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    Ms.P And Phoenix Rising Welcomes Bitter Sweet

    in Poetry

    Survivor, Activist, and Spoken Word Artist:
    She is a Greenville, SC native who has grown to be an outstanding budding artist in the poetry community.

    A member of the Upstate SC Poetry Slam Team- Say What?! Bitter Sweet has ranked top 3 in several slam competitions and throughout the upstate of South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia.

    The 2013 and 2014 'Say What?!' Slam Team Grand Slam Champion, the 2013 Soul Sister Slam Winner, winner of Queen Sheba’s Rough Language Slam in 2013 and 2014 Say What?! Venue's 12th Annversary Slam winner

    She also works with Wits End Poetry, a non-profit organization built around serving the youth and senior citizens along with hosting writing and performing workshops. She's performed for elementary and middle school students.

    Bittersweet's poetry is filled with raw emotion and personal triumph that will inspire, no matter your walk in life. Her most influential and favorite poets are Dr. Maya Angelou, Langston Hughes and Edgar Allen Poe.

    She is quoted as saying "I only write about what i've been through. My poetry is raw and uncut just like me. I spit from the depths of my soul, there's truth in my saliva. The taste is BitterSweet."


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    Inside The New York Times Book Review: ‘America’s Bitter Pill’

    in Books

    This week, Steven Brill discusses “America’s Bitter Pill”; Alexandra Alter has news from the publishing world; Heidi Julavits talks about Rachel Cusk’s “Outline”; and Gregory Cowles has best-seller news. Pamela Paul is the host.

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    Al Fink's Monday Night Live Music Talk Show 01/19/2015

    in Entertainment

    Tune in @ 7pm - 10pm Eastern. Monday Through Sunday

    Al Fink has a packed show tonight.

    First we will hear the 25 year history of Richie Cannata's Monday Jam at the World Famous NYC Venue, The Bitter End.

    Then we swing to Atlantic City Entertainment Beat with Joseph Marini Veteran crowd pleaser. He is known to keep the room on their feet.

    Next Al interviews Christine Signorile of the What is Broken Band.

    Then on to a close up converstion with Buzz Fine of Crimson Street, Long Island's  popular cover band.

    Then we are back on the Blues Beat leading up to the IBC with Sturgis Nikides from Low Society - Roots Rock Rebellion.

    Closing out the night we will visit The VyntEdge Rock and Roll band as they finish up their rehearsal.

    Follow us www.BNCLive.com, Live Local Music Talk Show,

    Tune in @ 7pm - 10pm Eastern. Monday Through Sunday.

    To listen to or join the show call 347-637-1611. 7-10pm Mon-Sun
    To listen to the show on the internet www.BNCLive.com
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    Everythingw/Kathy B,Dr. Jackson,Curtis Gadson,RL, Tem, Eric Terry, Minister Ward

    in Lifestyle

    Source Nation! The Men are holding it down tonight for MALEBOXX Sundays.

    Up first, Join us at 6 for It's Your Time: Personal Development with Dr. Jackson. Curtis Gadson will be joining Dr Jackson @ 6:15 to discuss, "The Role of the Will in Personal Development".

    Born in Detroit raised in the business of television. Mr. Gadson has consistently demonstrated a remarkable ability to deliver high-quality award winning programming at / below budget. Beginning his career with Post News Week Television, Mr. Gadson eventually advanced to Executive Vice President of Programing, Production and Technology for Black Entertainment Television Inc. (BET) and became board member of BET.com Inc.

    7 pm Conversations with RL & Special Guests: TemTi SahuRa & Eric Terry Sr.

    Join RL, Tem'Ti & Eric Terry for a round table discussion about, Knowing When To Call It Quits. Tem'Ti is the Author of  Sacred Sex & You Life Purpose Coach, LifeStyle Specialist & also owner of Red Pill Lifestyle Management.

    Eric Terry is the Author of The Makings Of A Man and also a Relationship Coach

    Finally, Join us @ 8 for A Word From God with Host Minister Ed Ward.  Tune in As Minister Ward discusses the topic: "From Bitter to Better", where he shares scripture that will help you deal with forgiveness and healing after being rejected by family friends or from relationships.

    You've heard it here from your favorite radio station, Source Radio Network.

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    It's THE D420SHOW

    in Comedy

    Join us every Thursday Night @9pm. est. 6pm. Pst. 
    with your Hosts-
    Antlive: Poem Brake, Mega Bud bakes
    Steve Stoner: (aka OBB) "The Old Bitter Basturd": Eyes on you
    Smokin Joe Rocha: Pot Farming
    Join us for the News With Comedy and the Herbword on the Streets...

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    Rustie MacDonald - Advocate For Foster Children

    in Family

    Inspiration on Tap:  Living and Thriving with Rustie MacDonald

    Rustie Macdonald was born knowing that she wanted to help others to heal, to grow and to thrive.  Her life story is a zigzag journey of survival, learning, and loving life.  Having survived things no child should have to endure, Rustie refused to become bitter. Instead she used her experiences to foster in herself an internal strength, deep compassion and empathy for her fellow man in all circumstances.  As a veteran of the foster care system, she became an advocate for other foster children, seeking a way to create opportunities for education and a better life. She founded Celiac Roads Life coaching to help community groups and individuals move beyond their perceived limits to thrive far beyond what they believed possible for themselves.  Rustie is a gifted motivational speaker, with a down to earth, practical style.  

    In 2011, Rustie realized she could help a far wider audience by reaching out over the airwaves.  She discovered blog radio and “Living and Thriving with Rustie MacDonald” was born.  Every week Rustie brings inspiration to thousands with guest speakers bringing insight for Mind, body and soul.  Her international audience numbers in the thousands and is growing every week.   

    Look for her new book “Having Tea with My Skeletons” coming this spring.

    Rustie lives on the New England seacoast with her beloved Daughter.

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    Winner's Wednesday with Jennifer/Triumphing over Tribulations

    in Entrepreneur

    Please join me and my special guest Dhylles "The Coaching Cupid" as an author, transformational & life coach, and mentor she has helped to positively impact the outcome of so many and forever changed the trajectory of their lives!  We will discuss 'Triumphing over Tribulations with Transparency' and we will also explore ways in which we can remain 'Better not Bitter' throughout life.

    It will truly be a heartfelt listening experience!

    Wednesday January 21 from 9-10 PM EST www.blogtalkradio.com/womenbrandedinexcellence or via phone at 347 989 0251

    We look forward to hearing from you!


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    Atheism, Evolution, Abortion and the Depravity and Eugenics of Margaret Sanger

    in Entertainment

    Evilkind® represents the very real spiritual forces of evil that continue to wage war on your soul.  Their primary means of engagement is deception.  The Evilkind Media Network is a truly independent entity intent on affecting change one mind at a time.   

    The new, militant atheists / humanists / modern-day existentialists are working towards creating a world of moral relativism void of all religions where humans are their own gods and answer to no higher authority.  While this is unlikely to take full effect, this phase of the master plan, along with religious fundamentalism, is being used to usher in of periods of war and destruction that will give rise to a one world religion once the surviving masses have seen in living color the bitter fruit of man's descent.  

    No matter how the words are strung together, without a moral standard or belief in a higher power, moral universalism cannot exist.  This episode is a brief attempt to expose the true moral nature of atheism rooted in Darwinian evolution, the natural progression towards eugenics, the evils of Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood and the 'Nazi,' white supremacist agenda that persists today.

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    in Women

    SPECIAL GUEST I8NTERVIEW TONYA COLLIER BRYANT We ask questions like, "If God is a good God, why am I going through such a hard time?” The most difficult thing to understand in life is why pain, problems and suffering are a part of it. If we are not careful, contemplating "Why?” will leave us bitter and cynical. Spending all our time pondering about why our world is broken does little to mend it.  We must be very careful when trying to figure things out. We don’t like to admit it, but we are severely limited in our abilities to do that.


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    in Christianity

    Yahweh said to Moses and Aaron in Egypt, 2 “This month will be the very first month of the year for you. 3 Tell the whole community of Israel: On the tenth day of this month each man must take a lamb or a young goat for his family—one animal per household. 4 A household may be too small to eat a whole animal. That household and the one next door can share one animal. Choose your animal based on the number of people and what each person can eat. 5 Your animal must be a one-year-old male that has no defects. You may choose a lamb or a young goat. 6 Take care of it until the fourteenth day of this month.

    “Then at dusk, all the assembled people from the community of Israel must slaughter their animals. 7 They must take some of the blood and put it on the sides and tops of the doorframes of the houses where they will eat the animals. 8 The meat must be eaten that same night. It must be roasted over a fire and eaten with bitter herbs and unleavened bread. 9 Don’t eat any of it raw or boiled but roast the whole animal over a fire. 10 Don’t leave any of it until morning. Anything left over in the morning must be burned up. 11 This is how you should be dressed when you eat it: with your belt on, your sandals on your feet, and your shepherd’s staff in your hand. You must eat it in a hurry. It is Yahweh’s Passover.

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    It's THE D420SHOW

    in Comedy

    Join us every Thursday Night @9pm. est. 6pm. Pst. 
    with your Hosts-
    Antlive: Poem Brake, Mega Bud bakes
    Steve Stoner: (aka OBB) "The Old Bitter Basturd": Eyes on you
    Smokin Joe Rocha: Pot Farming
    Join us for the News With Comedy and the Herbword on the Streets...

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