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    Nadine Hays Pisani’s Happier Than a Billionaire

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    Nadine Hays Pisani, a native of Elizabeth, New Jersey, who attended Rutgers University, resides in Costa Rica with her husband and dog, Clementine. Nadine is the author of the best-selling series, Happier than a Billionaire.

    She shares her weekly adventures on her blog: www.happierthanabillionaire.com where she writes, “All I can tell you is that I was one of those individuals who was burnt out from the rat race. Maybe that was my addiction as well. It’s easy to become a workaholic. It can sneak up on you disguised as the American Dream. The interesting thing about my journey is that I still have a strong work ethic, however it has taken on a more creative form. What I have discovered is that when I do creative things, work no longer feels like work: I finally feel like I have a life that fits.”

    When not writing, you can find her at the beach, on the back of a scooter, or frantically tossing scorpions out of her bed. Join her  on her blog as she navigates living as an expat in the sometimes confusing, always beautiful, country of Costa Rica.

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    Billionaire Buck live on MyRealTalkRadio

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    Hosts: Jamel, Diamond and Flash Gotti

    #MyRealTalkRadio Interviews....

    West-Coast Hip-Hop Artist: Billionaire Buck

    Bringing to life the popular audio, Billionaire Buck delivers the highly-anticipated visual release of his hot single, "Around Da Way". Sparing no expense for this theatrical approach, the video reflects the real-time presence Buck has in the streets of Los Angeles and difference between him and his peers on many levels. Showcasing the indie strength that rivals most of the majors, Buck is making a bold statement with this refreshing look. The visual presentation was brought to you by rising star director David Ortiz and shot on location throughout the City of Angels. It's no secret that many have known Buck to  been recognized as the next breakthrough to come out the West Coast. This new look only guarantee that prediction. 

    "Around Da Way" single and video available NOW on iTunes!


    Twitter/Facebook: @MYREALTALKRADIO

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    The Billionaire Mindset (Reloaded)

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    Tonight's guest on the "Know Thyself Radio Show" is Dr. Ali Yasin from the Billionaire Mastermind Forum. Mr. Yasin tells a story of humble beginnings. He tells a story "from rags to riches. His story demonstrates that the power of the mind is stronger than your surroundings!

    Reality is an illusion. Look around you. Everything that you see was once a thought in somebody's mind. They took that thought from the spiritual world and manifested it in the physical world! Now that's alchemy!

    Join Queen Hatshepsut and I tonight on the "Know Thyself Radio Show" as our guest, "Mr. Ali Yasin shares with us how the power of the mind along with persistence pays off.

    Learn more about Ali Yasin and the "Billionaire Mastermind Forum at http://billionairemastermindforum.com/ 


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    Asset Controlled Wealth The Making Of A Billionaire Mindset

    in Education

    Dr Ali Yasin will reveiw the mindset of millionaire and billionaires

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    Setting Up A Billionaire Master Mind Group

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    The Mastermind concept was introduced in the book Think and Grow Rich in the early 1900’s.  Author Napoleon Hill described it as “The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people who work toward a definite purpose in the spirit of harmony.”  In Part 2 of his video series, “Think and Grow Rich Master Keys”, he states that by using the mastermind principle, you can accomplish in 1 year what would take a lifetime to accomplish without it.

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    Asset Control Wealth Creating The Billionaire Mindset Movement

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    facebook.com/billionairemastermindforum visit our site and join the movemnt


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    Billionaire Master Mind Asset Control Wealth Part 2

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    Dr. Ali “Go Rich Dad” Yasin has his doctoring in philosophy and theology from CCI International University and is the cofounder with and host of  The www.Billionairemasterforum.Com .  a daily online morning inspirational talk show. Dr. Ali has created the status of a self-made millionaire, in the Network Marketing industry, he dropped out of high school at the age of 17, and was driven by his burning desire to get rich. Dr. Ali bought a one-way bus ticket from his humble beginnings on a small farm in North Carolina to pursue a millionaire lifestyle in New York, the “City of Opportunity.” 

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    Speak Dreams with Billionaire PA

    in Entrepreneur

    I recently met this amazing young man at a Les Bown event and fell in love with him.

    Join me as I discuss having a Wealthy Mind with Special Guest The Billionaire P.A..

    These don’t sound like the words of a young entrepreneur, from Alabama, but they are. A total class act- “Billionaire P.A” is the Founder & CEO of Wealthy Minds Inc., Wealthy Minds
    Entertainment, Wealthy Minds Clothing, & Wealthy Minds Speak Dreams. Wealthy Minds revolution was created to inspire people to think through their faith, keep their eyes on the prize and look beyond their day-to-day realities. His main objective is to inspire over a billion people to speak their dreams into existence and develop a wealthy mind.

    His gifts as a TV/Film producer and writer have catapulted him to great success in a short amount of time. He made his entrance into the entertainment industry as an intern at BET Networks in 2007. His focused determination has given way to the completion of producing over 100 projects within a year with notable networks and celebrities such as, BET, MTV, VH1, TV One, Spike TV, Wealthy Minds Entertainment, Skee TV, and FGW Productions; Debbie Allen, Lil Wayne, Eddie Murphy, Kanye West, Keri Hilson, Jamie Foxx, Denzel Washington and Quincy Jones. “Billionaire P.A.’s” passion for helping others and inspiring those around him to think big, led to the development of his first book entitled, “Wealthy Minds” by Billionaire P.A. The book, still in production stages, will include 366 powerful quotes that will inspire and motivate the world to cultivate wealthy minds and speak dreams into existence.

    For more info. visit: www.WealthyMindsClothing.com

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    H.M.E Radio Season 6 ep 43 Presents Rick Ross Hood Billionaire

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    HOOPGIRLZ RADIO 3.2.15 S5Ep#2 Hot Topics:Lebron vs Harden/D.Rose/MJ Billionaire

    in Sports

    Lebron vs Harden

    kobe documentary

    Derek Rose familiar story of past players plagued by injury or nah

    What Player today could break Wilt Chamberlain's 100pt record

    MJ Billionaire



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    Think Like a Billionaire & Don't Marry for Love … All on Read My Lips Radio

    in Lifestyle

    READ MY LIPS' akaRadioRed goes beyond the typical blah-blah-yada-yada canned interview, engaging multiple guests in spontaneous conversations.


    Ready to "Think Like A Billionaire"? First learn what billionnaires do every day [that you can do, too], then how they invest, and how they reduce tax liability. Meet Rich Davis, a leading Financial Intelligence expert who helps people increase their Financial IQ  – or "FQ". A trusted adviser to ultra-wealthy individuals, Rich is an emerging fund manager, overseeing highly profitable real asset holdings across North America.


    Why do so many smart people marry the wrong person? Relationship expert and life coach Daphna Levy says, "Marrying for Love Is A Mistake."  She will explain why and offer two "vital rules" that will "guarantee" you'll never again get divorced or be dumped. Daphna also shares the most reliable compatibility test ever, dispels the "soul mate myth" and helps you figure out if your Valentine is a keeper, sleeper, or weeper. Her book: Picking Right – The Singles' Guide to Finding the Right Match".

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