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    Do Africans Hate Black Americans? How Important Is Africa 2 Blacks In America?

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    Do African people hate black americans. You better not miss the start of this show because you will hear it from the mouths of African men and women what they think of you Black A$$. So make sure you tune in!

    We will also be talking about the importance of Africa to the plight of the Black American struggle and revolution!

    Tune in. And also check out our website www.YoMommaBlack.com

    We need journalists and presenters to hop on board, and people with money.


    Monday: Relationship Show - with Renee / cohost Dawah
    Wednesday: Run Down With Renee - with Renee
    Saturday: Organise Or Perish Show - with Marcus / cohost Meshiha

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    Are Black Americans Stupid? let us take a look

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    Niggas love being niggas, So much so, that they strive to be REAL niggas. They take pride in saying,”I am a real nigga”. Really? That was your goal in life? To be a real nigga?You are calling yourself a nigga. You are proud of it, and making excuses for doing so. Also, before some other smart nigga tells me it means Negus, please. Stop. I know all about that, and that is not how it is used by people, today. Let’s not make excuses. There is no excuse for calling yourself a nigga. Speaking of excuses, I will explain the need for black Americans to constantly make excuses for stupidity, in a minute.If you have no problem with referring to yourself a nigga, then you have no problem referring to your woman as a bitch. Now, before some real bitches go into an explanation of what they think the term bitch means for them in 2014, think about what you are saying. You are classifying yourself as a bitch, a female dog, and you are proud of it. Slave masters called black women bitches, because we were bred like dogs and animals. Think about what you are calling yourself. There is no excuse for that.When you get a black woman pregnant, and leave her to raise the child alone, you are doing exactly what they want you to do. That child will grow up to feed the private prison system, the pharmaceutical companies by issuing him drugs to control his behavior, or he will join the army, and fight and die in wars that have nothing to do with him or his liberation.Black Americans love talking. Thats all they do. Talk. Oh! And march. Do you see how those white people in Nevada came together and stopped the government from taking that rancher’s cattle? Yeah. That was some real organisation. That was real action. If it had been a black person, Al Sharpton would have showed up and black Americans would have been marching around the desert singing “We Shall Overcome”. Black Americans settle.


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    Real Talk Live 216 is asking you but more importantly AMERICA, Do we as a country and as AMERICANS SUPPORT BLACK-OWNED BUSINESS. Why do blacks have the greatest purchasing power but have the least amount of black owned business/support? Why do some Americans shop in their own communities placing profit and revenue back into their communiies while others do not? Why is their such a disparity between Black Owned Business compared to others?  We have often heard this saying IF IT AIN'T WHITE IT AIN'T RIGHT but what if there are more reason beyond race and color ask to the reasons why their is a lack of support fort black owned-business? 

    Real Talk Live 216 wants to have this conversation rather sooner than later. We all should support and partake in the AMERICAN DREAM and we all need to come together so this disparity and stereotypes can be changed. IS STARTS AND ENDS WITH US? It's time we change this mindset and get the American people and blacks to start supporting black business more.  I know we can't change this way of thinking over night but we can change one or maybe some by having one conversation at a time. 

    This show will talk about some of the issues but will finish off with the solutions (ways in which we  can support black business) It's time that black business like yours and others get the attention and spotlight in which they deserve. This is not a Black and White thing but a mindset that needs to change. It starts with us by opening up the dialogue and having the honest conversation.   

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    Crazy asains and americans debate

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    Tune in For our first episode of "Your Wacky Hosts"

    This week we will be discussing:

    The Florida tolls and what effect will they have on us now. (Focus is on Amendment 2)

    Your weekly release of the newest EDM music tracks

    Miami is getting an upgrade, what do you all think?

    Have you seen Kris Jenners new boyfriend?





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    The Punishment of Americans for Going Black

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    Making the best America ever has to include if not all the people, definitely it must include more than 1/2 the people. People getting informed now and people voting in every election because now we know what happens when working people fail to vote midterms elections. Now we know what happens when working people vote for millionaires who what to end American unions. All is not lost. We can still get there from here America. America showed up and showed out in 2008 and in 20012 and for this reason, the republicans are throwing everything including the kitchen sink at the 98% of Americans. Republicans feel betrayed. It is now up to the 98% to not leave PBO fighting the battle with a short stick. We must help now. We must do all possible to engage as much of the 98% as possible over the next 7 months. Make the necessay change happen across America. We proved our capabilities in 2008 and 2012, we can do it again in 2014. We must once again America, Vote Blue. Blue for Dems. America still have lots to complete on PBO's watch. PBO is willing. Will the voters be too few? The American economy is already booming for Wall Street, for the top wealthiest 1%. The economy for 2014 is ready to boom for the average America. We now must help PBO complete the job by taking up the 300 corporations on their offer to put the long term unemployed back to work; by canning the republicans; and by being sure we leave no workers behind.

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    Negative and Racist Black Stereotypes

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    Please join us Sunday 10AM CST/11AM EST as we discuss negative, racist black stereotypes and the people who perpetuate them.

    We will discuss the brilliant article written by Raina in depth.

    Why is it acceptable in the secular community when negative stereotypes and caricatures of the black community (religious and otherwise) are presented to them?
    Is it acceptable if black atheists perpetuate the stereotypes while attempting to pathologize the community that they claim that they want to help?
    Is speaking at all white conferences considered activism nowadays?
    Are black atheists silence on issues of racism, social justice, sexism, etc. being purchased with the promises of speaking engagements, etc.?
    This and more on Sunday.

    Dial into the show 310-982-4273 and press 1 to speak with the hosts.  You can also Skype into the show.

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    Black Feminism: Why We Need It Now More Than Ever

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    There are tons of discussions about feminism but very few black people actually know what it is about. Most have never read a book about it or even understand its history. The word itself has been used as a weapon against black women as a way of insulting them and making them feel as if they are not loyal to the race if they define themselves as feminists. The images of a group of anti male, masculine type, women who are all lesbians, springs to mind whenever the word feminism is brought up. Black women especially, have been conditioned to believe that the mythology around the word feminism makes it something they should refuse to be associated with. They havve bought into the stigmatization of the word itself, wtihout ever having even read one book about it. Black males are even worse, as they will continue to spread lies about this area of activism and any correct information about it is immediately dismissed as being "anti-black". This episode will explore the history of black feminism, how it came about, what it really is and why there is a fear of it. It will serve to inform and dispel the myths associated with black feminism and give one an insight into why it is more vital than ever to ensure that black women and men work to further its aims.

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    Are Black American's Scared Of Moving To Africa? Let's Talk Why & How To!

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    Organize Or Perish Show: For more information on Yo Momma Black visit www.YoMommaBlack.com. Find us on facebook at www.facebook.com/YoMommaBlack and on twitter at www.twitter.com/MyMommaBlack. Please feel free to support share and tell the world about our show and website.


    Monday: The Love Jones - Various (Relationships)
    Wednesday: Run Down With Renee - With Renee (Social)
    Saturday: Organise Or Perish Show With Marcus & Meshiah (Politics/Social)
    Sunday: PAST (Problems And Solutions Show) With Peter & Mojo (Economics) 

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    Black Women, Gay Black Men Are NOT Your Friend!

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    Tonight @ 8pm 'The Rundown with Renee' on Yo Momma Black Radio will discuss homosexual Black men & their ironic "relationship" with the Black woman. Renee will break it down in detail, & speak directly to the Black woman & the Black community, on why gay Black men & Black women can't be friends. As ALWAYS Renee & co-host Brotha Dahwah will be DIRECT & NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT!!! If you are sensitive, & easily offended, you may wantto skip the show!! This will be a HOTT one, & if you'd like to get in on the topic, Listen/Comment/Question @ (929) 477-3763.. or click the link!

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    Solutions to Black Economic Problems

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    We have all heard the bad news about Black economics.  From high unemployment rates to low income rates it seems like there is no end to problems, but there are very little solutions.  That is what we are going to talk about tonight.  How do we put this ship back on course?  How do we turn around our communities to make them places where we want to live?

    Tonight's show is sponsored by WWW.SEXYBIGLASHES.COM

    Join me, Shawn Hill and my new co-host Louiseza Sanderson as we tackle this tough subject.  I am an author, speaker and talk show host.  I am also the founder of BlackWealthCreation.com.  My wife and I work to help others achieve financial freedom.  We work primarily with women to show them how to create an income from home so that they can spend more time with their families.  Contact me on Facebook at my fan page BlackWealthCreation.

    Louiseza Sanderson is a business consultant, writer, and founder of MindYourBlackBusiness.com.  As a consultant and a small business owner herself, Louiseza came to realize that while there were many small business resources there were few that provided a platform for micro and small Black owned businesses.  The vision of Mind Your Black Business is to help businesses grow and prosper. Follow her on Twitter.

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    Black Friday Special

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    How to have Black Friday every day of the year! 

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