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    THE BIOCHEMISTRY OF BEAUTY - Interview with Bestselling Author Kat James

    in Health

    Said to be in the eye of the beholder, we’re all able to recognize when someone radiates a healthy, beautiful glow from their very being. We may not understand, however, how the human body reacts to numerous stimuli from our environment so as to produce clear, taut and beautiful skin, a naturally thin and fit body, silky radiant hair as well as energy and vitality on the cellular level and from the inside out.  

    Join us as we speak with the award-winning beauty and health author Kat James who has a stunning track record of published success stories from her Total Transformation® programs. Now, she reveals the biochemical truths and dangerous dietary lies so anyone, like Kat, can mastermind their own painless, dramatic transformation. Come find out why SELF magazine calls James “a master of self-transformation.”

    Meet top integrative, holistic, wellness-oriented healers, authors and companies at the upcoming Nutrition, Aesthetics, Vitality, Efficacy, Life, (NAVEL) expo www.navelexpo.com 

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    The Inferno, Economy & the Sun (damage)

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    Analogies are great as I suppose it helps us connect multiple things and supposedly clarify...clear as mud.  However, I couldnt help but think how the current inflammatory fire in America came to be. It is not only intertwined with our economics pursuits but its character parrelels one another.  So biochemical and economical issues both come about on the basis of desire and/or ignorance.  Tune in to listen to my comparisons and contrasts and more importantly how to resolve them.

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    Sterling's New App....the 411 !!!

    in Health

    Sterling's new application to read the 23 and me raw data is now available. On Monday, February 16, 2015 at 8 PM Eastern Dr. Jess Armine will interview IT guru Peter Santamaria who is the IT support for sterling's new application.

    The new app is 50 pages in length and encompasses 825 polymorphisms together with biochemical pathway drawings and an advanced method of searching for polymorphisms that are of interest. This app is the premier application on the market today.

    Pete will explain how to download your raw data from 23 and me, explain how to obtain your genetic polymorphisms from this new app and all the features of this new application like being able to search polymorphisms via conditions (autism, MCAD, ADD, etc.) or by SNP and how to use the biochemical pathway drawing provided.

    Pete will explain the technicalities of the new app and Dr. Jess Armine will be on hand to explain any clinically related questions.

    Remember, you can get the new application by going to mthfrsupport.com and if you use the promo code "NewReport" you can save $20 on the price of the application. This promotion is good until February 22, 2015.

    Looking forward to having it explained and knowing all the functionalities of the new app myself!

    Dr. Jess :-)


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    HH • Exploring the Many Facets of Love and Affection

    in Health

    Is SEX an emotional or biochemical response?   Actually it's both but biochemistry controls the festivities.  

    Sex perpetuates our species, adds spice to life and is a hot topic of gossip in our society; it is an important issue for millions of people.


    Why does love go Wrong?  What does chocolate have to do with it?  How to know when to let go!  Find out who  is really compatible with you!  Is YOUR Love Life falling apart?


    We will be offering suggestions that may support a better love/sex life.  So Tune- In to Tune-Up.  

    Optimal Health through BioAcoustic Vocal Profiling is the wave of the future. 

    A SexFactor software will be given away to one of our listeners

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    The 12 cell salts are considered to be necessary to our health, and I have found over the years that the salts corresponding to the Ascendant and sign on the 6th house are very important in our biochemical workings.

    Today we discuss the twelve sign types in relation to Biblical symbolism, and also combines information from the Kabbalah, masonic texts, eastern and western philosophy, to trace the spiritual symbolism of the signs. She then shows how the twelve basic biochemical remedies work with the sign types. According to Carey and Perry, astrology deals with the body (anatomy) of the Grand Man (the universe), and by analogy, with the human body as it relates to astrological symbolism. The authors bring back to contemporary astrology students the ancient symbolism that was once common knowledge to astrologers.

    He identified twelve biochemic minerals present in every cell of the human body. A correct balance of these minerals must be maintained for the proper functioning of body tissues.

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    Why Guess? When You Can Know! What Health Looks Like On The Inside.

    in Health

    Join Dr. Cherilyn Lee and guest Steven Litvak as they discuss key components in evaluating and maintaining nutritional health and wellness.The QurEcology™ Biochemical Wellness Analysis recognizes and assesses interactions within the body and provides a roadmap that uncovers nutritional and metabolic system deficiencies. The 14 biomarker assessment promotes lifestyle changes as well as the targeted use of essential nutritional support that provides specific corrections to bring the body back into balance. This allows one to focus on creating wellness instead of dealing with sickness … to help get well and stay well, to prevent disease, and to have more energy and vitality.




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    Africa On The Move

    in Radio

    Join "Africa ON The Move" on Sundays Evening from 7 - 9 p.m. est. This program will highlight the topic: "Ebola...Are They Tell Us The Truth?" On Sunday, October 26, 2014, we will raised critical questions that are not be raised by the western media and the U.S. government, such as: Whay have the U.S. Government acquired a patient for the Ebola virus? Where did the virus really begin and when? Why is there not a cure for this virus? Why send soliders to address a medical crisis?  What is the relationship betwen the various viruses of Ebola, Bird Flu and Anthrax?  We will speak "truth to power" and "liberation over oppression." Join us by lisening in at (323) 679-0841, or go online at: www.blogtalkradio.com/africa-on-the-move.

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    How chemicals are altering our microbiome, hormones, and immune systems

    in Health

    Dr. Kevin Passero and his special guest Tom Malterre will be discussing how chemicals are altering our microbiome, hormones, and immune systems and what that means to our health.

    Tom Malterre, MS, CN, received both his Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Nutrition from Bastyr University and is licensed by the state of Washington as a certified nutritionist. Tom travels throughout the United States and Canada lecturing at conferences on topics such as vitamin D, gluten intolerance, and digestive health. He empowers people through classes, seminars, and private counseling with his insight and depth of knowledge on the biochemical interactions within our bodies, and their relationships to our diet.

  • NWO Presents Behind Enemy Lines with Carla V. " The Horrifying Truth"

    in News

    Join Carla V. and guests, as they discuss the tactics that the elite use to shock and horrify America into relinquishing their rights and freedoms. From biochemical warfare to false flag attacks, learn what the government is hiding, why they are hiding it, and what you can do to stop them, before it is to late. Learn how you can protect yourself and your family against the powers that be and take back our great nation. This is a show that you will not want to miss!!! 

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    NWOTRMassMedia Behind Enemy Lines with Carla V.

    in Current Events

    Join Carla and guests, as they discuss the iminate terror, we face as a nation. Hear true life accounts of the terror, invented and introduced by the U.S. government. Learn of unfathomable plans to destroy you and your family, through biochemical warfare. Learn of the division they are creating to make us weaker as a people. Above all, learn how to fight back. You will not want to miss this informative episode, full of news you can use. See you there!

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    HH • Escaping Emotional Abyss

    in Health

    Wouldn't it be an incredible if your feelings of depression could be explained  as a biochemical issue; not an emotional weakness.  Science has proven that emotions can be created and managed using nutrients and other biochemicals that can be identified using BioAcoustic software.  Is anything stressing you?

    Join us on our next Happy Hour as we evaluate the vocal frequencies of listener volunteers in terms of the biochemistry that keeps us happy and balanced.

    The first step toward biochemical harmony for those who want to create optimal function for their lives; an informative lesson for those who want to increase their foundation of BioAcoustic Biology and Sound Health

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