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    Season 3 Week 5 "Big Games Around the League"

    in Sports

    This week there are some major games that headline our schedule for week 5. The defending champs play host to the Bills, The Skins go to Lambou and play the Packers, the Cowboys play host to the Skins are just a few of the important games in our league. The Falcons and their rival Panthers go at it again, after their last battle ended with a 7 point victory for the Falcons. In this league nothing is for sure, so you must always be on your best. Play hard, have fun, and always respect your opponent.

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    Episode 5- Your Shadow Purpose

    in Motivation

    What is your purpose?  What are you supposed to be doing with your life?  There has to be more to life than work, bills and dying, right?

    Join your host and Spiritual Connector Jamie Pritchard with his special guest Tyrone Matheson and learn how Tyrone made the transition from the day to day grind to living his purpose in life.

    Tyrone will share with our listeners 5 questions that he asked himself which when answered allowed him to make the transition from living to being. 

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    DTongRadio.com presents... 'Conversations' w/ Fiverr top seller Allie Madison

    in Entrepreneur

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    'Educate Your Vote' on Kickstarter

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    DTong welcomes special guest Allie Madison to the show for another edition of 'Conversations'.  Allie is a writer, actress, model, and top seller on the growing website Fiverr.com.  We'll talk to Allie about her journey into entrepreneurship & freelancing.  We'll also discuss her future on Fiverr, how to use Fiverr to earn income, & how Allie balances life, school, her social life, all the while maintaining success on Fiverr. Check her out at: http://www.youtube.com/alliemadison12

    Also check out the show at DTongRadio.com, iTunes, TuneIn, Stitcher, Spreaker, & more!

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    When God Asks You To Wait...

    in Spirituality

    For some of us the act of waiting is pure torture.  In a world of instant everything the art of patience is almost nonexistent.  Yet, what happens when God asks us to wait?  We bow the knee and pour our hearts over our children, bills, health, homes, aging, safety, jobs, and even our past and God uses four letters to test our trust in Him... WAIT.  

    In other words, God is asking us to rest entirely in the truth that we can depend on Him.  We know Him so well, converse with Him so much, that we believe with all of our hearts that God will take care.

    Listen to this discussion on waiting on God to make a move.

    Workbook Reference: Book 2 - 40 Days Prayers and Devotions to Revive Your Experience with God by Dennis Smith

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    Daily Gogetemism #268 Dealing With The Heat Of The Summer

    in Lifestyle

    Not just the temperature but all the other pressures that come alond with the summertime. Pressure to attend cookouts, vacations, functions and get togethers. Dealing with people's attitudes due to the heat and just plain ole sweating and whatnot. And those damn cooling bills! Let's talk about it.

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    DTongRadio.com presents... an All Independent Music Weekend Playlist

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    Almighty Infamous 'Right Now'

    Cupid X 'Stop The Duke'

    Maggie McGovern 'Farewell'

    The Last Don 'Dollar Bills'

    TK 'I Dont Know'

    Concept Man 'XRay'

    SE2C 'I Dont Listen'

    Invisible Triangles w/ a Back2Back

    Whiskey Guns & Guitars 'Toasted Jam'

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    Salloum w/ a 'Back2Back'

    Guaranteed Song Play & Promotion: http://goo.gl/4aD98w

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    FSP: AFC East, Women's World Cup Semi's

    in Football

    On this episode of FSP, Vic and Jerry will discuss the AFC East. Will the Patriots come out of the blocks stumbling due to Brady gate? Can Todd Bowles bring the Jets back to the promise land? Will Rex Ryan and Lashaun McCoy run the Bills back to the days of the 90's as a dominate team? Can Suh and the Dolphines make it to the playoffs? Plus, the U.S. Women's National Team has made it to the semi finls of the World Cup, can they defeat Germany's team to advance? That and more on Fantasy Sports and Politics. You can always go to www.SpotOnRadios.com for continuous streaming of this and all other programing.

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    The NFC North Preview - Next Fan Up - 6/27/15

    in Football

    PodVader and the SuperFans present the preseason preview of the NFC North!

    Bills SuperFan applications have come in and we have a new Cardinals SuperFan.

    Quick update on Tom Brady's hearing.  

    Jumping into the preview, Packers still the king of the division? Tom, Bears SuperFan, chimes in (after a note from Vikings SuperFan, Davey) that the Packers crown is riding solely on the health of Aaron Rodgers. Perhaps the Lions can compete for the moldy piece of cheese and be more balanced on offense according to Adam. It's a long rebuilding project for the Bears as Tom says Jay Cutler is the worst QB in the division. Watch the Vikings make the leap this year as Adrian Peterson returns with a chip on his shoulder and possibly 2000 yards.

     Getting into the position comparisons, interesting how deep the QBs and RBs are in the NFC North. Pod says not only do the Packers have the best WR corps, they have the best WR in Jordy Nelson over Calvin Johnson.  Don't sleep on Alshon Jeffery.  Pod tried to gloss over the Oline, but the SuperFans keep him in check. 

    On Defense, lots of changes in Detroit but Adam isn't worried.  Tom says he's drinking the offseason Kool-Aid, and admits (AGAIN) that the Bears are last in the division.  Nobody other than Adam really likes their defense. Mike Zimmer is the right coach for the Vikings D.

    The way too early record predictions.

    Keep applying and send questions: nextfanup@gmail.com

    Tweet: @nfupodcast



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    in Comedy

    Am I the only one left alive that KNOWS you have to WORK AND PAY for the life you want to live??? Nothing is free, nothing is owed to you! You want to be a parent then you have to support the child!!! By that I mean financially, emotionally, physically and that is to continue until the child is grown! I'm sick of all you spoiled bitches acting like you can stay fucked up and not keep a job and not pay your own bills and expect to have it handed to you! When it's not you start throwing fits and acting like illiterate cavemen who can't even form a rational sentence!!! You're all disgusting and pathetic, end rant

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    " Season 3 Week 4 "Even though its early, every game is important"

    in Sports

    The Rams are leading the pack once again, but this time the Seahawks are right on his trail and these 2 will meet twice during the season. The Falcons are on fire with their pass game, while their divisional foe Saints are 3-0 and have a tough Seattle team in town this week. The Bills have changed division coming from the NFC West to the AFC East but the wins continue to pile up. The Colts are in front in the AFC South, while the Browns are udefeated and in first in the AFC North. There are a bunch of teams that are dangerous at 2-1, The Cowboys, Redskins, Packers, Vikings, Chiefs, Titians, and a slew of others. Even the teams who have gotten off to tough starts are very competitive. This league is tough and every win is key, and whoever makes the right adjustments will ultimately come out on top. 

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    Don't Worry ! Stop Complaining !

    in Radio

    how many of us spend more time complaining about your problems? Do you really believe thing will improve from doing this? It is my belief that problems exist for us to overcome them. I know that in many instances progress is slow but,that doesn't  mean we should give up or quit. We must have faith. Which means we must believe in ourselves.

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