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    Host, Erik Rush interviews Bettina Viviano

    in Politics

    Bettina Viviano is an Hollywood producer who had an insider's view of Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign and claims she heard Bill Clinton say that Barack Obama is not eligible to be president.

    The Clintons were the original "birthers," Viviano told WND in an interview in Los Angeles.

    "Everybody who has called this a conspiracy from the Republicans or the tea party, they need to know who started it – the Democrats," she said.

    She claimed, however, that Bill Clinton's intention to unequivocally state to the public that Obama was ineligible was stopped in its tracks by the murder of a close friend of the Clintons, Arkansas Democratic Party Chairman Bill Gwatney, just two weeks before the Democratic National Convention

    Gwatney was killed Aug. 13, 2008, when a 50-year-old man entered Democratic Party headquarters in Little Rock and shot him three times. Police killed the murderer after a chase, and investigators found no motive.

    Viviano said a campaign staffer who was close to Hillary told her Gwatney's murder was a message to Bill Clinton."I was told that it was 'Shut up, Bill, or you're next,'" she said. The campaign adviser, according to Viviano, said that despite the intimidation and threats, Bill Clinton was prepared to speak out about Obama's eligibility"And then," Viviano said, paraphrasing the staffer, "they went in and said, 'OK, it's your daughter, now, we'll go after.  '"And then Bill never said anything."

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    Truthers and Birthers

    in Politics Conservative

    This weekend is the big 9-12 March on Washington. We'll hear, live, from a protester in D.C. to learn what's going on. Also, we'll talk about birthers and truthers.

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    Gary Rivlin and Katrina: After The Flood

    in Politics Progressive

    On the August 19, 2015 episode of Liberal Dan Radio:

    Are participation trophies good for children or do they promote a sense of "entitlement". NFL players James Harrison took away participation trophies that had been given to his children and the internet has applauded. But are they right? Are such trophies bad for kids? Or are opponents of these trophies just manufacturing arguments with no proof to back them up?

    The race for election is getting more hectic every day. Now some people are trying to be Ted Cruz birthers. Most of their arguments are false. However, I will go into one argument that could actually be problematic if true.

    Then in the bottom half of the hour I will be discussin the book Katrina: After The Flood with author Gary Riviln. Praised by such people as Michael Eric Dyson and John Barry, the book is an important read to see how race and racial issues revealed themselves in the early days prior to the storm.

    Those topics, headlines, tweet of the week, and more this Wednesday at 8pm Central on Liberal Dan Radio: Talk From The Left, That's Right.

    Remember to support the show and help it grow you can contribute at the Liberal Dan Radio GoFundMe page.

    And if you are listening after the live broadcast you can always leave your comments on the show thread at LiberalDan.com.

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    RC Radio with Randy Murray the Producer of The Joe Show Movie

    in Politics

    My guest will be Randy Murray the filmmaker and producer/director of the excellent documentary movie The Joe Show.

    Eight years in the making, The Joe Show is a shocking and wildly entertaining documentary on America's most controversial Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, and his ring-master's approach to modern media, politics and law enforcement. The nature of politics has changed so that in today's world of instant fame, politicians need their time in the spotlight. And Joe loves the spotlight. Response time is compromised for screen time, credibility for celebrity and safety for sound bites. Joe's desire for fame corrupts everything he stands for and the voters cheer as ratings soar. The Joe Show is a feature-length documentary that explores how Joe has used fear, crime and his role as Sheriff to make himself the most famous law enforcement officer in the world. Racism, sex crimes, illegal immigration, first amendment rights and multiple deaths at the hands of his employees are all issues Joe faces and spins. He's famous, he's outrageous, he may be dangerous... and it's all just part of The Joe Show, a tragic comedy of historic significance.

    Starring: Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Media Director Lisa Allen Larry King Hugh Downs Dan Ariely Noam Chomsky Ted Nugent Steven Seagal

    Join us live at 9 PM EDT/6 PM PDT Phone: (347) 324-5546



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    RC Radio - Lupin and Doctor Conspiracy Talk Vattel and Free Speech

    in Politics

    French attorney and publisher Lupin (Jean-Marc L’Officier) returns with Doctor Conspiracy to discuss de Vattel and the right of free speech in the US and France. The show will be at a special time of 10:30 AM EDT. Call 347-324-5546 with a question or comment for either gentleman.

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    RC Radio - Interview with French Attorney Lupin 05-20-2015

    in Politics

    I recorded an interview earlier today with French attorney "Lupin" who posts at the Obama Conspiracy Theory Blog. Lupin once and for all destroys the nonsense that Swiss philosopher Emerich de Vattel defined natural born citizen as require two citizen parents. I will take calls following the podcast portion of the show.

    You can call -347-324-5546 to listen or call to comment after the live portion of the show begins.

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    Shannyn Moore Show 12-3-13 Christians Can't Get PTSD, Obama Kids Birthers & more

    in Politics Progressive

    Alternet Right-Wing Evangelicals Claim 'Good Christians' Can't Get PTSD

    The New Civil Rights Movement Catholic Group Leader: Obama ‘Doesn’t Celebrate Christmas With His Own Family’

    Freakoutnation Birthers are asking about Malia and Sasha Obama’s birth certificates

    HuffPo This 1 Quote Explains America's Biggest Problem Perfectly

    Opednews The Rich and Educated Believe Wealth Correlates with Virtue, Says Study

    Examiner.com GOP governor compares same-sex marriage to incest with brother and sister

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    Birthers lose! Birthers lose!

    in Politics

    Let's discuss the most recent decsion in Georgia and one that the Birthers don't realize was much more important in Virginia. Tune in at 9 PM EST. Call 347 324-5546 and voice your opnion.

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    #105 - Obama's Iranian Spring, Bush's Emailgate, Ted Cruz In; Kim K. Still Viral

    in Politics Conservative

    Obama continues to do everything possible to surrender to the Iranians and all but build a highway to Jerusalem for them. Jeb Bush has his own email problems as it’s discovered that he had his own private email too. Ted Cruz announces and (sigh) the Democrat birthers come out of the woodwork. At the same time Obama and his minions are working feverishly to “legalize” illegal aliens to the tune of at least 5,000,000. Putin is preparing Russia for nuclear war with the US along with China. However, 4 out of 5 attendees at the SXSW festival in Austin didn’t know the name of the Texas governor but did know all of the sisters on The Kardashians and had seen her newest nude photos. And we wonder why the country is going down the toilet?

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    in Politics Conservative

    Ted Cruz announces his candidacy for the presidency.  In his announcement speech before a filled auditorium at Liberty University, Cruz pledged to defend policies that are the exact opposite of the current "president".

    Meanwhile, talk show host Glenn Beck and his radio sidekicks - all ardent Cruz fans and supporters -- mocked and slammed "birthers", those who question Cruz' Constitutional qualifications under Articel 2 Section 1 - the natural born citizen clause. "Get over it," Beck admonished.

    Meet the new battle lines - same as the old battle lines.

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    Stovetop Politics with Virginia Kruta - Mar 23, 2015

    in Politics Conservative

    Scott Walker sold out to ethanol subsidies - to the point that he is allowing the establishment to tell him who to hire. 

    Also, Ted Cruz is running for President. So far, this comes to no one's surprise. But it has brought out a brand new crop of insane birthers and people willing to use 20 year old stories about Cruz's wife's struggles with depression to poke holes in his campaign.

    Cruz, however, poked a hole in his own campaign by allowing tedcruz.com to be bought up by a pro-Obama group.

    We'll even get Stephen to weigh in on all of this!

    Head over to the chat room or call in (646-716-7039) to join the show!