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    Orange is the New Blackface, or, "Drivin' That Train"

    in Entertainment

    Tonight, on a socially ignorant edition of the Never Daunted Radio Network, even though we're against political correctness as a whole, some issues force us to be a little hypocritical. Using the example made by actress/whatever Julianne Hough, we'll be talking about the spectre of Blackface, and how it's never an OK thing to do, even for Halloween.Next, Police officers in Oklahoma responding to a call about an man with a bloody face thrashing around his apartment arrived to find him covered in soap and salt and ranting about a "possessed homosexual demon" who ordered him to "cook the Bible." Is it a case of a hot mess...or just hot meth.Later, man won't be worth a damn unless he knows his priorities. This idea is exemplified by a Georgia man who, after discovering a fire in his home, rushed out five other adults and two children to safety, ventured back into the burning building..to rescue his beer. We'll drink to that!And finally, on this week's edition of the Cremo Cream Essentials, we feature the Grateful Dead, and their seminal album, Workingman's Dead. We'll share a couple cuts and talk about how a band full of burnouts will never actually burn out their legacy.All this and more, tonight, on the Never Daunted Radio Network!

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    in Lifestyle

    Episode #4: We all know that in this country African American people are very sensitive about complexion and hair texture. On this episode of Straight Talk... No Chaser!!! We will be covering Blackface by David Leventhal. This show will be powerful. Hopefully it will educate and change the way we feel about ourselves and the cultures and races around us.

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    Wipe Off The Blackface Germany!

    in Culture

    Is something rotten in Deutschland?  Apparently so.  I'll have guests Gyavira Lasana, and old friend of the show, Lisa Dixon from the frontlines to discuss the delicate issue of blackface and the petition now being circulated.
    Gyavira Lasana is a poet and playwright living in New York and Berlin. He has written extensively about the life of blacks in Germany for the past ten years.
    Lisa Dixon has been a guest on the show several times.  She was one of the "Brown Babies" of Germany, the daughter of a German mother, and African American solidier.  Her story was one of many featured in the award winning documentary, "Brown Babies: The Mischlingkinder".  She is an activist and very vocal in the campaign to end the practice of "blackface" in Germany.

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    Use of Blackface in Films

    in Entertainment

    Looking at the use of blackface in films

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    Wipe Off The Blackface Germany: Part II

    in Culture

    Gyavira Lasana and Lisa Dixon are my guests again to dig deeper through this issue of "Blackface" or refusal to acknowledge the existance of qualified actors to play black roles.  Instead they are choosing to use white actors and use the practice of smearing their faces black to play black roles.  This definitely transcends the practice of "Blackface" itself, and brings to light the issue of a total disregard of a people.  Get your shovels ready!  Please sign the petition while you're at it.

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    Modern Day Minstrel Shows [Setting The Tone Radio Live]

    in Television

    LET'S BE CLEAR: This a DIRECT shot popular shows like "Empire", "Scandal", "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" and the likes. Stemming off our BlogTalkRadio featured episode, "SLAVE THEN, SLAVE NOW!", we will debate whether reality shows and television dramas of today really mimic how blacks were mocked in blackface during the 19th and 20th century, even 50 years ago.

    As we revealed last episode, the tactics used by slave owners left Black Americans and other minorities stripped of their native tongues, religion and culture and even today, Black Americans seem to be subjected to a NEW form of slavery.

    Are blacks in a much better position landing (some) television roles? Or is this the same minstrel show only masked to appeal to the masses while implanting negative stereotypes are blacks.This episode, we discuss the effects of television on Black Americans today, if any.

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    Is it ok for white folks to wear blackface 14mins

    in Current Events

    Why it's really hard for white people to understand about black experience in America.  Would it be alright if a black person dressed up for Halloween as the Ghost of Trayvon Martin?  On the line Comedian Jamal Harrington he went out as the Ghost of Trayvon, and he tells us what happen.(pictured).  Hear what happen when Teina Manu dressed up in a Burka for Halloween.   This is just the first 14 mins of a 3 hour conversation, with Jamal Harrington, Ken the Cookie Man, and the hosts of Funny to the Moon, Teina Manu and Travis Simmons.

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    Is It OK for White Folks to Wear Blackface for Halloween?

    in Current Events

    Topic flow ~  on the line with a black guy who went as the Ghost of Trayvon for Halloween.  ~  How to smash an internet TROLL ~ Nothing off limits!  818 739-8913 Call in to listen or talk over phone!  Live Unscripted Riff with Funny to the MOON  

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    GamerGate and why you should paint your face whatever goddamned color you want!

    in Entertainment

    Hello there everyone. 


    Fantastic show up on the tap tonight. We're talking about GamerGate, what is it, what it means and we'll weigh in on it as well. Also being that it is halloween and everyone is dressing up and doing whatever lately it has become a big thing to demonstrate white people for percieved "blackface" or whatever other color face you can think of. we're gonna talk about it and why it's bullshit. 


    listen like your on the toilet!! 

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    Santa Clause Was Beheaded by ISIS

    in Radio

    Come listen to a bloviation that will rock your socks off.  It's going to be a treat so kick back and enjoy the rage!


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    Clun Forest, Scottish Blackface, Targhee, Finnish Landrace W/Martin Dally

    in Education

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