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    Soul Speak: The Blame Game

    in Spirituality

    Please join Teresa and Sabrina as they chat about The Blame Game. It's destructive, non-productive, and prevents you from speaking your truth.  Learn how to trun blame to gain and connect with your Soul! Teresa and Sabrina, will share stories, provide applied wisdom, and Wize Diva Advice.
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    What's your stake in the blame game?

    in The Bible

    Ever take the blame for something that really wasn't yours to own? Since the first man pointed to the first woman in the Garden of Eden, people have been playing "the Blame Game!" Whether you are the target of blame or the one doing the blaming, you need to know a few things about how the game is played!  Perhaps you find yourself blaming yourself for the times those around you do not live up to expectations. May you have been unjustly blamed for someone else's behavior and don't know how to simply "deal with it."  Or, have you ever blamed God for anything? If we are going to blame we need to know who to blame. We need to know where blaming and taking responsibility begins and ends.  Who ultimately is responsible for the mess this world is in? And what's your stake in the blame game?
    Born to Win! explores various topics from a Biblical perspective.  Calls will be taken toward the end of the podcast.
    Timothy has an ongoing prayer and discussion forum at BornToWinForum.com.  For upcoming show schedules and descriptions from Timothy and all of our hosts, visit GodDiscussion.net.

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    in Entertainment

    Personal responsibility in our culture has fallen by the wayside. Pointing fingers and accepting responsibility has seemingly become a thing of the past....or has it? Host Ambro breaks down this sensitive subject and discusses why the blame game is played and why we are so reluctant to admit our faults and weaknesses. This is one show that will have you still talking the next day. Tune in at the link below. 


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    The Blame Game; How to own YOUR part and get set free!

    in Women

    When we notice that either WE are blaming others for something in our lives OR someone else is blaming us, this is a red flag to take note of. Anytime we enter into the blame-game, we give up our power. We need to recognize that we have choices and if we are blaming, there is an issue within us. If someone is blaming us, do not receive it---give it right back to them to take responsibility for.

    If you have been playing the blame game, listen today so you can get out and begin making heallthy choices.

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    CDC Blame Game

    in News

    In this episode of Independence Nation, Keith A. Pitts, MSE will continue to expose the CDC for their incompetence, as a nurse who was wearing protactive gear still got the Ebola virus.  Nevertheless, the CDC refuses to take intiative and tell the American public the truth about this particular strain of the Ebola virus - it is airborne.  Following the identification of the United States' second confirmed case of Ebola, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention declared the need to "rethink" the way it is handling efforts to contain the virus.  Other reports: Ferguson, MO unrest.

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    The Ebola Blame-Game

    in Politics

    While Republicans are to blame for a lot of things, the spreading of the dangerous killer disease Ebola, is not one of them.  Sequester, which was a White House Proposal, is now to blame, according to Democrats, for the outbreak of Ebola.  And we all know that Republicans love to "CUT", so they must be at fault.  If only the Democrats could have had millions more to waste in tax-payer dollars.  

    Tune in every weeknight at 8:00pm to 10:00pm to hear The Captain unlock his treasure chest of opinions and ideas, facing all matters of Constitutional Freedom.

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    Ending the Blame Game

    in Self Help

    Join us as we welcome author Daree Allen to discuss her new book, Ending the Blame Game.

    Compiled from interviews, single black fathers discuss the relationships that brought them into fatherhood, and reflect on the factors that hinder their efforts when it comes to dating and relating to black women, co-parenting, and their current life status. Ending the Blame Game helps women get a glimpse into the minds of single black fathers from different backgrounds who desire to be in a cohesive family unit, and want to tell their side of the story.

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    The Blame Game...Are we a society full of victims?

    in Motivation

    The Blame Game...It's been in place since the dawn of man. Spouses blame each other, families blame the local municipalities and local communities blame the goverment. 

    Why is it so hard for people to accept responsibility for their own actions? Are we a society full of victims? How can we move from blame to solutions? 

    Let's talk about here on Woman 2 Woman 

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    Tame the Blame Game

    in Women

    You've heard it if you hadn't done it before. "I wish men would man up." or "Why do all men do that to women?" It's the blame game. There is no power in blaming. There is no victory to be had when your joy, your respect and your livelihood rests in the hands of others. Get your power back by accepting responsibility for your own life, your own choices and your own happiness. There are many things that will improve immediately by taming the blame game. You need to tune in to today's show.

    For more building, join us at Your Healing Partner www.facebook.com/yourhealingpartner 

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    in Relationships

    PLEASE JOIN Author Ro Cutno & Coach Khayr on MAN LEADS RADIO @ 10 pm EST with THE HOTTEST OF HOT TOPICS each & EVERY Wednesday night (347.205.9089 is the call in number.) Tonight, we're going to be addressing one of the MOST important parts of relationships - UNHEALTHY BLAME GAME VS ACCOUNTABILITY!   What you hear tonight will amaze you!!!   A MUST LISTEN TO FOR BOTH MEN & WOMEN!!!

    After interviewing OVER 1000 men from AROUND THE WORLD, Ro Cutno INSIST that "Man Leads, Women Follow, Everyone Wins"  Ro Elori Cutno conducted a two year long study on the nature of good men. Wisdom and insight from 16 countries and 5 of our great continents, demonstrates that healthy men are wired in very similar ways. We learned that good men such as these can only be happily paired with women who understand them.

    Basically it goes like this: Man wants to feel strong to please woman. Woman understands this need. Woman is appreciative. Man pleases more.

    A simple scientific truth can go a long way, especially when broken down step by step. This is a book which everyone in the Modern Western world needs to know. Written as a manual for both men and women, the detailed findings within this book's pages will change the way that you see love forever.

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    NO MORE BLAME GAME with Dr. Dee Adio-Moses

    in Lifestyle

    If you want to stop the blame game and take responsility for your own life, this show is a great one for you. Get the tools you need to gain self-acceptance and  self- empowerment.
    Rev.Dr. Dee Adio-Moses is a Visionary, Author, Life Strategist and Educator.  An ordained Minister with a PhD in Philosophy specializing in Holistic Life and Spiritual Counselling. Dr. Dee is the Founder and Spiritual Leader of Healing Center of Christ International and Better than Ever  Community. Dr. Dee is a modern day key proponent of Oneness Consciousness as a healing strategy, and provides  step by step programs to help you on your oneness journey, teaching you to  master your emotions, your body, your relationships, your finances, and your life. 
    email- info@betterthanevercommunity.com

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