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    Heck Yeah I’m a Dream Catcher how about you? Live with Les Paul - BIRN

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    Am I a Dream Catcher? Heck Yeah I’m a Dream Catcher, How about You? Dream catchers with Les Paul

    I love songs about dreams, I love people who want to live their dreams, I love Martin Luther King’s, I have a dream speech, and I love the independent living movement because we are a bunch of dreamers dedicated to advocacy, motivated by our convictions as people with disabilities working with people who have disabilities, and let me tell you I love me some Peer Support and Advocacy, and the Traumatic Brain Injury Radio Survivors Network.

    Dream Catcher with Les Paul Is More Than Just a Frame of Mind. It’s a Way of Life. It’s Advocating for Real Change and both Systems Based and Community Advocacy!!! To have it you way you have to make things happen and that is what I am talking about!!!

    Here at Dream Catchers. We Have a Dream! Can You Feel It, Can You Hear, Can You Shouting, Can You Sing do you want to be part of it? Well I hope you do, because the more the merrier, and the bigger the better!!!

    If youwould like to call in and speak or just listen live In the USA dial 424-243-9540, or toll free 855-473-3711 if outside the USA dial 202-559-7907 toll free. On demand listening available minutes after live show ends 24/7/365 and a live chat room too! 

    Dream Catchers with Les Paul

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    'The Matt Duffin Show' - BIRN Inside the IBIA Confernce

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    TMDS spent the week aside the Indiana Brain Injury Association (BIRN and I thank you), where a variety of interviews and information was attained. OK, so sleep wasn't often obtained.  TIRED, TBI tired but back in the Milton Studio putting the conference together.  I can't (at this memory point) remember all I talked with; from IBIA Exec Director Lora Miller, the internationally regocnized Dr. Jim Malek and Dr. Flora Hammond to Julia Pratt, a Support Group Leader, mix and match of knowledgeable classes. And my weekend hero, Miss Olivia, the 10-year old daughter of Life Coach Darcy Keith and current Miss Indiana Pre-Teen.  Her interview will touch your heart, as her father is a stroke survivor, and Darcy a TBI thriver.  However, it always like Christmas to me, I'll have to calm down and stop playing with the new toys found....I will, more late, and more next week.  I'm in negociations with a professional radio host, to become TMDS co-host (see ya Jasmine) who is directing the Joy's House for TBI surviors in Indy, along with many more and the georgeous Dr. Taron S!  We'll take a stroll down vendor lane.  Oh yeah, my 'nonfunctionalbe' TBI began the week once again under the knowledge of Dr. Samantha Backhaus and RHI Neuro's Social Skills reaserch study program privately with 7 associated survivors.   Miracle League Baseball came to a close - happy and sad.  But I now have baseball cards, a trophy and friends beyond my imagination!   Did I mention Mahlon may be getting his own show with Tonya?  I doubt pictures make the shows lineup, some where in that pile of information (and clothes) my camera is.  Not a priority after 13 hours of sleep - BIRN listeners are!  

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    'The Matt Duffin Show' - Our Third Season of Hope, Belief & Reality..

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    Officially unofficial (but real close) TMDS begins its 3rd season this week.  See?  Unrealilstic Belief is still dominating my life!!!

    Such as a TBI, where has the time flown by?  Wasn't it just last week we started this show?  Over 100 episodes, 109 at last count.   Thank you all, for allowing me into your life.  I mean, I look to do well, and do mean well - always.  Get confused still?  God, I HOPE that's the TBI problem - for if it isn't, now I'm really confused!!!

    As in the past opening acts of a new season on BIRN, we'll start by visiting the Annual TBI Suvivors Education Conference presented by the Indiana Brain Injury Association.  Lora Miller has provided a wonderful effort towards education for and of brain injury's with Education in the forefront.  Social moments, perhaps not the gathering of old, but available and will be worked on.  Trust me, she's on my speed dial!!!  But,  hosted on the campus of Methodist Hospital in downtown Indianapolils is an elaborate and one of 18-model Neuroscience Research Buildings nation-wide, the focus was indeed on BI's and information.  National speakers was of the best of their trades.  Listen in tonight, we'll play an offering or three.  OUR TBI Race team that wasn't in Utah for the World Championships also attended, with John MIlls stealing the show (he looks like Richard Gere) and hearts of insperation, and TMDS Medical Director Kevin Butterfield greeting, and surely I did something our presentations kicked off in a big way.  

    I indeed talked to Olivia Keith, daughter of TBI Survivor Darcy Keith and now Miss PreTeen Indiana.  More too.  We'll touch on what we have time for, and welcome back Sam Way.  But what I'd rather take the time for is you, your thoughts, your aspirations of a greater TBI world in which we live...

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    Get up off of Your TBI & Live on Dream Catchers

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    After TBI and other disabilities happen do I have a choice? Well get up off of yor TBI and do something about your life if you can because that’s a big part of the struggle and for you and I to decide but for me as far as I’m more concerned it’s what we do with what we still have that matters not what we have lost!!!

    So get up off of your TBI and live!!! Do survivors have struggled oh yes we do, does that mean quit? Well that’s what many people have done sat on the sidelines for many years lost in the fog, waiting for someone else to do it for us when in reality it us that has to do if we want real change to happen!

    Strategies for success are:

    Believe in More Than Just Yourself
    Do the Impossible Daily
    Helping Others When You Don’t Feel like Helping Yourself
    Positive Self Talk and Miracles
    Getting up and Living Life Because It’s the Right Thing to Do
    Questions, Answers, Open Floor and Open Mic This Is Your Chance to Make It Real. So Call in Tonight and Share Your Dreams and Your Stories and Help Other Survivors along the Way and We Do This Because It’s Hard Not Easy!!!

    Dream Catchers with Les Paul on BIRN 7pm to 10pm Pacific Time 10:00 pm until 1:00 am Eastern Time. If you live In the USA dial 424-243-9540, or toll free 855-473-3711 if outside the USA dial 202-559-7907 toll free. On demand listening available minutes after live show ends 24/7/365!)




    Get up off of Your TBI & Live on Dream Catchers with Les Paul

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    'The Best of Matt' - Doctor? Doctor! The Week & Last Week....

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    I'm LIVE from the Downtown Milton Studio in the midst of vacation because:

    1.  I want to - it's BIRN Sunday Night (my house)

    2.  A major network foul up last week

    3.  I just gotta give personal (and YOU) TBI "Dude" update of the past few weeks!

    4.  TBI Survivors have aquired a Professional RACE TEAM!

    5,  TBI Survivors "deserve a better show-time slot than LAST WEEK's foul up!  (yes, I pissed me off too)

    6.  TBI Survivor Pay It Forward -  ALWAYS!

    And lastly, #7 - as a TBI Survivor, sometimes I get bored too...

    And one more thingy - I'd like to open up the Chat Room for folks. Just because I'm taking a break, doesn't mean you have to.   And just MAYBE, I'll turn on the phones around 11:30-ish, Eastern Time...

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    'The Matt Duffin Show' - Guest Host Deborah Berry

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    'TMDS' tonight will be hosted by Professional Challenge Coach Deborah Berry.  This special BrainInjuryRadio telecast will also see Matt Duffin, sitting on the 'other' side of his desk, as Ms. Berry "interviews the interviewer" as the former BIRN host will straighten Matt's act up with her skillful approach in the often overlooked TBI thoughts of:

    "The Secrets Behind Closed Doors" - There is no Taboo...

    The secrets we keep locked up behind doors, which have NOT been discussed before on BIRN.   Deb digs deep into Matt's untold story and opens some hidden truths about his life, and indeed, Deborah's own life and survival.  

    Shhhhh!!  This is sacred.  Hush-hush subjects most people keep quiet, when, in fact, most TBI Survivors have alike situations and thoughts.   Want Deborah to answer a Taboo question you have?  E-mail her prior to Sunday at Deborah@SurvivorsPayItForward.com.  Ask her to share a taboo story you are dying to understand better, or would like to see Matt squirm - have her ask him!  You do not have to talk On Air, and you will remain anonymous.   

    TUNE IN AND HEAR THE LINE UP, as Matt will return to his desk in the later hours.  Traumatic Brain Injury = TBI.  TBI = To Be Informed.  www.deborahberry.com and www.survivorspayitforward.com.  Ah, vacation.  Reservations again this year at the Milton Hilton, close to the corn waves.  For the next few weeks (5-ish) TMDS will offer replays of "The Best of Duffin" (quit laughing).  Not going to do nothing, except recover at ease, ride my bike, mow, have a yard sale, play Miracle Baseball, Coach Miracle Baseball, join Racer's for TBI Awareness, go Back-to-BICS-Basics, write, & celebrate my 6th re-birthday!


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    Empowerment Zone Special, UN Convention on Rights of People with Disabilities

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    This is a once in a life time chance for all people with disabilities CRPD Passes Out of Foreign Relations Committee; Community Call! The Empowerment Zone With Les Paul on BIRN 7pm to 10pm Pacific Time 10:00 pm until 1:00 am Eastern Time. If you live In the USA dial 424-243-9540, or toll free 855-473-3711 if outside the USA dial 202-559-7907 toll free. On demand listening available minutes after live show ends 24/7/365!

    We want to make sure that people with disabilities have a voice and this treaty will dramatically if passed would be a game changer for the over 1 Billion people with disabilities everywhere!!!!

    Level the playing Field Around the World for people with disability to provide Equality, and Justice for people with disabilities Worldwide, Be Treated the same as everyone else, Live as Independently as possible in the Communities around the World and create better opportunities for people with disabilities every where on Earth!!!

    Advocates from across the country came together today to share their thoughts and feelings about what could help pass the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). The Call Took place on July 23rd, 1 PM Eastern 2014. But our work is nowhere near done! Your Senators need to continually hear from you and understand that you support CRPD! Show that the community is behind this treaty, and that we want the process to keep moving forward. Sen. Reid also needs to hear from US that we want a floor vote now!

    You can visit USICD’ citizen action portrait: www.disabilitytreaty.org to call your Senators! They must hear from the independent living movement now are we will not succeed.

    Be an advocate and help this get done because people all around the world are working on this and we must see it through. Sincerely, Les Paul Morgan of the Empowerment Zone Disability Round Table!

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    The Reflecting pool - Dream Catchers - Les Paul

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    The Reflecting Pool on Dream Catchers with Les Paul

    Have you ever walked by a mirror or a pool and seen a reflection of yourself and thought who is that person that I see?

    (Dream Catchers With Les Paul on BIRN 7pm to 10pm Pacific Time 10:00 pm until 1:00 am Eastern Time. If you live In the USA dial 424-243-9540, or toll free 855-473-3711 if outside the USA dial 202-559-7907 toll free. On demand listening available minutes after live show ends 24/7/365!)

    Well, after brain injury. The reflecting pool is really a metaphor for the reflections of our lives before and after brain injury and a life that used to be and what is left behind now!

    On that statement I want to challenge you to be more than you were before to believe you can be stronger and more Powerful than you ever were prior to your Injuries and Disabilities!

    Tonight, I’d like to invite you to join me on a journey of Acceptance after Brain Injury, and Enlightenment to the fact that brain injury isn’t always what’s stopping you. It’s getting lost are stuck in the middle that’s bothering us, and feeling like were left behind or left alone!

    Dream Catchers is a program designed to Encourage, Engage, Uplift, and Challenge your way of thinking about your own character and what it means to truly be a survivor and striver. So join me tonight in a lively discussion about reflections of life how it used to be and how it is now and how we can make it better working together in a Survivor Nation!

    Believe Me When I Say, We Can Build the Ultimate Community of Survivors Who Dare to Make a Difference That Don’t Take No for an Answer and That They Believe in Themselves. No Matter What!

    Sincerely, Les Paul Morgan the Dream Catcher on the Brain Injury Radio Network







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    Dream Catchers Uniting Around the World with LesPaul

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    Have Your Dreams Ever Been Broken, Shattered, or Destroyed? Join us as we unite in peace around the World!

    Well, if they have you come to the right place. To me a Dream Catcher is much more than a catchy slogan. It’s a bold new way of life following the Native American Indian way, as explained below.

    Dream catchers are one of the most fascinating traditions of Native Americans. The traditional dream catcher was intended to protect the sleeping individual from negative dreams, while letting positive dreams through. The positive dreams would slip through the hole in the center of the dream catcher, and glide down the feathers to the sleeping person below. The negative dreams would get caught up in the web, and expire when the first rays of the sun struck them.

    Dream Catchers With Les Paul Airs on BIRN 7pm to 10pm Eastern Time 7:00 Pacific all 50 States in the USA and 36 Countries around the World.

    If you live In the USA dial 424-243-9540, or toll free 855-473-3711 if outside the USA dial 202-559-7907 toll free. On demand listening available minutes after live show ends 24/7/365!

    So join me as your dreams fly through the air in living color and boldly challenge yourself to take on a life and of adversity with the new clearness and bold way of thinking you not just a person with the brain injury or disability, but as a person protected by the Americans with disability act, the ADA, which can empower you to have a brave, strong heart no matter what your disability.

    No matter what life is done has tossed at you together we can change the World so join us as we all Catch our Dreams together sincerely, LesPaul the Dream Catcher on brain injury radio. Dream on Survivors!!!


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    Power of the human spirit - Dream Catchers - BIRN

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    Power of the human spirit - Dream Catchers - BIRN
    Living your Dreams after suffering a Traumatic Brain Injury can feel like an un reachable goal after just struggling to survive after TBI and a long time ago I felt much the same after all of my Injuries but tonight I am going to challenge everyone to find something that lives deep within our soul the power of the human spirit!
    Our destiny is not decided by a TBI it is challenged by it! Fight with all your might and challenge yourself and all who around you to believe in you again and get back in the saddle again and strive to be the person that you always dreamed of being despite the obstacle that are in your way not the ones that are blocking you from success!!!
    Tonight I want you to call in and share you strategies for improving the outlook for yourself and survivors everywhere!!! What’s your story, what are your Dreams, come and share them tonight on Dream Catches with Les Paul on Brain Injury Radio.
    So I am hoping that we can come up with a list of things we should do to prepare ourselves for a meeting them in person or over the phone. Let’s get the ball up and running because I see great things are on their way to help empower brain injury survivors for a bold new future!

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    'The Matt Duffin Show' - TBI & Racing: A "Breathless Performance"

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    TMDS, BIRN, TBI Survivors Network, Race4Time, The Brain Injury Association of America, The Brain Injury Association of Indiana, Breathless Performance Racing, John Mills Racing, 'Over The Wall' host Jean Kinser Dana, Dr. Kevin Butterfield, Ernie Francis, "the remarkable" Ernie Ty Francis Jr (Trans Am Champ now, and future NASCAR Champion - I called it) have united to 'form' an auto racing 'team' to promote Brain Injury Awareness (I'll slide Recovery in, eventually...).

    TOO COOL, and so needed.  The intent is to provide information, discuss TBI with fellow Survivors who literally "banged their head against a wall", bring our everyday Brain Injury Family to the race tracks, meet the drivers and be guests, promote 'Guest Passes' to events for donors, and, well, much much MUCH more.  BI Awareness where it needs to be - Racing, of the most popular sports world wide.  The NFL can avoid the serious condition with a marketing 'ploy' all they want, but Racin' is the true 'game' across International Date Lines.

    Join me tonight, and of course Sam Way, as we sit down with the Francis's and discuss racing, BI's and the future of Awareness.  Doc and Jean are expected to join in, and share a lot of good news.  Have I mentioned South Africa?  Gina Gee is literally prancing around the Cape, awaiting a Skype call in tonight.  Me too.  She's an Angel of Hope, Mercy and Life.  Not as is, but as will be.  Uh, my staff of "one" currently has been a bit over worked this week.  It's Water Ski time for RHI Sports this week approaching, as is time with Dr. Dawn Neumann and the new IU Interface Program of Imagining Research.  Plus, its Father's Day, and Pop and I always go to a baseball game if possible.

    So, take me out to the ballgame, and bring me back in time for Racin' tonight.  

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