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    What is Anti-Blackness? A Native Trailblazers Special

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    Joshua Generation Network: Feat. Gary Dennis Hines of The Sounds of Blackness

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    Join us tonight as we talk to veteran Band Leader of the Number One historic and world famous group "The Sounds of Blackness", Gary Dennis Hines.

    Hines, who has led the famous Band for more than 40 years, since its inception, has a musical history that encompasses and expresses every single struggle that Black America has experienced from the beginning of time to now; and in his 40+ year history with TSoB, he has captured those struggles, as well as our pain and passions, in the sound of music.

    Winners of three Grammy Awards, three Stellar Awards, the International Time for Peace Award, an Emmy, two Gold records, one Platinum, the Soul Train Award, the International Dance Music Award, and three NAACP Image Awards, Mr. Hines has written and coordinated commercial music for the NBA, Northwest Airlines, Walt Disney, Sony, Universal Studios, and worked with corporations IBM, 3M, General Motors, the NFL, General Mills, Phillip-Morris, Thomson-West, TARGET, and Anderson Windows.

    They have also done charitable benefit work for the NAACP, the Children's Heart Fund, National Urban League, United Negro College Fund, the Lupus Foundation, Scholarship America, Race for the Cure, and Hale House.


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    Quiet, Justice, Love - How We Think of Blackness

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    Kevin Quashie, Ph.D., was the guest lecturer for Stetson University's Social Justice Lecture Series in fall 2014. The professor in the Department of Afro-American Studies at Smith College spoke on “Quiet, Justice, Love."

    In his talk, Quashie discusses African-American culture, often considered expressive, dramatic and even defiant, characterizations which are linked to the idea of resistance. Indeed, these terms come to dominate how we think of blackness. He addresses the topic of reimagining how we think about black culture, about resistance and justice. He questions how the idea of quiet, as a notion different from silence and as a metaphor for one’s inner life, could include insight into how to be alive in ways that are aware of social violence, but that retain the power and grace that is part of being human.

    For more about Dr. Quashie and his lecture, see the Stetson Today story: http://www.stetson.edu/today/2014/10/social-justice-lecture-quiet-justice-love/

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    Guilty of Felony Blackness

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    Guilty of Felony Blackness

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    United Through Blackness: A Walk Toward Humanity

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    Earth Grinds Host's Sage Gram and Write2Manifest will be discussing blackness, not only as an unifying umbrella term but as a political statement. We will also explore how the diaspora of black identifying people connect, despite cultural and experiential, etc differences. Most importantly we wish to here from you the audience, on how blackness pertains to uniting all of humanity.


    Have your questions and comments read on air, by emailing them to: myearthgrind@gmail.com

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    Donald Sterling, The NBA, & The Assault on Blackness, Guest Dr. David J. Leonard

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    Dr. David J. Leonard is associate professor in the Dept. of Critical Culture, Gender, and Race Studies at Washington State University, Pullman. With a B.A. in Black studies from UC, Santa Barbara, and a Ph.D. from UC Berkeley, he has dedicated his career to interdisciplinary scholarship, transformative teaching, and research that underscores the continued significance of race within popular culture, politics, and society.

    He is author of After Artest: The NBA and the Assault on Blackness, co-editor of Criminalized and Commodified: New Racism and African Americans in Contemporary Sports & contributor to NewBlackMan, layupline, Feminist Wire & Urban Cusp. He blogs at drdavidjleonard.com Twitter @drdavidjleonard.

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    Moments In New Blackness

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    This week, the full squad is back together to discuss Pharrell’s concept of “The New Black”, two white lesbian mothers suing a sperm bank over the birth of their biracial baby, and a heated conversation about what it takes to create a moment. This one gets intense. You don’t want to miss it.

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    Islam. Join us on the next episode of MOORISH SCIENCE RADIO where the All Mighty Supreme Team will discuss the very social, psychological, political, and spiritual effects of those who believe that they are black people today; and why our nation or race of people are lagging behind the rest of the world intellectually and economically.

    We will attempt to trace back the very origins of the first usage of this term as a descriptive of our people.

    We will show how the Joshuaites (so called Jews) began to call our people "black" based on their Mosaic nomenclature and how this is constructed in the Torah; and we will also show how Christianity picked up these descriptions for our people and also prove that the "black man", according to these texts in its ORIGINAL INTENT was based on their image of the devil.

    We will examine the political implications of a people cut-off from any national link to any nation or country or body politic and how this effects us in the moment and why we live in utter squalor in this American society.

    We will examine the scientific meanings of why "black according to science means death" and how we are cut off from the great God of the Universe because we uphold this sinful name of being black.

    We will be putting forth a challenge to all so called "black" scholars and afrocentrists to prove that we are in fact a black people and ask them to give us DEFINITIVE PROOF that we called ourselves black people prior to our contact with the pale skinned nations of Europe.


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    Self Improvement! The Origin of Blackness; Superwomen

    in Spirituality

    Another Clean Glass Production & The Sisterhood Connection Presents... Self Improvement! The Origin of Blackness; Superwomen. with our beloved Sister Diane Muhammad Thursday (3/20/14) at 10 am. Call in at (914) 803-4041.

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    HIGHER CALLING Featuring former lead singer of Sounds Of Blackness- Quan Howell

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    You are not your job. You are not the clothes you wear. Did you ever feel like life was worth more than you were being offered?  Do you get the feeling that you are in the world but not of it?

    Stop what you are doing right now, it is not for you. It is obvious that you have a HIGHER CALLING find out what that means and how you can get attuned with a deeper meaning in your life next 2RAW4TV. Former lead singer of Sounds Of Blackness, Quan Howell talks about his music, working alongside Tyler Perry, and how one call changed his life.

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