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    Tim Black At Night New York Primary

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    Tim Black At Night 9pm Est 323 870-4064 
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    Black History Month in New York City - Things to do

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     Black History Month in New York City - Things to do

    So many great things to do in and around NYC to celebrate Black History Month.  Free events and low cost events suitable for the whole family to enjoy; including visits to The Apollo Theater, The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, The Studio Museum in Harlem, and more.  Tune in today for some great event ideas and have your calendars ready.

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    154-New York State Of Mind! Trumpsters: STOP WHINING AND START WORKING!

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    It seems that in between fits of lying to himself, his family and everyone else there is something that Ted Cruz has actually told the truth on that the New York primary is this Tuesday. The main liar this week is Da Donald. He can't seem to get it through his head that no one stole any election other than the Colorado GOP. Quit crying Trumpsters; get your ass in gear and get a ground game! Also, Pete Moss is going to provide us the latest info that he has gathered on his fact finding mission throughout the various locales he has visited on his most recent dipplomatic mission!

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    SBPM-ATL Dr. Phil Valentine Black Athletes New Playbook Metaphysics

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    Black Athletes Need  A New Strategy To Fight White Supremacy. Is It METAPHYSICS 

    NBA Playoffs 1st Round Recap

    Kentucky Derby (What Happen to All The Black Jockeys)

    NFL Draft, How Many Black Athletes will Hit It Big

    Bow Tie Fashion Honors Black Baseball Players

    Which Black Athlete Should Be Put On The $20 Dollar bill 

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    Grassfire Report - New York, New York

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    95 Republican delegates are up for grabs today in New York. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are supposed to win tonight. Polls are open now and close at 9pm (EST) Stay tuned to your 2016 election portal on Grassfire.com for results! 

    Is the Supreme court deadlocked on Obama's executive immigration dealings?  How important is it to replace Scalia with a conservative justice?

    Uninteded consequence: North Carolina Law not only protects women from predators it lowers the volume of bad music in the state.

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    The Disenfranchisement of the New York Voter

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    "I am really concerned about the conduct of the voting process in New York state, and I hope that process will change in the future," Beriie Sanders

    The damage to Clinton from her battle with Sanders is borne out in the latest NBC News-Wall Street Journal poll. The longer this race has gone on, the more she has shown vulnerabilities. The top-line number that caught the eyes of so many analysts shows her now in a dead heat with Sanders nationally — ahead of him by just two percentage points, 50 to 48 percent. Those numbers have no influence on the state-by-state results but offer a window into both the success of Sanders in generating enthusiasm and Clinton’s inability to capitalize on all her political advantages. Since October, when her candidacy began rising again after several months of controversy about her use of a private email server, she has been on a downward slide. Her lead over the senator from Vermont has dropped from what was then a 31-point advantage to the current two points.Dan Balz WP

    Breaking up large banks will make the financial system safer, but suggested that the design of the breakup could be left to the banks themselves.,Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank President Neel Kashkari

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    Recap And Analysis Of The New York Jets 2016 Draft

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    In this episode we break down the New York Jets 2016 draft class. Analyst Connor Rogers joins us live to discuss the players taken and what they will bring to the Jets organization. In addition we will discuss the fallout from the draft in terms of team needs, the quarterback position including the future of Fitzpatrick, as well as what will happen with Muhammad Wilkerson. As always, we will take calls live and answer tweets at @TalkJetsRadio. The support and listens are greatly appreciated!!

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    Tune in for the lastest in the struggle for Black Liberation and a new existance for black people, in North America and elsewhere.

    Our Struggle is one for complete constuctive change, also known as Black Power.

    Stay up to date with whats Happening in Black people's lives, and how we must press forward against all odds.   Hear from National, Regional, and local members of the New Black Panther Party. The newest programs, statements, political positions, clashes with injustice and more.

    Call 646.478.4447


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    155-Ted Cruz's Loss In New York, Is That The Final Nail?

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    In this episode we delve right into the not so stunning results of the New York primary and what this holds for Ted Cruz. From what we hear we he still going on about New York while campaigning in Pennsylvania. Also, we will delve into the news that came out yesterday about the death of music legend Prince.  We will also get furrther updates from Pete Moss on his diplomatic mission of the undisclosed countries of the Southern Hemisphere! We talk about the NBA playoffs and other important sports matters too. And never forget the flag bikinis!

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    New York State of Mind

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    Good morning, today on The Meter, we will discuss the upcoming New York primary as Republican frontrunner Doanld Trump and Democrrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton seek to regain their momentum after recent surges by their competitors. Donald Trump has spoken out emphatically about the "Unfair process" in the Republican race obviously referring to the Colorado delegation going for Cruz, where no voters cast a ballot. Bernie Sanders continues his streak by winning Colorado after a fiery debate doubling down on his attacks on Hillary over banking and corporate donations. Bill Clinton has once again drawn criticism over a comment about Sanders supporters wanting "to shoot every third person on Wall Street". Please join the discussion at 9:00 AM. The call in number is 347-308-8933. Your input is essential.

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    A New York State of mind?

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    A New York State of mind?. Donald Trump and Ted are battling for the NY delegates- is Ted Cruz out of his mind?- why would he go to a state where he is loathed?- should he have skipped New York?- should we give him credit for going to NY and taking the hit?- You can hate him, or you can admire him for going to a state where the odds of him winning are not in his favor- I am not a cheerleader for Cruz, but he has gone to every debate-(can't say the same for Trump), he has gone to every state that had a election- no dispute there( even when he  was not favored to win)- can Cruz take away some of Trump's thunder, or will he be crushed?- can the minds of some New Yorkers be swayed ?- we will soon see. Also, the continuing discussion about the black community