing the mission of the Young Marines. With the host RKPM, being a Young Marine himself, serving as the Delaware Battalion First Sergeant, as well as the Delaware Young Marine of the Year for the last two years, this is sure to be an exciting show! 

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    Sapphire J Blue chats with KLYMAXXX. - Come Get It

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    Sex….it’s more than a limited intercourse. It’s an embodied power that prowls and parades our wanting flesh in heat of a passion’s moment. It lingers in our waking and subconscious chambers, anxiously anticipating release. Sex is movement, a dominance that controls the aptitude of our body’s physical strengths. Pleasure, pain, sucking, biting, sweat, intellect, sex is breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Sex is orgasm, a deep dwelling within us that cums to life in the form of sedation and titillation from start to finish. Sex…it’s the infinite seductress. 
    Arousing, Come & Get It: The Orgasm Archives is a sultry dive into the mindset of those inclined to free the roaring raptures of lust. Like Fallon Tremble, who enjoys living life on the wild side until she doing dirty deeds with two very unlikely candidates. Find out where lust takes her in Sexual Liaison. Enjoy an erotic challenge? Come and watch as Dynasty and Bronson battle it out in their fantasy worlds inside, Sexting, where one word always leads to another. Not satisfied yet….well neither is Lease Tanner who’s yearning a remedy for her Ill Nana. One day in her shoes and you’ll never walk the same again. 
    KLYMAXXX sends you on a masterful journey into the salacious adventures of bonafide sex connoisseurs. From one raunchy tale to the next, these stories will leave your fingers sticking to every page. So whether you relish in passionate love making, a forceful pillow biting tryst, or anything in between…however you want it. However you need it. All you have to do is COME & GET IT!!!!!!!! 

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    Sapphire J Blue chats with Author Ty'Rae Blaze "Never Ending Changes

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    Ty'rae Blaze made her debut into the literary industry with her romance novel, Never Ending Changes. She was born and raised in the beautiful state of South Carolina, where she is currently residing. Outside of writing, Ty'rae gives her time to the youth of her community by volunteering at a local recreational center. In her spare time, Ty'rae enjoys reading and listening to books. "Peace and love comes from within." Is the motto that Ty'rae lives by.Twenty-Seven year old Tania Canton has had more than enough of her share of bad luck in the department of love. So much, that she has given up on love and is focusing completely on her career. After a random encounter with a total stranger 


    Tania's work-mind set is threatened and love is attempting to enter her life. Will Tania allow the past experiences dictate her life? Will Tania forget all about the past and open up to what love possibly has to offer. Find out what never ending changes in Tania's life lead her to do.

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    The Cherry Spot with Rosalind Cherry aka Cherry Bomb & Guest Tywanda Brown

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    Welcome to The Cherry Spot with Rosalind Cherry aka Cherry-Bomb and GuestTywanda Brown as we chat about her books including new release, Love & Snakes. Come on out and see what's going down with Tywanda in the lab and what's new with the folks at Creative Flow Publications. Come & listen to her live interview; we promise you will have a wonderful time. Want you sit back get comfortable.

    Bring a family member or invited your friends... all are invited so see you soon. Thank you.

    Call in number # (773) 897-6297

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    SB Barber Morning Show - Robert Robinson "The Pavarotti of gospel" weight loss!

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    Business of Thursday Health.Well.Fit. - Robert Robinson "The Pavarotti of gospel" talks about his weight loss journey - the life threatening reality & victory - with SB Barber Morning Show & The Crew Juice the Comedian and Kimberly Brown  Media are saying: “Robert Robinson is a volcanic talent who absolutely knocks an audience on its heels.” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – Milwaukee, WI; “The Pavarotti of gospel.” Star Tribune - Minneapolis, MN.

    Brown is Indie Gospel Recording Artist, American Heart Assoc Ambassador & Founder of "Get Up, Get Moving Now" a campaign to promote physical activity. She'll engage you to follow her healthy life-style change journey & challenge to loose weight & avoid heart disease.

    Visit Robert Robinson website

    Visit Websites:
    Get Up Get Moving Now

    Juice The Comedian

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    Xklusiv Selekta .........Bring back the vibes

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    Pull up in the horse like I'm riding a chariot. The first mix for spring, and the summer is quickly approaching let's get it yall. Got alot of new material from all around the entire globe coming at you this year stay tuned in and watch what a gwaan fi the rest a di year. We going in coming next quarter. Jamaicans be like.........Watch out fi dis....Pop your bottles and roll up my friends let go.........Cruise2fame Records baby 2015 .Know the Name.