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    Birth in Alabama

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    Joining me today is Courtney Sirmon. Courtney is the Central Alabama Regional Director of

    Alabama Birth Coalition as well as a DONA International Birth Doula and Certified Lactation

    Counselor. For over five years, Courtney has served growing families through pregnancy, birth.

    postpartum & breastfeeding support. She believes strongly in “mothering the mother” and has

    personally and professionally seen the benefits of the midwifery model of care. Growing up in

    rural south Alabama, Courtney is passionate about rural access to maternity care. She is the

    proud mother of three young children.

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    The Disappearing Art of Breech Birth

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    Dr. Stuart Fischbein, MD OB/GYN has been in private practice of Obstetrics and Gynecology in Southern California since 1986.  He graduated from the University of Minnesota Medical School in 1982. He has a long history of support for Midwives and the alternative to the medical model of birth they provide. 


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    National Birth Defect Registry with Betty Mekdeci

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    This week, our guest will be Betty Mekdeci, Executive Director of Birth Defect Research for Children, Inc. (BDRC). We'll discuss the The National Birth Defect Registry, a research project that studies associations between birth defects and exposures to radiation, medication, alcohol, smoking, chemicals, pesticides, lead, mercury, dioxin and other environmental toxins. The registry is an initiative of BDRC, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides parents and expectant parents with information about birth defects and support services for their children.

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    FU 2016: DSD House of Cards Episode

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    Ok it is time for some serious fun here. We have been following the 2016 Presdential Election since last fall and it had been worthy of a TV show plot line. Yeah it is.....As Fans of the House of Cards we started last season looking at how the real world match up with the House of Cards. So with it being election season in the real world and on the show, and the saying is that art sometimes imitates life we are looking at the comparisons of the real election and the shows election. Oh this is going to be super fun! However we still have our Bern Treatment from our own Anoa Changa. Plus recaps of stories from around the South. So come be nosy and sip some tea on the porch with us IT's DOWN SOUTH AND DIRTY!! Don't forget to call in @ 657 383 0995 (limit call to 2mins please)!

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    Discuss It's All in the Tarot Cards

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    Join StarzMayaMoon & Starzcast on Monday, March 14, 2016 from 8-9pm EDT for a discussion on the ancient and spiritual tool of Cartomancy. 

    From various sets of Tarot cards to regular decks, "reading the cards" is one of the oldest divination practices that remains a popular way of connecting with spirit. There are numerous decks, spreads, interpretation and even the meaning can change depending on the expert. The use of cards requires not just skill or familiarity with the deck but also attunement to our spiritual side. Join us for a night of cards!

    Join the conversation Dial (347) 838-9736 + Press 1 to be connected live on the air.

    No Computer? want to hear the show? Dial (347) 838-9736 & mute your phone.

    Keep Reaching For The StarZ For guidance http://www.starzpsychics.com/

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    Dot Richards - Cards By Dot

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    Host Kevin Willett is joined by Dot Richards of Cards By Dot. Cards By Dot is powered by SendOutCards which is an on-line greeting card system which is revolutionizing how people and businesses send cards and gifts. 

    To learn more about Cards By Dot visit her FaceBook page at https://www.facebook.com/CardsByDot

    For more information on the Friends of Kevin Networking Group go to http://www.friendsofkevin.com/

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    Dr. Michael Likey, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Doctor of Theocentric Psychology, International Author, Medium, Reiki and Prana Teacher, answers callers' questions today by using guidance from his Soul Oracle Cards. Learn more here: www.drmichaellikey.com and www.souloraclecards.com

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    The Birth of a Nation

    in History

    Dick Lehr, author of The Birth of a Nation, will discuss how Monroe Trotter, civil rights activist, and DW Griffith, filmmaker fought over Griffin's 1915 film that depicted the Civil War and Reconstruction era in a racist manner, making the KKK as heroes and African Americans as villians.

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    Divination Cards,Tarot and Oracle Cards...What's the difference?

    in Spirituality

    Join Snow ,Willie and I as we discuss the difference between oracle,tarot cards etc.

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    Hey Sweet Hawks, it's the Hawkie here, eposide two of Angel Cards Speak.  Taking a break from my online gig, and giving away, free, three card pulls to my callers.  If you need a more indepth reading, make sure you check out my link, http://www.straighttalkwiththeredhawk.com, and fill out the form, wait to hear back from me, drop your donation, and we'll go from there.  Most sites would say that this is for entertainment purposes only, but the only thing I'm trying to entertain you with, is my voice, my cards are here to help you, onto a more positive path, than what you may be on, at the present.  Please feel free to share the link of this show, as well as the link to my website.  This is not a hobby, it's a habit, and I aim to please, and bring you what you need.  With that being said, make sure you call in, and get your angel card reading, today.  ~peace, love and light~