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    NVT: I CANT! Audacious Moments in Black Culture

    in Pop Culture

    NOW vs THEN presents
    Online Radio Episode

    " I CANT! "

    Just when you Thought You've Seen It All, the universe manages to pull another comical, I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't seen with my own eyes, Moment out the box of madness. The only thing you can do is throw your head and say " I Cant!" lol

    * Black Culture has had these days before the phrase was in use *

    We going IN on the top 20
    "I CANT!" moments in Black Culture
    We want to hear YOU
    Tell your " I CANT! " MOMENT LIVE ON AIR.

    Hosted by "BE" The Poet & Visual Artist

    9PM EST / 6PM PSD

    CALL (347)996.5097 to LISTEN AND TALK to the host
    OR Listen Online
    *Spring Cleaning and Spiritual Detox*

    No worries Catch the Archived version.
    LINK (( http://www.blogtalkradio.com/fouracespresents/2015/04/07/nvt-luscious4life-get-yo-feet-off-my-couch )

    #NVT #FourAcesPresents

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    EMPIRE's Success Black Culture and HipHop

    in Current Events

    How does the success of EMPIRE impact Black culture and the world of HipHop? 

    Join Cultural Conversations as we discuss the phenomenal success of FOX T.V. network series HipHop Drama, EMPIRE. Entertainment Weekly online magazine quoted, "Empire’s ratings just defied all the laws of broadcast television to once again rise to a record number”. Last episode viewing rating EMPIRE, episode hit 12.9 million viewers and a huge 5.1 rating among adults 18-49. Call the show 347.857.3121, MONDAY, 7:00 P.M. CENTRAL TIME/8:00 P.M. EASTERN.

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    The Madhouse Radio Network "Asian Persuasion on Black Culture"

    in Entertainment

    Tonight....CD, La La, and LDX...present to you..a very detailed topic....The Asian Persuasion on Black Culture!!! It has been happening for years....good and bad!!! So...if you love Asian culture and the Asian influence on the Black Culture of today....ENJOY the show!!! Welcome inside of The Madhouse!!!

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    (Breaking The Willie Lynch Mentality Within Black Culture)

    in Culture

    I am inviting I am inviting everyone on my friends list and in my social groups to participate on my  BlogTalkRadio show Friday May 29th 2015, for 30 minutes from 5:00PM to 5:30PM Central Time.  You can contact me at (347) 324-5232. If you are unable to participate in my show you can always listen to the archives under episodes. 

    Short Transcript

    Welcome to Help Stop The Genocide In American Ghettos.  I am your host Emmanuel Barbee. I created this show because we need to discuss urban violence,  poverty, structural inequality, institutionalized racism, and police brutality within our community and within our society. No justice no peace is only a slogan it’s not a plan. This show will offer a deeper look into the social, cultural, and political issues which are affecting the African American community. This show is intended to “Unite Voices and Change Lives” by providing a variety of guest who will motivate, educate, inspire, and positively impact the lives of other listeners. This show will be available on the last Friday of each month unless stated otherwise.

    Today I will discuss (Breaking The Willie Lynch Mentality Within Black Culture) At 5:15 I will be taking calls now if I don’t finish my presentation before 5:15, you are welcome to watch my full presentation on You Tube.

    My Author Page


    My Blog Site


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    in Entertainment


    THEN And NOW!

    We'll delve deep into what is for the most part, an unrecorded part of Black Ourstory, & Culture and One of the GREATEST BLACK MALE UNIFIER'S OF THE STREETS on positive front. Uniquely an African re-born in America, inner city expression of LUV, FAMILY, & COMMUNITY (especially amongst MEN)

    This Nu African tradition and rites of passage flexed its OWN MEASURING STICK

    Hosted by "BE" The Poet & Visual Artist

    9PM EST / 6PM PSD

    CALL (347)996.5097 to LISTEN AND TALK to the host
    OR Listen Online

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    Black Culture Is Only Accepted When Mainstream America Steals It

    in Entertainment

    Black Americans feel bothered by the stealing of our culture. No matter what it's viewed as wrong,nasty,low class and negative. The moment someone outside of the black community do the same exact thing it's praised. It's viewed as something trendy,exotic, and innovative. A black person can rap or sing for years and get no promotion or billboards. The moment a non black person does it they get it all in a short period of time. They don't have to even be the best just sound half way like a black person. A lot of black people feel they love our culture but don't want us doing it. We want to explore this topic and frustration from our callers

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    Healing Black Communities Part 4 | Defining Black Culture

    in Politics

    Real Talk | 100% Candid is a Live Blog Talk, last week show was GREAT we touch on a topic that is essential to the Black people's being; our Culture.  Culture is our language, practices/traditions/beliefs and land (resources) that defines us as a people.  Explorers did not travel the world to discover what they already knew but explored to find new life and lifestyles which are cultures.  As a result, we will be examining our culture historically from beginning to know from Africa to America and analyze its destruction.

    If any of call-in guest would like free studio tickets to the show RSVP at www.realtalklive.eventbrite.com  SEATS ARE LIMITED; FIRST COME FIRST SERVED.  A confirmation email will be sent to confirm seating.

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    The Gettin It In Show: Whats the difference between a Blackman and a Ni**a

    in Radio

    Contrary to what many may think, there is a difference
    between Black people and niggas. Define the Black Man? Define a Nigga? Was one once the other if so how and why? Please review the list below I gathered from a website called Assata Shakur Forums. What are your thoughts? Does it appear to be true? Why are we battling with ourselves as a people? As awakened individuals should we turn our backs on our bruthas and sistas that claim to be niggas?

    Black people spend thousands of dollars on higher education and see the value of owning real estate.
    Niggas spend thousands of dollars on ''getting high" and are concerned only with keeping' it real.

    When Black people have children, they try to get better paying jobs to make
    sure they can support their child... 
    When niggas have children; they change jobs to avoid paying child support.

    When Black people have children, they invest in college plans, piano lessons and braces...
    When niggas have children they invest in designer clothes, platinum jewelry and mini-Air Jordans

    Black people watch out for their neighbors and understand the importance of strong neighborhoods...
    Niggas watch their neighbors, and look for an opportunity to take advantage of their weaknesses.

    Black people appreciate the sacrifices made for them by, their families to help them get ahead in life...
    Niggas will sacrifice their Families and steal from them in order to get their next high. 

    Black people appreciate expensive jewelry designer clothes and nice cars but realize that they don't make the person.... 
    Niggas define themselves by their designer clothes platinum jewelry and nice cars.


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    How Should Black People Move Forward Politically?

    in Culture


    Tonight Sool andMs. Baaba will discuss what type of political organization Black people should form, how much of a difference body cameras on cops will make, the judicial system, is Tidal really owned by Jay-Z, and the lack of Black people in tech.

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    WISDOM WEDNESDAY: How Malcolm X Helped Pave the way for Black News

    in Entertainment

    In honor of Malcolm X 90th birthday May 19th, we have been celebrating a man who helped pave the way for black people to create their own source of media. Had it not been for him helping to found Muhammad Speaks back in the 1960’s The Dymonds Radio Show would not exist. These black blogs would not exist. These black news outlets would not exist. We as Black people would NOT have our own media outlet PERIOD.

    So lets not forgot how at one point and time we didn’t have the ability to voice our opinion on a national scale, now we do and majority of yall are NOT even taking taking advantage of this,

    Tonight, we will continue to talk about the great man that Malcolm X was and we dedicate this show to him and Mike Brown (The unarmed young man who was shot in Ferguson by Darran Wilson) HAPPY BIRTHDAY MALCOLM X (May 19th) HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE BROWN (May 20th)


    “Those of you who have gone to all these colleges and studied all kinds of journalism, yellow and black journalism, all you have to do is contribute some of your journalistic talent to our newspaper department along with our research department, and we can turn out a newspaper that will feed our people with so much information that we can bring about a real live revolution right here before you know it.” - From Malcolm X (El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz) speech in 1964 at the Founding Rally of the Organization of Afro-American Unity

    Tune in to The Dymonds Radio Show tonight at 8 PM PST & call in @ 347-996-5750