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    HH • Escaping Emotional Abyss

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    Wouldn't it be an incredible if your feelings of depression could be explained  as a biochemical issue; not an emotional weakness.  Science has proven that emotions can be created and managed using nutrients and other biochemicals that can be identified using BioAcoustic software.  Is anything stressing you?

    Join us on our next Happy Hour as we evaluate the vocal frequencies of listener volunteers in terms of the biochemistry that keeps us happy and balanced.

    The first step toward biochemical harmony for those who want to create optimal function for their lives; an informative lesson for those who want to increase their foundation of BioAcoustic Biology and Sound Health

    Sound Health Options

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    More SEX Factors, Live online profiles

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    The Sex Factors

    Is SEX an emotional or biochemical response? Last week we talked about the biochemicals and organs of SEX in relationship to our Vocal Profiling software program that is designed to evaluate sexual/chemical responses . This week we are going to continue that theme by offering online LIVE profiles for our listeners and viewers. Remember that you can now watch us do Vocal Profiles on the air by using the invitation below.

    So if you have an issue with sexual desire or performance, tune in, we may have the answer. This is an important issue for millions of people. We want to help by showing you how easy it is to our software program, TheSexFactors to reveal what is going and how our software may be able to offer some helpful suggestions. So Tune- In to Tune-Up Sunday at 12pm EST on Blog Talk Radio. Optimal Health through BioAcoustic Vocal Profiling is the wave of the future.

    To join the online meeting

    1. Go to https://soundhealth.webex.com/soundhealth/j.php?ED=141697372&UID=0&PW=NMjEwZTYzNjg5&RT=MiMxMQ%3D%3D

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    Love Potion #9

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    Can you really entice someone to Love you using music, sound, chocolate? What are the
    biochemicals of Love, attractions and caring. Join us at our new time - 12 noon - for our new show -
    Sound Health Options. Check out the compatibility for you and your significant other. To be more
    prepared for the show, and to do what we do for yourself or your friends, please download
    the nanoVoice software from www.nanovoice.org. Our gift to you to celebrate what's
    REAL in relationships

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    Feel It Real Radio

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    Join Denise and Macha this week as they discuss their journey to overcoming Negativity Addiction. They share stories about the process of reprogramming the brain to become habituated to joy and not negative biochemicals. Emotional State mastery is the most important goal in life. Do you think you might be addicted to negativity? If so, visit denisecoates.com and take the Negativity Addict Quiz.

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