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    Happy New Year from Black Bag Productions

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    We're kicking off 2010 talking to two music phenoms! The first half of our show we'll be talking to Melahne, a new contemporary gospel artist who has her music roots in jazz, gospel and has a new CD that will be released this spring. Melahne is a Black Bag Productions favorite and know that once you hear her beautiful voice, she'll be your fave too. Then in the second half of the show, you'll meet David North, talented director of Mosaic Harmony and the voice behind the House of Jam Band. We're kicking off the new year with music and friends - key elements for any event. Mark your calendar for this special show!

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    Black Bag Talks with LeeAnn Dance of Perfect Bind Productions

    in Women

    We are thrilled to welcome back LeeAnn Dance of Perfect Bind Productions to chat about her latest project a documentary  www.feigaschoice.com.  

    LeeAnn has been a journalist, news producer for CNN, and has hosted her own show on Blog Talk Radio, Back in Force.  Join us as she gives us a sneak peek at Feiga's Choice and we catch up with her on what's next.  Always looking for the unforgettable, the innovative and the best - Black Bag Productions on Blog Talk Radio.

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    A Black Bag Holiday 2013

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    Its Christmas! This is hands down our fave time of year and of the season, 2014 is days away and we're spending our down time with friends and family.  What is soon to become an annual tradition for our show, we're taking you inside the Christmas Eve brunch with our friends that has been going strong for decades!  Join my friends, Anita, Deborah, Valerie, Denise, Shawne, Jenell and many others who are better known among our friends as the ladies of Club Med Cambridge and Club Med Ellicott City as we recap 2013 and look forward to 2014 as we get ready to launch our biggest year yet.  Even if you have last minute shopping to do, join us for mimosas, homemade biscuits, eggs and lots of laughter, friendship and memories while we get ready for Christmas Day and the new year.  Missed our show from last year's Christmas Eve?  Check out the on demand episode to hear what you missed. We won't be taking calls for this show but from all of us at Black Bag Productions we wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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    Black Bag Talks with Alice Goetschel of Memorable Occasions!

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    Its Wedding Wednesday and that means we want to help you plan your day.  Our guest this evening is Alice Goetschel of Memorable Occasions. 

    As founder of Memorable Occasions by Alice,she has always loved weddings and everything about them. After graduating from college she was a bridesmaid herself several times and she realized that there was a need for someone other than one of the bride’s family to oversee the planning and coordination of the day…someone who was not so emotionally involved that they overlooked things and were so busy that they couldn’t enjoy spending time with their guests.

    Never knowing that being a wedding planner could be a viable profession, she set her sights on becoming a kindergarten teacher and in the meantime asked every bride she knew if they would like her to help them in any way.  Today, she is a successful certified wedding planner and we have her on our show to talk about weddings.  Get a cool beverage, your pen and pencil and relax as we talk with Alice about how she makes weddings Memorable Occasions.  Always searching for the innovative, excellence and fun, Black Bag and Wedding Wednesdays, the perfect pair!

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    Black Bag Talks with Armani Nejor Designs

    in Fashion

    Remember paper dolls and dress up? You could take the cardboard doll and pick a paper dress or even create one that you liked.  What if you decided to take it up a notch and you created dresses for people and you were only 6 years old when you started and you have won awards and clients? When you hear the amazing rise and story of this young lady you'll agree that her future is nothing short of fabulous! Join us to chat with Pittsburgh’s 2013 Youthpreneur who is a 12-year old certified as MWDBE Couture Fashion Designer. Armani Dolby and her mom, Tish Dolby, CVO for Armani Nejor Designs are based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Her designs include everything from suits to evening wear to bridal wear.  The line is unique and on par with any of the major labels you find in stores. Get a second cup of coffee, a pen and get ready to join us as we talk with a rising star in fashion design, Armani Nejor.  Always searching for the innovative, creative, excellence and bringing it to you, Black Bag Productions.

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    Black Bag Talks with Gagne Parker CPAs about Tax & Audit Readiness

    in Finance

    Its that time of year - the tax and audit season! Getting ready is half the battle - the other half? Knowing what to prepare for and why! Black Bag takes time to talk with our go-to financial wizards, Gagne Parker principals Bridgett Gagne and Jacqueline Johnson-Parker.  Receipts and records are key but what else do the auditors look for? Why do you need to stay prepared all year long and how to make working with a CPA easy work.  Join us for this first in a series of CPA Chats with our friends from the award winning CPA firm of Gagne Parker.  Coffee? Check, Paper and pen? Check. Great - save the date! 

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    Black Bag Talks with Sterling Standard

    in Hobbies

    If you're like most people, you prefer yellow gold over sterling silver.  After this show I think you'll have a new appreciation for fine sterling silver and how to know when you have something worth polishing.  Join us as we chat with Darrell Forney of Steling Standard and learn more about why silver is a highly valuable asset when it comes to your accessories for entertaining.  Get out your pen and paper, I already know you'll need to take notes on what to look for if you have inherited silver or are thinking about cruising the vintage shops for something old to turn sparkling new.  Black Bag always looks for the unforgettable, innovative and creative.

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    Black Bag's Wedding Pro Roundtable Discusses 2014 Holiday and 2015 Trends

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    It's Wedding Wednesday and summer is winding down, congrats to the newly engaged! We wanted to get our roundtable of pros to give their take on what's hot for the upcoming fall and holiday season for weddings and what they expect to happen in 2015.  If you're thinking of having a fall 2015 wedding, this is the show for you! Get ideas, ask questions and most importantly take note of what pitfalls you need to avoid when planning a holiday wedding or wedding related event.  How to save on your budget if you are determined to have a holiday wedding - it can be done, but our pros will tell you it has to be done right. Sit back and join us as we cover it all - you just need a notepad, a cool beverage and clear head - we promise you'll really enjoy the conversation!  Always searching for the unique, excellence, elegance and style - Black Bag Productions and Wedding Wednesdays, the perfect pair.

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    Black Bag Talks with Jasmine Smith of Just For The Day

    in Women

    Everyone thinks planning and coordinating a wedding is a piece of cake - sorry no pun intended! It is if you've been doing events for a long time or if you're highly organized or if you're a certified wedding planner, you know what's what - there are a lot of moving parts and it can be a lot of work but also a lot of fun.  There are so many brides who figure that the planner is an extra expense they can forgo - believe me, having a planner is the best investment you could make.  Join us to find out why having a Day-of Coordinator is a must have budget item and what's the difference between hiring a full service Wedding Planner and a Day-of Coordinator.   We talk with Black Bag's good friend and all around go to girl Jasmine Smith of Just For the Day about her 8-year business based in Northern Virginia about how she got started, and why being a day of coordinator is perfect for her busy lifestyle and schedule.

    If you have ever thought of getting into the wedding planning business, are planning a 2014 or beyond wedding then this is the show for you.  Get your questions ready for us as we talk with Just For The Day here on Wedding Wednesday!  Black Bag and Wedding Wednesdays, the perfect pair! 

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    Black Bag and Twas the Day for Glam!

    in Women

    We love diamonds and pearls, lace and ribbon, tea and cookies, the holidays and we are going glam for the 2013 holiday season!  We'll broadcast live on Saturday, December 7, 2013 to showcase Black Bag creations and our good friend Robin Robinson,owner of Vintage Glam Tea Party and Company, who is hosting a fabulous sip, mingle and shop tea party with a few friends..  This is no ordinary tea party and we'll bring you all the fun right here on our show - live.  We'll talk with the vendors, attendees and of course interview Robin to find out how she came up with Vintage Glam Tea Party and what she has planned for 2014.  She was a vendor at the Wedding Wednesday Cocktail Party in September, so we are thrilled she invited us to tag along for this party.  Before you head out to shop, have a cup of tea and take time out to join us and, if you're in the neightborhood, stop by to meet us in person!  Black Bag and Vintage Glam, the perfect holiday pair.

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    Black Bag Welcomes Poised Magazine!

    in Women

    Extraordinary and unique like its target audience - Poised Magazine has been created and developed for African American baby boomer women between the ages of 40-65+, who have continually redefined the seasons of their lives and their definitions of beauty, love, relationships, health, fashion, finance and career and how to approach them with success This lifestyle magazine celebrates the individuality, style and success of the soigné African American woman who is committed to rediscovering her gifts, exploring new possibilities, and moving toward and living her best life NOW!

    Our readers are a desirable and powerful sub-segment of Baby Boomer females who represent a distinctive consumer group that is often skipped. She is a 40-65+ domestic warrior; a single-parent professional; a single, childless woman; married and in love with her soul mate; divorced, remarried woman with children or grandchildren who rejects society’s beauty standards and embraces her own style and unique physical appearance. These are the women of Poised!

    Join us to meet Audra Washington who is the creative force behind what we know is destined to be the next big thing for women and her team at Poised. All of them,who are phenomenal women that will bring Poised to life!  Get your beverage and journal and in a comfortable seat, you don't want to miss a thing.  Always innovative, searching for the unforgettable and bringing you excellence, Black Bag Productions.

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