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    Jay Clark speaking on black on black violence

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    Todays show is hosted by Jay Clark and today we wanna dig in deep on why is this such a major problem in our community. We gotta hear your thoughts on the subject. cause today we got alot to discuss.

    "Black on Black Betrayal" this is dedicated to discussing why blacks hate blacks more than whites. Why are we so quick to commit black on black crime then scream equality when white people do it. Sunday at 2pm eastern standard time to 4pm

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    **Young*Men ll Gods* speaks *US/Mexican Border Crisis* *Black on Black violence*

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    Please tune in to hear the young gods speak on the US/Mexico Border Crisis and Black on Black Violence !!!  Call in # 347.857.4514  also via www.blogtalkradio.com/hereafterisnow

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    Young*Men ll Gods* speaks on * Black on Black violence *

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    ASA Family, please tune in as the Young gods discuss Black on Black violence.. You will hear from a youth perspective what it's like to grow up seeing your peers murdered, gang violence, feeling unsafe in their communities and much more,, Join in the conversation or be a part of the listening audience... CALL IN # 347-857-4514  also via www.blogtalkradio.com/hereafterisnow

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    Young*Men ll Gods* speaks on * Black on Black violence *Black Youth in Peril*

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    ASA Family, please tune in as the Young gods discuss Black on Black violence.. You will hear from a youth perspective what it's like to grow up seeing your peers murdered, gang violence, feeling unsafe in their communities and much more,, Join in the conversation or be a part of the listening audience... CALL IN # 347-857-4514 also via www.blogtalkradio.com/hereafterisnow

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    What are the roots and causes of Black on Black violence?

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    What are the roots and causes of Black on Black violence? And what is to be done about it?

    Each year, roughly 7,000 blacks are murdered; 94 per cent of the time, the murderer is another Black person. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, between 1976 and 2011, there were 279,384 black murder victims .The 94 per cent figure suggests that 262,621 were murdered by other blacks.

    Though blacks are 13 per cent of the national U.S. population, they account for more than 50 per cent of homicide victims. Nationally, the black homicide victimization rate is six times that of whites, and in some cities it is 32 times that of whites. Blacks are also disproportionately victimized by violent personal crimes, such as assault and robbery.

    Join The Commissioner Ed Gray, producer Big C and friends at the Living Room Cigar Lounge as look in to save our own. Call (646) 668-8917 to listen in and be a part of the conversation.

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    Stop The Violence 'Black On Black Violence' (Taped Delayed)

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    Join us for the for the rebroadcast of Stop The Violence (Black On Black Violence) which originally aired on my other show The Reginald D Burney Show (www.blogtalkradio.com/burneyshow). We hoped that we can reach out to as many people as posiable to get a grip on this issue before it's too late.

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    Killing My Brother: The Epidemic of Black on Black Violence

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    Today's Topic: Is it possible to fix a problem that we don't understand why it exists? We can rally against violence, cry out, publish news stories, but unless we understand why it continues to happen, we're unable to understand how to effectively prevent it from happening. Do you ever wonder if it is a simple solution to stopping the violence in the black community; perhaps one that others know but refuse to help with? Today we're breaking open the research trying to figure out why the violence is increasing in the black community and we need your help! We aren't experts, but we believe that if we can find an effective reason, we can create an effective solution. Only then can we get national attention the right way! Join us 7pm CST

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    Black Men: America's Bad Guys

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    Black Men: America's Bad Guys

    Someone joked that there should be a hotline for white folks to call whenever they need someone to blame. That hotline would connect them to a Black Man to blame.

    The joke isn’t really a joke because in American, the Black Man is blamed for everything. Remember Susan Smith? Think about it: A city is designated as the “murder capitol” because of the number of Black men who murder each other—even though the number of whites who murder each other is higher. We are blamed for violence, rape of white women, children out of wedlock and even for our own destruction.

    The problem with Black male bashing used to be that it came ONLY from the hearts and minds of vicious racist mongrels who were too ignorant to realize that one group of people could not be responsible for the destruction of an entire society. Well, perhaps one group can, but we’ll leave that for another column.

    Currently, some of the meanest, hateful propaganda about Black men comes from other Black people.

    And, now the old Black male bashing is becoming the new Black male bashing because “The Color Purple” just won’t seem to die and thanks to the sellout of all Black manhood personified in Tyler Perry, more Black male bashing drivel is being recycled.

    Where does it end?

    Listen to The Bridge Radio tomorrow at 4pm Pacific as we discuss the demonization of Black Men. Join Award-Winning Author Darryl James and co-hosts Tracy Powell, Dr. John Hamilton, Marcus D. LeGall III and DJ Gates on one of the most intellectually stimulating shows on radio.
    Tune in each Sunday at 4PM Pacific Time for "The Bridge," a smarter radio show.

    Call in and add your view! (347) 857-2846 to listen LIVE and/or comment!

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    Facing Racism Part 2

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    Is it racist to pass laws or ordinances that seemingly target a specific group?  In this episode we address a seemingly discrinatory "sagging" law in Opelousas, LA and other forms of systematic racism. Also, we will address the high rate of violence within the African American community. 

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    Racism w/guests Jovan Mackenzy, T Deimaris Barlow, & Erick Rose

    Racism has exsisted for a very long time throughout history in the world, and here in America we have a part of our History during the times of slavery where black men and women were treated as less then human. We would like to think we have come along way since those days but have we? While racism has never truly gone away in our country and most likely will always be around in some form until the Lord returns, over the last year or so we have seen an increase of this or at least it seems as an increase now that with social media videos and photos can quickly travel in minutes if not seconds. Allowing everyone to see acts of racism much more then may have possibly been seen without the internet and access to video cameras at the touch of our fingertips on just about every phone that someone may have.

    My prayer for this show is to really talk about this issue of racism and what we are seeing our country. Talking about the police, black on black crime, repsonses from white people, racial profiling, the sin of racism, and what we can do better as Christians to enagage and respond to the sin of racism and show the world how to deal with this issue from a biblical worldview. While at the same time not minimizing the hurt, pain and anger felt by those who have been on the negative side of racism because of the color of their skin.

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    Black Reconstruction #LaShawnAllenMuhammad 323.927.2913

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    Hosted By: LaShawn Allen-Muhammad

    Who were the first Black Elected Officials? During the month of November, as the country gears up to re-elect or vote in the next wave of politicians, Black Reconstruction will revisit the Reconstruction era to pay homage to the Black Men who came before Obama.  During this tumultuous time, Blacks not only established townships, they also positioned themselves to be an integral part of government.   

    At a Glance.. In 1855, Brownhelm Township, founded by Col. Henry Brown,  gained notoriety throughout the U.S, when the township elected an African-American to government office.  The NY Syracuse Daily Journal, May 31, 1855 reported that John Mercer Langston was a fugitive slave who had been elected clerk.  Brownhelm's early residents had long been known for their strong anti-slavery stance; and Col. Henry Brown's home on the Lake Shore was often a final stop on the Underground Railroad, before reaching Canada by boat.    African-American Firsts: Government

    Local elected official: John Mercer Langston, 1855, town clerk of Brownhelm Township, Ohio.

    State elected official: Alexander Lucius Twilight, 1836, the Vermont legislature.

    Governor  (appointed): P.B.S. Pinchback served as governor of Louisiana from Dec. 9, 1872-Jan. 13, 1873, during impeachment proceedings against the elected governor.

    U.S. Representative: Joseph Rainey became a Congressman from South Carolina in 1870 and was reelected four more times. 

    U.S. Senator: Hiram Revels became Senator from Mississippi from Feb. 25, 1870, to March 4, 1871, during Reconstruction.  

    There have only been a total of five black senators in U.S. history: the remaining two are Blanche K. Bruce [1875-1881] and Barack Obama 

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