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    Black Inventors

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    This week Kai talks with Keith C. Holmes author of Black Inventors:  Crafting Over 200 Years of Success.  Kai met Mr. Holmes at The 43rd Annual Legislative Conference of the Congressional Black Caucus this year and invited him on the show he graciously accepted. He is a fan of Keith's work and can't wait to discuss with him the history of Black innovation and ingenuity that he has researched and unearthed all over the planet.

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    Black Inventors, Innovators, Pioneers, Luminaries

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    Please join us as we discuss Black inventors, innovators, developers, pioneers, and luminaries.
    The call-in number is 310-982-4273. You can also Skype into the show.
    Time: 10AM PST/Noon CST/1PM EST.

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    Black Inventors by Author Keith Holmes / Mr. Chip Coffey on Mental Health

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     Black Inventors, Crafting Over 200 Years of Success, highlights the work of Black inventors from over seventy countries. The author, Keith C. Holmes, has spent more than twenty years researching Black inventors around the world. Without inventions, innovations, financial resources, materials, muscle and labor saving devices, civilizations cannot exist and flourish.   Author Keith Holmes will dispel myth and outright falsehood about the contribution that the Black race has made in inventions around the world.

    My first guest for this week show will be Mr. Chip Coffey. Mr. Coffey is The Director of Theraphy Services for St luke's Behavioral Health in Phoenix, Arizona. I will be speaking with Mr. Coffey about the impact of mental illness on our society. Please listen into the show and participate


    Show time: 1pm Arizona time,  For my BlogTalkRadio audience the number is 424-222-5349  If you would like to call "The Charlie Bolts Show"  you will need call this number (408) 418-5050  once you give this pin number 81810# you can join the live show.  Any electronic device that has Internet capability will allow you to join "The Charlie Bolts Internet Talk Show".  Our web links are www.thecharlieboltsshow.com  and www.winsongentertainment.com  if you go to either of these web links you should be able to participate in our live interview.


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    Keith C. Holmes - Black Inventors Crafting 200 Years Success

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    Join Paul Lawrence Vann as he hosts author, Keith C. Holmes who shares his incredible book, "Black Inventors Crafting 200 Years of Success.
    Keith C. Holmes is goign to provide a behind the scenes look at black inventors and how their inventions make our daily lives better each day.
    Mr. Holmes book documents quite a few inventions, patents, and labor saving devices conceived by Black Inventors. This book provides insight on Black inventions from around the world.
    Keith C. Holmes introduces inventions, both past and present that balck people invented and patented globally and multiculturally. There is no other book like this one and that's why listeners should tune in to discover more about Black Inventors Crafting  200 Years of Success.
    Tune in, listen in and call in with questions at (877) 404-1615 or join us in the web chat room: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/paullawrencevann

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    Black Businesses, Black Inventors, Black Education

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    Black Inventors & Inventions

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    Black Inventors & Inventions
    We live in a society that has an abundance of different nationalities and cultures that has created what we all know as the land of the free and home of the brave. It's because of what this mixture of people has done to create this society we enjoy living in what many people would consider to be the best country on earth. The way the school system is set up students only learn about particular cultures that help form this nation. Lets explore what black people have done to create this society and consider these two questions. Would the advancement of technology be possible without black inventors?
    Would the United States to be the super power it is without black inventions? 
    Call in and be heard 646-929-1530 or watch us live on bks1radio.com

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    Female Black Inventors Rock!

    in Lifestyle

    Yvette Kendall loves to invent things and has many patents pending. Founder of FBI Rocks! a program to honor the works of female black Inventors, Kendall looks to generate awareness for these unknown women.

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    Advanced Black Thinking & Doing, Part 2: Kofi Lion

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    The founder of World Afropedia known as Kofi Lion returns to help us get a more in-depth understanding of topics he introduced  to us two weeks previous:

    The digital dark/ecliptic age in contrast and comparison to previous dark/ecliptic ages;
    crytocurrency and how black people might create and use our own;
    the political history and logic of of Mandombe script; 
    The mechanics of Wikipedia, i.e, what happens in cyber-backrooms to create what much of the world comes to know as "fact" on a subject and ways to mitigate the racism that results from these mechanics
    Suggestions on how to make money on the internet.

    We will invite and open the lines to callers on this broadcast.  Join us.  Don't be scurred.  The Lion don't bite us.

    You can support Kofi's outstanding work by patronizing his ecommerce sites:

    Afikyiri Edjua ( Backyard Market)

    Afropedia on Amazon Market Place ( A wide variety of texts particularly suited for parents homeshooling or supplementally schooling black children and teens including some classic titles.)


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    Black Satin Radio, (646) 478-4196, is an internet-based station devoted to the art of words in the forms of poetry, music, and books. The station is dedicated to the creative works within the scope of these genres. Black Satin Radio aspires to introduce the listening audience to the inspiration behind the works while providing networking opportunities for each guest. Finally, Black Satin Radio will maintain a certain responsibility to philanthropic causes within and outside of its core demographic.

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    The Rob Black Show

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    Black on Black Crime on EspreeRadio

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    On this program:  ESPN Stephen Smith vs Cari Champion, Actor Isaiah Washington vs Media Star Chris Rock, Michael Eric Dyson vs Cornel West,  In the World of News & Entertainment and more..

    Black on Black crime is when black people overtly focus, criticize, or analyze other black people in areas they wont consider about white people or anyone else.