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    Why Guess? When You Can Know! What Health Looks Like On The Inside.

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    Join Dr. Cherilyn Lee and guest Steven Litvak as they discuss key components in evaluating and maintaining nutritional health and wellness.The QurEcology™ Biochemical Wellness Analysis recognizes and assesses interactions within the body and provides a roadmap that uncovers nutritional and metabolic system deficiencies. The 14 biomarker assessment promotes lifestyle changes as well as the targeted use of essential nutritional support that provides specific corrections to bring the body back into balance. This allows one to focus on creating wellness instead of dealing with sickness … to help get well and stay well, to prevent disease, and to have more energy and vitality.




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    Africa On The Move

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    Join "Africa ON The Move" on Sundays Evening from 7 - 9 p.m. est. This program will highlight the topic: "Ebola...Are They Tell Us The Truth?" On Sunday, October 26, 2014, we will raised critical questions that are not be raised by the western media and the U.S. government, such as: Whay have the U.S. Government acquired a patient for the Ebola virus? Where did the virus really begin and when? Why is there not a cure for this virus? Why send soliders to address a medical crisis?  What is the relationship betwen the various viruses of Ebola, Bird Flu and Anthrax?  We will speak "truth to power" and "liberation over oppression." Join us by lisening in at (323) 679-0841, or go online at: www.blogtalkradio.com/africa-on-the-move.

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    How chemicals are altering our microbiome, hormones, and immune systems

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    Dr. Kevin Passero and his special guest Tom Malterre will be discussing how chemicals are altering our microbiome, hormones, and immune systems and what that means to our health.

    Tom Malterre, MS, CN, received both his Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Nutrition from Bastyr University and is licensed by the state of Washington as a certified nutritionist. Tom travels throughout the United States and Canada lecturing at conferences on topics such as vitamin D, gluten intolerance, and digestive health. He empowers people through classes, seminars, and private counseling with his insight and depth of knowledge on the biochemical interactions within our bodies, and their relationships to our diet.

  • NWO Presents Behind Enemy Lines with Carla V. " The Horrifying Truth"

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    Join Carla V. and guests, as they discuss the tactics that the elite use to shock and horrify America into relinquishing their rights and freedoms. From biochemical warfare to false flag attacks, learn what the government is hiding, why they are hiding it, and what you can do to stop them, before it is to late. Learn how you can protect yourself and your family against the powers that be and take back our great nation. This is a show that you will not want to miss!!! 

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    NWOTRMassMedia Behind Enemy Lines with Carla V.

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    Join Carla and guests, as they discuss the iminate terror, we face as a nation. Hear true life accounts of the terror, invented and introduced by the U.S. government. Learn of unfathomable plans to destroy you and your family, through biochemical warfare. Learn of the division they are creating to make us weaker as a people. Above all, learn how to fight back. You will not want to miss this informative episode, full of news you can use. See you there!

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    Suppressed Cures: The Business of Cancer with Dr Burzynski

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    Dr Stanislaw R. Burzynski, M.D., Ph.D has a mission to beat cancer. For over 35 years, Dr. Burzynski has led cancer research and care through his Burzynski Clinic, inspired by the philosophy of the physician Hippocrates, to, "First, do no harm."  He also fought and won the largest legal battle against the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) in American history.

    Since 1967, Dr Burzynski - an internationally recognised physician and biochemist-researcher - has pioneered the development and use of biologically active peptides (Antineoplastons), in diagnosing, preventing and treating cancer, with much controversy along the way. Dr Burzynski’s approach to treatments are based on the natural biochemical defence system of our body, capable of combating cancer with minimal impact on healthy cells.

    Despite multiple attacks on his work over more than a decade, including 5 Federal Grand Juries attempting to indict him, the unavoidable fact still remains: Antineoplastons are responsible for curing some of the most “incurable” forms of terminal cancer.

    Join Brendan D. Murphy and Aimee Devlin in this episode of Global Freedom Movement Radio, as they speak with Dr Burzynski, to learn why the FDA and Big Pharma are doing everything they can to stop Dr Burzynski in his tracks; and special guest Shontelle Hiron, a former Australian patient of Dr Burzynski’s, diagnosed with brain cancer and given only weeks to live by Oncologists in 1993. Her only treatment for brain cancer has been Antineoplastons. She is still with us today.

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    HH • Escaping Emotional Abyss

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    Wouldn't it be an incredible if your feelings of depression could be explained  as a biochemical issue; not an emotional weakness.  Science has proven that emotions can be created and managed using nutrients and other biochemicals that can be identified using BioAcoustic software.  Is anything stressing you?

    Join us on our next Happy Hour as we evaluate the vocal frequencies of listener volunteers in terms of the biochemistry that keeps us happy and balanced.

    The first step toward biochemical harmony for those who want to create optimal function for their lives; an informative lesson for those who want to increase their foundation of BioAcoustic Biology and Sound Health

    Sound Health Options

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    Depression and What We Can Learn From Robin Williams

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    What can we learn from the death of Robin Williams? Today I'm interviewing Dr. Chas Gant from the National Integrated Health Associates in Washington, DC. We're going to talk about depression - what it is, what causes it and how to reverse it.

    Dr. Gant will explain exactly what is going on in the brain and body that leads to depression, including certain biochemical imbalances and nutritional deficiencies. 

    He'll also answer the questions:

    How is Depression related to Substance Abuse/Addictions? How is Depression related to Fatigue? How is Depression related to Anxiety? and, Where would you suggest a person get help for Depression?

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    Fighting Severe Depression: Can Laughter Work Better Than Drugs?

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    We are spirtual beings inhabiting a temporary biochemical physical structure, one that operates according to chemical changes based on changes in the energy surrounding the body and the energy generated from within. Depression is more than a mood swing, it is a biochemical reaction in the brain, which produces electrical impulses that send messages to every part of the body.  Depression can be deadly, when biochemical reactions in the brain cause electrical impulses that trigger thoughts of self destruction. Suicide is often the consequence of depression, which is why some medications warn of side effects such as thoughts of suicide. Depression is not something you can talk yoursef out of. Ignoring it won't make it go away. People who are depression prone often use drugs to alter the brain's chemistry. Some may use prescription drugs and some may purchase illegal drugs on the street corner. Nevertheless, drug addiction can result when the brain becomes dependent upon outside help to combat depression. And yet, there is a natural way to alter the brain's chemisty and fight depression, which doesn't cost a thing: Laughter. How do we induce a state of joy to create laughter and change our brain's chemistry? Understanding how it works may help us make some choices about who we allow to influence our moods and how we can learn to control our thoughts. Dr. Kenneth Nave, author of "A Season Of Afflictions" helps us understand the intricate workings of the brain, and how we can protect ourselves against deadly depression that can prompt us to kill ourselves or others.

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    Exploring the Physics of Consciousness with Biophysicist, William Brown!

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    Discover • Manifest • Transform!

    It is with great honor that we announce William Brown as our episode guest!  William Brown is a biophysicist and research scientist at the Resonance Project Foundation (http://resonance.is/) and Hawai’i Institute for Unified Physics (http://hiup.org), where he performs experimentation and theoretical work to better understand the physics of the biological system.  He explores all systems of knowledge, from physics and biology to the nature of consciousness, and describes this comprehensive synthesis in what he calls the Science of Universal Life (SOUL).  Although his exploration of understanding is all-inclusive, William’s professional background is in cellular and molecular biology. He has worked in numerous laboratory facilities across the United States and has extensive experience in molecular biology research. After 10 years of studying the biochemical processes of molecular biology, this has led to a revolutionary way of viewing the biological system with remarkable implications for what it is to be human, as well as for therapeutics and regenerative applications. William is currently working to bring forth new technologies and ideas to assist in the advancement of civilization, and the health and well being of our society.  To learn more about William Brown's research please visit his website at http://williambrownscienceoflife.com/.

    This is your opportunity to join in this powerful discussion about the essence of our Being. We have scheduled this show to air for 90 minutes in order to allow for William to answer your questions!  Please do call in with your questions and comments!

    Together we create the Shift!

    One Love!


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    BIOFM 31 - Dr. William Walsh

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    In today's episode of Body IO FM, we speak to Dr. William Walsh about his work with epigentics and methylation. He explains what they mean, how our bodies are affected, and how natural therapies and diet are helping people with various mental and physical illnesses regain their health.

    William J. Walsh, PhD, president of the non-profit Walsh Research Institute, is an internationally recognized expert in the field of nutritional medicine and a key scientist paving the way for nutrient-based psychiatry and nutritional medicine. Over the past 30 years, Dr. Walsh has developed biochemical treatments for patients diagnosed with behavioral disorders, attention deficit (hyperactivity) disorder, autism, clinical depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders, schizophrenia, and Alzheimer’s disease that are used by doctors throughout the world.
    Learn more here: http://bod.io/8J

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