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    Soul of Black Religion

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    Join host and guest as they delve into the history of Black Religion  in America.

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    Soul of Black Religion

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    Host: Elijah Hill

    If you missed the premier broadcast of THE SOUL OF BLACK RELIGION, here is your opportunity to find out why this show is being considered as a new path in reality programming.

    Special guest: Dr. Roscoe D. Cooper, pastor of METROPOLITAN AFRICAN AMERICAN BAPTIST CHURCH.


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    Soul of Black Religion

    in Religion

    Host: Elijah Hill


    Join Elijah with special guest Bishop Phillip O. Granville of Monroe Faith Ministry Church Of God In Christ in  Monroe, Louisiana, as they view   of "The Origin of of Intergration & Civil Rights in the Black Church"  

    Next week we will continue with part 2 of this amazing historical story. 


    Call in and voice your thoughts and questions @ 646 378-1906

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    With your host, Elijah Hill

    "The Liberating Qualities of African American Worship."  with special guest:  Pastor L E Kendrick

    Elder L E Kendrick was born into a family with a rich spiritual heritage.
    He is the third son of the late Harry L & Julia M. Kendrick. Elder Kendrick Mother was an international evangelist missionary that prayed out and started four Church of God in Christ in cities where there had never been a Church of God in Christ.  He is the Grandson of one of the Church of God in Christ pioneer’s the late overseer and Bishop of Arkansas, Bishop William H Kendrick. Elder Kendrick Grandmother the wife of Bishop Kendrick, Mother Carrie Mosley Kendrick worked with Mother Lizzie Robinson and served as head master at one of the Church of God in Christ first school, the Geridge training school for girls, Geridge , Arkansas.
    Elder Kendrick was raised up a son of the Church, but like many others sons of the Church he walked away from his upbringing as a teenager.

    Join us this evening as this story only gets better....


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    Host Elijah Hill

    Join host Elijah Hill and special guest Dr. D. L. Rogers of the CHRISTIAN OUTREACH EVANGELISTIC CHURCH of Riverdale, Georgia.

    Bishop D. L. Rogers was born May 26, 1965 to the late Elder Bill and Evangelist Lessie Rogers of Thompson, Georgia.  He received Christ as his personal Lord and Savior under the leadership of the late Apostle J. P. Minter, where he served under his direction for several years.  His training under the late Apostle Minter took him on the evangelistic field opening many doors of ministry opportunities.  

    website for COEC: http://www.coecministry.org


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    Stop Painting The White Mans Religion Black "Especially Jesus"

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    Black Feminism: Why We Need It Now More Than Ever

    in Women

    There are tons of discussions about feminism but very few black people actually know what it is about. Most have never read a book about it or even understand its history. The word itself has been used as a weapon against black women as a way of insulting them and making them feel as if they are not loyal to the race if they define themselves as feminists. The images of a group of anti male, masculine type, women who are all lesbians, springs to mind whenever the word feminism is brought up. Black women especially, have been conditioned to believe that the mythology around the word feminism makes it something they should refuse to be associated with. They havve bought into the stigmatization of the word itself, wtihout ever having even read one book about it. Black males are even worse, as they will continue to spread lies about this area of activism and any correct information about it is immediately dismissed as being "anti-black". This episode will explore the history of black feminism, how it came about, what it really is and why there is a fear of it. It will serve to inform and dispel the myths associated with black feminism and give one an insight into why it is more vital than ever to ensure that black women and men work to further its aims.

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    Innovative Black Men

    in Relationships

    Innovative Black Men” Introducing original conversation and creative thinking on great ideas in relationships and dating. We will discuss innovative ways to reach your target market and how to expand your brand in business!

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    3rd Annual Black Top Awards Nominee Selection Show

    in Entertainment

    Yes, as we all look at the calendar, 2015 is making his way in very soon. It has definitely been an interesting year 2014 for us. So, for the third year in a row, we honor the show's madness by airing a year-in-review episode and choose our best guests, artists, moments, etc. in what we call the 3rd Annual Black Top Awards (airs January 7th @ 8PM ET). Tonight, we unveil the nominees for our special show in these categories:

    - Showcase Artist of the Year

    - Guest of the Year

    - Mr. B. Eazy's Slap of the Year

    - Episode of the Year

    - Prmiere Artist of the Year

    - Entertainer of the Year

    - Comedian of the Year

    - Sport Your Stuff Model of the Year

    Our Sport Your Stuff Model of the Week is the beautiful and established Diva DaNae (Instagram: @diva_danae). She calls in at 8:45pm ET to introduce us to herself, hustle, background, goals, and more!

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    Religion Means Alive

    in Religion

    discussingthe re-education of black people 

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