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    James Moseley, The Fire Blanket

    in Current Events

    Our guest this morning is James Moseley, founder and CEO of Sun Seeker and the “Fire Blanket”.

    In 1990, James was recognized by Ronald Reagan and the Young Entrepreneurs Organization as one of America’s Top 100 entrepreneurs.

    After selling his insurance business, James moved on to Executive Produce his own CD with Roger Williams and the London Symphony Orchestra, which became Grammy nominated.

    One of the founding members of the Crystal Cathedral Symphony Orchestra, James has performed with Frank Sinatra, Henry Mancini, Grover Washington Jr. and performed at New York Fashion week.

    In 2011, James introduced the fire blanket to SAFE and demonstrated the blanket’s inability to burn. After successfully introducing the blanket James was promoted to Marketing Director.

    James founded Sun Seeker Enterprises in 2012 to pursue applications for commercial, residential and marine environments.

    In addition, James is a Smile Ambassador for Operation Smile, doctors that fix cleft lips and palettes on children.


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    Ep. 37: Jo Firestone- Poops In A Blanket

    in Comedy

    Fresh off her Broad City appearance, comedy genius and general total cutie Jo Firestone takes the guest seat. Secrets are swapped and memories are shared and holy shit Jo's dad is an amateur gameshow invented and Rodney Dangerfield impersonator. Jo talks about the evolution of her anxiety and breaks down her creative process. My Sexy Podcast's newest self-proclaimed biggest fan, Dana, makes a cameo at the end to discuss the environment, sex and the possibility of working with birds. Oh, also, is there a God? ALL THIS AND MORE!

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    "Are Protected Class Laws A Blanket For Class-Less Behavior?"

    in Lifestyle

    Has the benefits of the special laws become a blanket shield for bad behavior by the protected? For example: If a homosexual individual tries to make an advance, there is a hesitance to press sexual harrassment charges for fear that there will be an outrage against "homophobia" rather than getting the details of the case to adequately prosecute the CRIME. Or a woman makes a false allegation of rape, and although the details of the case clearly show the trickery, time is spent "investiating" for fear of an outcry of sexism and discrimination.  The need for government protection for certain special interest groups and special classes is indeed a real one, but the raison d'etre for these laws must be protected from misuse for the good of the communities for which they were implemented. Join in tonight at 10:30 pm EST with your thoughts. Call in at 347-327-9967.

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    Contracts: Don't Sign Away Your Business! Ep. 25

    in Business

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    We will all be faced with the decision to sign a contract at some point in our business. When working with a new broker it can be tempting to rush to the signature line and secure that freight before it's gone. What might you be missing? What can signing a bad contract do to your business? How can you avoid the traps of "legaleeze" layed out for you? What can you do to avoid these problems? We will discuss the red flags and share what to look out for when you have one of these documents in front of you. We will talk about ways you can edit these contracts to be more favorable for both parties and not just a blanket of protection for the brokers.   

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    Episode 33 - #OpUnmanned or Playing a Deadly Game of #Drones

    in War

    Tonight we tackle the multifaceted issue of unmanned aerial vehicles, or Drones. They have gained a place in history as one of the most hated, loved, and misunderstood pieces of equiptment our society has ever created. It is important to distinguish what a person is referring to when they talk about drones. This is due to the fact that the term is a blanket reference to pretty much anything that has locomotion, and is either remotely controlled, or runs a predetermined program for it's operation. This means that everything from a small hobbyists $20 RC helicopter to General Atomics multi billion dollar fleet of Predator drones all fall under this banner. 

    Though we will touch on the topic of smaller 'flying camera' drones, but our main topic tonight will be the larger, CIA and military driven UAVs and their role in the so-called 'War on Terror'.

    We have Brandon Bryant as our guest tonight. He knows all too well how these are used and how the operations are carried out. He should, he used to be a drone pilot. He will talk about his experiences with turning targets into 'bug splat', and the consequences, not just to those on the ground, but the scars he now bears daily with the resulting PTSD. Many studies have revealed that the PTSD most drone operators suffer from might be worse than those in hand to hand combat. It is an honor and with much gratitude that we welcome him to the show tonight. 

    While Brandon is not a leaker of top secret documents, he is definitely a whistleblower in the truest sense of the word. He is calling attention to the hipocrisy and deceit being propagated by the US and it's President, wherein they contend that drone strikes are a precision surgical instrument, equal to excising a cancer while leaving the remaining tissue intact. This is a lie. All males over 13 years of age are not 'militants'. Weddings are not target practice. 

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    He took his Vision and Passion and turned it into Profit

    in Entrepreneur

    I started sewing a few years ago, when I had a ton of shirts and wanted a t-shirt blanket. After scratching that off my bucket list, I stopped sewing for a while. I took it back up when I wanted to make pillows as gifts for friends and family around Christmas. Everyone loved the pillows and thought it was such a unique and thoughtful idea. Soon I realized that anyone could have their very own shirts as pillows just like I had, and I wanted to provide them with that top-notch service.


    Being an avid sports fan (specifically soccer), I do a lot of traveling. There's something special about traveling with my favorite sports team Pillow Tee, and I hope everyone gets to experience that and many more plush memories!


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    Why Jeb Bush Is Not The One

    in Current Events

    When talk began in earnest about a Jeb Bush presidential candidacy for 2016, former First Lady Barbara Bush was noticeably cool about the idea.  Alas, she eventually changed her mind.  But as veteran test takers know, it is usually wise to trust your first instinct when deciding a question.

    Tonight we will examine the myriad weaknesses of another Bush run at the White House.  A spotty electoral record, weakness in coalition building, the lingering suspicion about the Bush penchant for international adventurism, a closed and inbred circle of political advisors, an often tone-deaf approach to communications and identity politics, a detached bubble of family affluence- all of these translate into a damaged political brand that would be very problematic in a presidential race.

    The Bushes are a distiguished political family with a commendable record of public service.  But the times are not suited for yet another President Bush.  The Republican goal for this election should be to win the White House, not provide a comfortable security blanket for the GOP establishment.


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    A Life of Miracles Radio: Freedom from Karma

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to A Life of Miracles radio with you host Denise O'Regan. Our sister Sandra Saradesi is away this week.

    When karma rules our lives it is but a belief we hold. Karma goes when we align with the innocence of life and fully surrender in trust to Infinite intent. This week we share some wisdoms from Almine on "what is Karma" and how to release it. Please bring

    your comfy blanket and pillow as we share a beautiful meditation from Almine. 

    To learn more about Almine please www.spiritualjourneys.com

    Perut-arsate  To lose the love of playfulness is to lose the love of life, since each is stimulaterd by the other. Allow creative play to turn responsibilities into lighthearted fun. Elfin Quest Card #19

    Praise, Love, Gratitude and Trust




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    Cutting Cords Meditation by Almine (bring a blanket!)

    in Spirituality

    The show that explores the sacred teachings of Almine  world leading mystic and seer as we share in the unfolding mysteries miracles and mysticism 

    Tonight's show we bring you a sacred meditation by Almine a little sample of Almine's exquisite online course "The Ultimate Meditation 2" 

    There are no words to describe this , only that it is extrememly powerful 

    Enjoy this beautiful gift 

    This show is brought to you with much joy  by your hosts Vanessa and Joanne  Enjoy !

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    "Sovereign Like the Sun", meditation

    in Spirituality

    On tonight's show we have a most sacred meditation from Almine  ....

    So get comfortable, either lying down or sitting and wrap yourself in a blanket 

    Enjoy it beauties

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    Warm Pussy Blanket

    in Comedy

    This week Rich Vos and Bonnie McFarlane are in the studio with Kurt, Sherrod, and Kaytlin to promote their new movie "Women Aren't Funny." The crew also discusses Kaytlin's naked comedy show, censorship, and gutter punks.

    Follow the crew on Twitter @kurtmetzger @Sherrod_Small @KaytlinBailey @RichVos @BonnieMcFarlane

    Check out all of our shows at standupnylabs.com

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