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    Black America Unmasked

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    Black America Unmasked is about spreading the truth to Black America.


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    Captain America Negroes, Black Power Americans & Militant Integrationists

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    Captain America Negroes, Black Power Americans & Militant Integrationists.

    If you've listened to the BAIO network you've heard these terms used frequently, but...what do they mean?

    Tonight we will discuss each one in detail and give examples. 

    "When you throw a rock into a pile of dogs the only one that yelps is the one that got hit." - Unknown

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    Computer America - Intel; Cyber Black Ops

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    Computer America

    Hour one: Intel.  Chris Walker, Intel's vice president and general manager of the notebook product group.

    Intel is our guest today in this Intel Sponsor Hour!  Each month, we have an Intel representative speaking on new Intel products, services and news stories!  Today, we have Chris Walker to discuss what Intel is doing with their 6th Generation Core processor and what it will mean to you.


    Hour two: Cyber Black Ops.  Sean Galliher, CEO

    Today we'll hear all about Fire Dragon, a Network intrusion detection system or NIDS.  It's an independent platform that identifies intrusions by examining network traffic and monitors multiple hosts. NIDS gain access to network traffic by connecting to a network hub, switch configured for port mirroring or a network tap. In a NIDS, sensors are placed at choke points in the network, often in the network “demilitarized zone” or at network borders. Sensors capture all network traffic and analyze the content of individual packets for malicious traffic.

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    Join us at www.thesmokingglasshour.com and if you want to engage in the conversation dial: 773-897-6398

    Let's talk about Solutions and not Focus on the Problem.

    The National Urban League released its 39th edition of the State of Black America—Save Our Cities: Education, Jobs + Justice, evaluating these issues and their impact on equality in America.

    The organization says “the state of black America is in crisis,” and the report’s findings provide a sobering but necessary look into the challenges affecting the black community.

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    ENDANGERED SPECIES- Black man in America

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    If you are a parent and raising a black boys in America, you have reason to be concerned.  Martin Luther, Jr hoped that black people would be judged by the content of their character not the color of their skin, but who cares about character anymore? Join me on November 9, 2015 @ 7:30 pm when Ed Barber and Stephen Andrrieux-  2 black men from different generations   share their growing up experience in different cities then and now.  The call-in number  to the show is 713-955-0734. 

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    Traumatic Stress and Black America

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    Every therapist agrees that the impact of a traumatic event goes beyond physical damage. The emotional toll can result in a wide range of intense emotions and it takes time to recover emotional equilibrium. Being Black in America can be extraordinarily stressful.  Being treated as “second class” citizen, called names, and being excluded shatter all sense of security, causing feelings of helpless and vulnerability in a dangerous world where  feelings of anxiousness and  uncertainty.  These unsettling thoughts and feelings can only fade if life circumstances change. How to cope with feelings of injustice, racism and covert discrimination is a topic of debate in many Black American communities.

    People react in different ways to traumatic events. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to think, feel or respond. The American public is intolerant of the reactions and feelings of Black Americans in Baltimore when they rioted protesting the murder of an unarmed Black American man. The city was put under curfew and the street activists were called “thugs”. There was no effort to send in counselors to help the “traumatized” people with the emotional event. 

    Persons who ignore feelings will slow the healing process; however, in the Black community, “forgive and forget” is the tenet. Following the killing of nine Black people in Charleston, South Carolina in a church during a prayer meeting by a young White American, statements of “we forgive him” were made before the dead was buried. That is not benevolence; that is denial.

     The symptoms of traumatic stress include physical manifestations as well as emotional, such as, pounding  heart, feelings of choked up, stomach churning, racing thoughts, raised blood pressure, headaches and difficulty sleeping. 


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    Black Urban America focus on Black Engineers

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    On October 6, 2015 Black Urban America has its first evening show. Starting at 8pm Great show planned with Mr. Maurice Patterson from the society of Black Engineers is our special guest. Join us at 8pm. Live call in (347)989-0180. We can change the way we think with information, knowledge, wisdom and understanding!

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    The Comprehensive Plan For Black America

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    Black Americans have been through a lot in this nation. We are seeing movements gaining ground but the one thing they are lacking is a plan. This plan must be something we can get behind. Complaining isn't going to fix our issues at all. Something tangible that we can get behind to change laws is the way to go.

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    Should Black America Say F××× France???

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    The Real News Behind The News starts our new daily radio show with an explosive episode. We ask the question should black America say F××× France in light of all It's recent and historical racial oppression of black people. Also we give you the real deal as to what is going on in France and how it ties to the war in Syria which we have been telling you about for 4 years now.

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    BLACK Urban America with Kenneth Jones

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    BLACK URBAN AMERICA  the show that brings a male perspective of what are the issues and solutions in the inner cities. Hosted by Kenneth Jonese. Weekly show broadcast every Tuesday at 10AM. Eastern Standard time. 

    call in 3479890180