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    Diva Taunia Presents: The Backstage Pass Lunchtime Concert Series

    in Music

    The Backstage Pass Radio Program is hosted by award-winning vocalist and trumpet player Diva Taunia, and can be heard every Friday at NOON, PST at www.backstagepassradio.com.  The show is generously sponsored each week by our friends at Wellesse Liquid Vitamins and Supplements (www.wellesse.com) and the Ontario Chaffey Showband. Don't forget to tweet live during the show @divataunia!

    Today's program is also being sponsored by our friends at Ever-Pretty Dresses at www.us.ever-pretty.com. Right now, all of their gorgeous Valentine's dresses and gowns are 30% off, and you can use a special 20% off coupon from Taunia in addition to that!  Use DVT22016 to take advantage and save another 20% off

    On today's show:

    1. After Alice with "Chump"
    2. Konstantinos Dilzas with "Petra Ki Efhi"
    3. Sarantos with "Pain of the Past"
    4. Sarantos with "Valentine's Day"
    5. Martin Lucanssen with "Love You From Scratch"
    6. Nexus Plate with "If I Choose"

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    TLC's Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta Star Lori Allen

    in Entertainment

    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview TLC's Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta Star Lori Allen.


    This season on SAY YES TO THE DRESS ATLANTA, Lori and Monte step out of the salon more than ever to help brides find the dress of their dreams, even taking a road trip to Nashville. With surprise brides and last minute dress hunts, the team at Bridals by Lori has their hands full. Also, in a special episode this season, Lori helps her future daughter-in-law find the dress (or dresses) of her dreams. Then, viewers get to follow along as they prepare for the big day and get an inside look at the wedding itself.


    Lori Allen is the owner of Bridals by Lori. She says that her favorite brides are "Brides who are harder to fit because I love to teach them about fit and what looks good on them -- then find them the perfect dress. I like a challenge."


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    Is Cam Newton Preparing to "Come Out" the Closet During the SuperBowl?

    in Politics

    Abibifahodie (Black Liberation),

    If you're anything like the Brothers of WOH, you've been getting excited to see the 2nd "Real Black Man" win a SuperBowl this year.  Cam Newton is one of the most exciting and remarkable talents to hit sports in the last decade.  He is poised to become one of the greatest professional football quarterbacks in NFL history. 

    However, over the past few weeks, his effemine dress has become extreme.  He is not only wearing fairy dresses, but he is clearly making a noticeable effort to wear the most flamboyant, female attire money can pay for.  He has done everything but come out in a dress. 

    We've seen the ridiculous homosexual clothing styles sported by Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant.  But Cam Newton's half-leopard, half-zebra stlyed Versace tight pants may take the cake.

    Those of us who are Afrikancentered Brothers have tried to give Newton a pass with the excuse that maybe he's being targeted by the gay fashion designers to wear these outfits without understanding that he is promoting the "Effeminization of the Black Male."  But this new outfit makes it clear that he is consciously wearing these styles.

    The question on the table is, "Is Cam Newton a Random Victim of the Homosexual Agenda or Is Cam Newton Preparing To Drop a Sissy Bomb on Our Community?"  And if he gets the MVP in the SuperBowl and comes out the closet, what impact will that have on the Black community?





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    Chantal Gadoury Returns as My Guest Author on January 18th

    in Books

    Chantal Gadoury returns as my guest author on January 18th. Come listen as she reads an excerpt from her latest release, Allerleirauh, a fantasy romance based on the Grimm Brothers' fairy tale.

    Once Upon A Time… 

    A King makes a promise to his dying wife to marry only someone with her golden hair. 

    The King finds his eyes are turned by his maturing daughter. Realizing her Father’s intentions, Princess Aurelia tries to trick her Father by requesting impossible gifts: Dresses created by the Sun, Moon and Stars and a Coat made of a Thousand Furs. 

    When she discovers his success, Aurelia decides to sacrifice her privileged life, and escapes the Kingdom disguised in the cloak, and under a new name, Allerleirauh. 

    Aurelia enters the Kingdom of Saarland der Licht where she is taken under the wing of the handsome Prince Klaus. Aurelia must face herself, her past and her fears in her journey of self discovery. 

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    Golf Talk Live - with Carolyn Sammarro Co-founder of Bskinz.com

    in Golf

    Welcome to Golf Talk Live! It's good to get back to the air after a short break.

    Joining me is this weeks special guest: Carolyn Sammarro, Co-founder of Bskinz.com

    Here's more about Carolyn:

    Carolyn Sammarro is the co-founder of B-Skinz (est. 2007), a women's activewear manufacturer with a showroom located in Boonton, N.J. Carolyn is a member of the Rockaway River Country Club in NJ and appreciates the needs of busy women who desire flexible fashions that make them feel great both on and off the golf course. The company specializes in travel-friendly collections and produces everything here in the U.S.A. Most recently the Club Collection line of golf/tennis skorts and dresses focuses on providing women with beautiful, elegant patterns on garments that require very little maintenance. She’s revered as an expert consultant to the resort and pro shop buyers as well as women shopping for themselves and their families. Her goal is to reach as many women as possible to share what can be life altering color communication advice. The B-Skinz colorful library of patterns is the perfect place to test out her client's specific color needs. Carolyn is a longtime resident of historic Mountain Lakes, New Jersey with her husband and three children.

    Golf Talk Live is available at iTunes.com & Stitcher.com

    Tune in "LIVE" Thursdays from 6:00 - 8:00 PM Central

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    Black Love & Relationships: Symbolism, Celebrities, & Animation

    in Culture

    In our day to day lives, we totally are oblivious to the symbolism that affects us everyday. From social media to childrens' cartoons it is unmistakably impossible to ignore what is right in front of our faces. We will also look at the fact that Hollywood has been the driving force for the images we see of males in dresses. Is it just comedy or brainwashing?

    In the second  hour, we will speak with Joe Currie of Street Dream Studios. He and his business partners have created a positive comic series surrounded around people of color.

    Also joioning us will be Darryl Grayson of an animated platform called Tell Me Who You I Am, which promotes the teachings of Black children loving themselves.

    Feel free to call in at (917)889-2830




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    The LizyT Show with Nicola Mansell Topsom

    in Non-Profit

    Nicola Topsom

    The Floriana Wedding Dress Project

    (Founder and Canadian Director)

    The Floriana Wedding Dress Project opened the first “pay what you can” store in Port-au-Prince on March 28, 20105. Donated wedding, bridesmaid, grad dresses and accessories are rented or sold for whatever price the customer can afford. A second location was opened across the city by our team there. They opened it on my birthday this year – the best present I could ask for!

    This little idea that my sister and I had (our goal was 10 dresses for the March 2015 trip) exploded into something so quickly it has just been amazing. We have over 200 wedding gowns and 425 bridesmaid dresses already given to us! Many of these are already in Haiti or have been packed up for the next container.

    One of our goals is job creation for Haitian parents through sewing and up cycling projects. We will also plan to assist orphans transitioning out of care and into adulthood with jobs – there is a need for these young people to have employment, life skills and a way of supporting themselves

    Some of our goals for the very near future on the Canadian end of things are to have an office with storage, an excellent website that makes it easy to navigate and contribute, and an annual fund raising event that's interesting, fun and somehow involves the wedding industry.

    There is a special place in my heart for Haiti as my husband Jason and I were privileged to adopt a beautiful little child in 2010, following the devastating earthquake. This summer we celebrate our 21st Anniversary and are happy to say we enjoy each others company more than ever! We live in Burlington with our two internationally adopted daughters, Shantaya (from Malawi, age 11) and Divna (from Haiti, age 7).



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    Do Businessmen Make Better Lovers?

    in Lifestyle

    What makes a man in a suit attractive to ladies?  Does a well-dressed man have any advantage over a man in jeans?  Can you believe that the way a man dresses could affect his success in relationships?  Really?  Some of the listeners may not agree with you.

    Can business and love mix or are you better off to leave the pleasure out of the office?

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    Fashion Double Standards

    in Entertainment

    Lately I have noticed that there is a huge increase in the number of men wearing weaves and dresses. In everyday fashion is this acceptable now? Do women look down on men who wear heels, weaves, makeup, etc?  Why is more acceptable for women to dress boyish than for men to do so? Is that a reason to question a man's sexuality?

    Let's talk about it.... 

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    The Covering Show with host Rev. G

    in Entertainment

    The Covering Show with host Rev. G

    Help me in joining former Playboy Bunny Monet (aka) Teri Clemons toThe Covering Show hosted by Rev. G on Tuesday, November 17, 8:00 pm est, produced by His Heart Network -LLC. call 914 205-5909 to hear the interview. A friendship though thick and thin.

    One of the greatest successes that I can honestly be proud of is seeing my BFF come to the Lord. She was the dresses girl that walked the halls of Indian River High School. Yes a Former Play Boy Bunny size 5 slim and neat. One of the things that we must recognize is that the Playboy Club did not hire anything but beautiful women. These women were well groomed before they were placed on the floor to serve at the Casino in Atlantic City.

    These women had to be sharp and on their toes. Most folks don't know anything or have even walked or talked with a Playboy Bunny. So on tomorrow join me as I have a long talk with my BFF Teri (aka) Monet as she speak her heart about how her life changed. She has been interviewed on television, radio and have many newspaper articles accredited to her name. She was born from a family of wealth in NC.


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    Diva Taunia's Backstage Pass Radio Program: "The Big Reveal!" Girl Group Winner

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    Today's program is a little break from the norm:  I have two super-special, super-gorgeous guests on to help me with today's program!  If you've been following me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you have noticed that I've recently put together a new "girl-group," reminiscent of the swing-era and very much like The Andrew Sisters back in the day.  My lovely, gorgeous, and talented friends and co-singers Lindsy and Lydia will be joining me as guests on the program today to talk about the new group, tell you a little bit about themselves and their musical backgrounds and help me with today's show.

    The program today is very generously supported and sponsored by Wellesse.com, Ever Pretty Dresses, Daddy O's Rockabilly Clothing, and Konf-X Noise Cancelling In-Ear Buds!

    We've been running a content this week to help us name the group, and we'll be announcing the raffle winner on the program today AND announcing the new name of the group!  The raffle winner will have a gift box of goodies from us mailed to them as our thanks for participating and helping us out. :)

    That will all happen the first half of the show, and the second half of the show will be filled with great swing and big band music to help you swing into your weekend and get your feet dancing!

    Help us spread the word!  Tell your friends and family to tune in as well!  The chat room will open 15 minutes before showtime, we'll be tweeting live during the show (@divataunia) and you can also call-in to speak to us live if you'd like!  The call-in # is 347-857-2052.