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    Bix Weir--Is The Silver Fix Fixed? 16.Jul.14

    in Finance

    We connected with Bix Weir today. Seems like they're desperate to find a solution to the vanishing silver fix. Evidently there are billions and perhaps trillions in silver derivative contracts who's very is existence depends upon the Fix. But nobody is quite sure exactly what to do about it. Rumors are circulating that Reuters and CME Group will replace it shortly, but will their Fix be legally binding and sufficient? 

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    Bix Weir & Chris Duane--Is There Life After The Silver Fix? 30.Jul.14

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    Bix Weir and Chris Duane sit down for a round table. They talk about how they got into the sound money camp, how the system has managed to keep functioning the past six years and where they see it heading in the future. The Silver Fix ends on August 14, 2014, after 117 years. What's next? They give their candid views on silver, the fix, the bankster and much more. 

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    Bix Weir--The Fix Is Gone-Long Live The Fix 21.May.14

    in Finance

    After 100 years, nearly the same age as the Fed, the daily Silver Fix will be no more after August 14, 2014. How much longer will the daily Gold Fix be around? Clearly the dominos are falling. As Bix likes to say, "Don't ask when it's going to happen, instead look around and ask when it's going to end."

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    in Politics

    Americans are largely ignorant of the history of Israel and so tend to view the current Arab-Israeli conflict completely out of context. It takes the horror of sustained Israeli massacres like Cast Lead and "Protective" Edge to get them to look at the problem from a human perspective where Palestinians are seen as human beings. That makes this the best time in history to awaken them to the ugly reality of what Israel is and the crimes it routinely commits.

    Alison Weir has dedicated herself to educating Americans through her organization If Americans Knew and the more recent Council for the National Interest. Having found that few Americans know the real history of the foundation of Israel, she wrote a short book explaining the role of the United States in the establishment of Israel in violation of international law. The shocking story is the topic of this episode of Taking Back America.

    This show will be rebroadcast on October 25 at 9 AM PST/ 12 PM EST on the Star Com Radio network.

    Take Back America for the People is an educational nonprofit whose mission is to explain the true costs of corporate control of the US government.

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    Bix Weir--Special Putin-Crimean Commemorative Coin Available Soon 23.Apr.14

    in Finance

    We caught up with Bix Weir today. Seems that Russia is in the mood to celebrate their annexation of the Crimea and plan to mint a one kilo silver coin complete with Putin's likeness and a map of the Crimea emblazoned on the back. Bix thinks it may be a stick in the eye of the US and the West. Silver is after all the achilles heel of the financial system. 

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    Bix Weir--Where Will The Bubble Pop? 30.Jan.13

    in Finance

    www.FinancialSurvivalNetwork.com presents

    ix Weir was on today. We discussed the emerging market turmoil. Bix rightly believes that all the world's markets are rigged. He's thinking that the computers doing the rigging will be turned off, probably in 2014. His favorite investments are Silver, Bitcoin, Gold and regular US coins. He believes the coming crash is all part of a plan that was hatched by the elite many years ago and is being played out now. In 2013 alone, over 80 billon ounces of paper silver were traded on the Comex and many more on other exchanges. How much longer can the madness go on? 

    Go to www.FinancialSurvivalNetwork.com for the latest info on the economy and precious metals markets

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    Entrepreneur Conversations - Menopausechicks owner, Shirley Weir

    in Entrepreneur

    Shirley Weir is on a mission to educate and transform the conversation around perimenopause. As chief curator at MenopauseChicks.com., she is "cracking open" the conversation on all things perimenopause- and menopause-related. MenopauseChicks.com was recently selected by ShareCare.com (a Dr Oz site) as one of the Top 10 Social Healthmakers, it was recognized by Healthline.com two years in a row as a top menopause blog and Shirley is one of OWN's (Oprah Winfrey Network) featured OWNers.




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    Guest:Yana Stoyanova/Make-up Artist/Survivor/Pierce Brosnan/300:Rise of Empire

    in Movies

    Yana Stoyanova/Makeup artist and Special effects artist born and raised and works mainly in a small country in Bulgaria, Europe. With well over 80 features under her belt she's become a much sought after make-up artist. Most recently her work has been seen on Expendables 3, 300:Rise of an Empire. The personal makeup artist to Ethan Hawke in the Getaway movie. Creating all his character-from the tattoo design, application to his scars.The biggest achievement for her so far has been a part of the Makeup team of Edouard Henriques for “The Way Back”,director Peter Weir. Yana along with Edouard Henriques/3 time Oscar nominee/and Gregory Funk/1 time Oscar nominee and 3 times Emmy winner/. Yana has been a part of the re-make of Conan the Barbarian directed by Marcus Nispel. As an SFX makeup artist Yana  Brings back to life the main character in the Boogeyman 3/ dir. Gary Jones /the Ghosts from The Grudge in The Grudge 3 / dir. Toby Wilkins/ Even the 3 Finger character /original created from Stan Winston in Wrong Turn 3 / dir. Declan O’Brien / She designs and applies the scar of Cuba Gooding Jr.  Worked with actors as : Ethan Hawke ,Liam Hemsworth ,Terry Crews ,Donald Sutherland,Sharon Stone ,Christian Slater ,Dolph Lundgren ,Randy Couture ,Timothy Spall , Heather Graham, Val Kilmer ,Andy Garcia ,Leo Howard , William Sadler, Danny Glover , Ben Cross , Cuba Gooding Jr., Timothy Oliphant , Dougrey Scott, Jean-Claude Van Damme to name but a few. You can see her work on the upcoming film Survivor with Milla Jovovich, Pierce Brosnan and Emma Thompson. She was nominated as "Makeup Artist of ?he Year" and voted  The Winner of the National "Make-Up Competition Arena of Beauty", Bulgaria, 2014! Category: Fashion & Stage Make-up. You can email your questions to 123filmeasy@gmail.com or follow us on Twitter @123Film

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    Baby Boomers Live on EZ WAY BROADCASTING Special Show Co-hosted by Dev Ross

    in Entertainment


    Hosted by James Zuley & Dev Reynolds Ross

    Dev Ross was one of the original staff writers for Disney, She wrote Land Before Time, Ducktails, Tailspin and many other cartoon movies and series. She is a list experienced live action and animation screenwriter in television, film, for the web, and an experienced children's book writer. Also Emmy and Humanitas Winner. Script doctor, story analyst and developer, voice over director. Three years working with 3D CGI for production companies in S. Korea. Currently working for Amazon Studios and BIx Pix Studios on Stop Motion Science Adventure show for preschoolers.

    LIKE US 


    Baby Boomers Live  Hosted by Reatha Grey & James Zuley Baby Boomers Live, "All things Baby Boomer, from a Baby Boomers perspective   

    Baby Boomer Hot Topics Reatha and James talk about news and reviews relating to baby boomers. 

    Jim's hot topic - stars from the past -  Jim's Gem - hold on to your hat's part two - more information on what baby boomers can expect when entering into retirement - This follow up report also is a wake up call for everyone that will one day be ready to retire. Our guest: To be announced

    Guest: Dale R. Ferguson Photographer for U.S. Military

    Brought to you by: STOPTOUR.ORG


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    A Conversation With Bix Brillo

    in Comedy

    Bix Brillo did not start out in comedy.  His parents had such high hopes, but fate had other plans.  Torn between the music & restaurant businesses, he spent 30 years in both. The Rock & Roll Chef!

    Still he was not complete.  So he hung up his guitar & spatula, and jumped head first without a net into the world of stand-up comedy, initially bursting onto the comedy scene with a deafening silence.  Hitting every open mic he could find, he honed his comedy skills until he started getting noticed.  In just under 2 years, he was sharing a stage with the likes of Jon Reep, Arj Barker, Amy Schumer, Tommy Savitt, Joe Klocek, Kurtis Mathews, Doug Ferrari, Dan St. Paul, and many others.  He looks forward to a long career in stand-up.

    Things could be worse.  He could still be making your lunch.   

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    Living In The NOW... Bix Weir and Max Igan messages

    in Spirituality

    Hosted By Kimberley Jaeger.... Featuring Bix Weir 6-17-2011 Time Monk Radio Network Interview. Web Bot Forum is a closed discussion group focused on discussion and analysis of the Web Bot Reports.  http://webbotforum.com/

    Bix Weir web site:   http://www.roadtoroota.com/

    A messages from Max Igan "The Opportunities in Change" American Voice Radio - 6/24/2011 http://thecrowhouse.com

    George Kavassilas http://www.ourjourneyhomeusa.com/

    In Chicago Aug 20-21    In Boston Aug. 27-28

    Next Tuesday, July 5th, 9pm EST  Live Interview/ free teleconference                         with George Kavassilas

    Hosted by Rob Polonsky of OurJourneyHomeUSA

    Sign up at this link


    712-338-8000  sign in 9079#

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