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  • Dynasty Pulse |by DFW| featuring Bill Cervi

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    Join Nick Wagner and Josh Johnson for the Dynasty Pulse Podcast presented by the DYNASTYFOOTBALLWAREHOUSE.COM

    "Get your Dynasty team in shape with us." -DFW

    "..because building a dynasty is the reason you started playing fantasy football." -DFW

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    Dynasty Pulse Presents the DFW 2015 Rookie Extravaganza : Part II WR Showcase

    in Sports

    Sir William Cervi and Dynasty Pulse co-host Josh Johnson got together to peel through another massive WR Class.

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    Dynasty Pulse Presents the DFW 2015 Rookie Extravaganza!

    in Sports

    With the NFL draft two weeks away four DFW prospectors gathered to share their rankings and debate each other with civility. Dan "Burgandy" Heins, Sir William Cervi and Dynasty Pulse co-host Josh Johnson brought their offense ranks at each skill position. There was some opinionated differences. Bruce "FatKat" Kimbrough also stopped in to enlighten the boys about his Top 10 IDP options in the draft.

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    Between the Barrels Joined by Sherry Cervi

    in Radio

    It's safe to say that we are THRILLED to have 16 X WNFR Qualifier and 4X World Champion Sherry Cervi join host Madeleine Green on Between the Barrels THIS WEEK!!!

    She is an amazing rider...person....and role model to those both young and old in the barrel racing industry....and rodeo industry as well!!!

    Tune in to hear Sherry talk about rodeo.... the breeding side of things...and what she does to overcome adversity and get out of RUT'S!!!

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    IndieReview Behind The Scenes's TNB Spotlight w/ Author Lisa Binion

    in Entertainment

    Hello Everyone welcome to IndieReview Behind The Scenes segment The News In Books Spotlight! Tonight the TBN Editor Author Lisa Binion will discuss "Confusing Words"...the discussion is to aide writers with tips and techniques for better writing!

    The News In Books: The News in Books is a site dedicated to communicating to you about books and anything that has to do with books. You can find out the latest releases, book tours, freebies, bargains, and events.

    Contact Website: http://www.thenewsinbooks.com/

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    Electrifying/Shocking Testimony by Prophetess Binion

    in Spirituality

    Listen to The International Show Setting The Captives Free with Host Kim Henderson & Special Guest Prophetess Binion as she gives her Electrifying/Shocking Testimony on how God spared her life from being struck by lightening.   So tune in as she will encourage you to KNOW that God loves you,  God cares about you and God wants to be your JEHOVAH-ROPHEKA (The Lord My Healer)! God wants to be JEHOVAH-SHAMMAH (The Lord is Present/There), JEHOVAH-ROHI (The Lord My Shpherd), JEHOVAH-SHALOM (The Lord My Peace)     Listen to STCF every Thursday @ 9:45pm on Big Gospel Xpress 1570AM you can hit us up live by going to www.gospel1570.com or www.kimhenderson.org Sponsorship/advertising opportunities available on STCF contact Kim Henderson,  via email settingthecaptivesfree@yahoo.com or facebook

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    Titus 2 Tuesday with Keva Renee & NIA ALLEN

    in Spirituality

    Worship Your Way Thru It Series Begins with NIA ALLEN
    A Little about Nia Allen…
    Her music is to describe the sound of pure, passionate worship. She sings with a heartfelt conviction that exudes her zeal for God and compels listeners into a genuine worship experience. Nia is one of this generation’s fresh talents leading the way in praise and worship. Having a universal appeal, her music is honest, uplifting and captivating to the soul. She is truly something special and her ministry will impact the lives of many.

    Nia is a graduate of Berklee College of Music where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Music Education. Since her years at Berklee, Nia has garnered the attention of some of the top artists and producers in the industry. She has traveled as a background vocalist for Nicole C. Mullen, CeCe Winans, David and Nicole Binion and many others. She is a recurring guest artist on TBN’s Praise the Lord program, and is continually gaining national and international exposure within the realm of Praise and Worship. Nia has led worship for CeCe Winans “Always Sisters Forever Brothers” youth conferences, Women of Faith’s national conferences, and she has led worship for the National Worship Leader’s Conference comprised of 3,000 Worship Leaders from all around the world. Her gift of setting an atmosphere with the presence of God is undeniable, and truly exudes her love for the Father!

    Currently Nia resides in Nashville, TN where she just received her Masters of Divinity from Vanderbilt University. Nia plans to continue traveling, teaching, and ministering in song around the country to diverse audiences, and one day hopes to lead worship internationally!

    For more information on Nia Allen please visit www.niaallenmusic.com

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    Testimony by Prophetess Binion/struck down by lightning

    in Christianity

    Listen to The International Show Setting The Captives Free with host Kim Henderson & special guest Prophetess Binion  as she give continues her Electrifying/Shocking Testimony oh how God spared her life from being struck down by lightning.  Tune in as she will encourage you to KNOW that God loves you.  God cares about you and god wants to be your JEHOVAH-ROPHEKA (The Lord  My Healer).  God wants to be JEHOVAH-SHAMMAH (The Lord is Present/There), JEHOVAH-ROHI (The Lord My Shepherd), JEHOVAH-SHALOM (The Lord My Peace).
    Listen to STCF every Thursday @ 9:45pm on Big Gospel Xpress 1570AM you can listen live by going to www.gospel1570.com or www.kimhenderson.org 
    Sponsorship/advertising opportunities available on STCF contact Kim Henderson,
    via email settingthecaptivesfree@yahoo.com or facebook

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    True Cowboy Radio catches up with Cervi Championship Rodeo!!

    in Sports

    Tonight on True Cowboy Radio with Katie Bartlett were catching up with Binion Cervi, of Cervi Championship Rodeo, talking all things stock contracting, bronc, bulls and more!!!


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    Independent Black Farmers Speak Out Against Discrimination by the USDA

    in Family

    The Independent Black Farmers held a Press Conference in Town Creek, AL. at the farm of Mr. Michael Stovall, a Black farmer who has been fighting the USDA for 20 years.

    Robert R. Binion a Black farmer from Clanton, Al., spoke at the press conference and he said that he prevailed in the Pigford lawsuit and was told if you were paid $50,000, you would receive “injunctive relief”.  However, according to Mr. Binion he does not know of one farmer who prevailed that was given “injunctive relief.” He said, “We were talking about $200,000 cash money for each farmer but we accepted this low ball figure of $50,000 in this consent decree only because we expected to get ‘injunctive relief’ — proper servicing on USDA programs and loans after the lawsuit. 

    Mr. Stovall’s chicken houses have been sitting empty for 12 and one half years. Mr. Stovall has been in and out of court suing the USDA for 20 years in which there has been numerous findings of discrimination and breaches of contracts but nothing has been done. The Justice Department seems to be working for the USDA, not for the farmers.  Mr. Stovall said, “The Justice Committee must investigate the USDA and the Department of Justice.  I have been denied loans to purchase farms. I have had a contract to purchase a cattle farm, but the seller reneged after I had bought the cows. 

    Mr. Ferrell Oden has been fighting the USDA for 6 years. He applied for a loan to set up a fish farm. He was denied and the farm was sold to another white farmer. Mr. Oden said, “I filed a complaint of discrimination at USDA headquarters in DC. Then in 2009 the national USDA office told the local USDA office in Alabama that I had complained.

    Please join Host Antoinette Harrell and her special guests: Michael Stovall, Ferrell Oden.

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    What is the Prophetic?

    in Religion

    Join Prophetess Tina Phillips from White Pearl Ministries and Prophetess Dr. Phalese Binion from the Westside Ministers Coalition and owner of God's Glory Rings as we explore the prophetic, it's purpose and importance in the kingdom of God.