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    Diving in with Dyl, guest Bill Ladson

    in Sports

    Bill and I discuss the Nats rough patch in St. Louis and how that series might have changed the team for the rest of the season, if the criticism Matt Williams has been recieving the past two weeks has been fair, and Ryan Zimmerman's incredible hot streak the past month.

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    in Politics

    GO`S Live! at 6 pm PAC, 9:00 pm EST every Tuesday &Wednesday & Thursday on BlogTalk Radio. Check us out! The next THE BIKERS OF AMERICA (THE PHIL and BILL SHOW) will be on Tuesday, SEP / 1 / 2015 at 6pm Pacific and 9pm Eastern. as Well As Thursday SEPT / 3 / 2015 night`s 6pm Pacific and 9pm Eastern. Hits Like a bored and stroked big V-twin is the hardcore biker right's talk show that will shift the thoughts and minds of all! Screwdriver is a member of Bikers of Lesser Tolerance, which is a "No Compromise" philosophy that rights cannot ever be negotiated and the west coast Representative of B.A.D (Bikers Against Discrimination) & Bill Kennedy of Kennedy's Custom Cycles !!! Join us each week as we give you straight talk on what is happening to Bikers on the Left Coast along with what YOU can do to join the cause! Tune in and check us out..!!!!

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    Purposed 4 Godliness on Saturday Mornings w/ Min. Daffany Smith

    in Christianity

    Grab a cup of coffee, your journal and Bible, and join me for a time of prayer renewal and refreshment. Effectual Fervent Prayer this weekend

    Purposed 4 Godliness Friday & Saturday 9/4-5 @ 8:30 a.m. Sunday 9/6 @ 8:00 a.m. PDT.This is a powerful time of prayer Call in & join me w/your prayer requests 347-989-0144

    Purposed 4 Godliness & Purposeful Worship on blogtalk radio w/Min. Daffany Smith

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    Kingdom Culture w/Willie & Debbie Landy

    in Christianity

    Kingdom Culture w/Willie and Debbie Landy will help you understand the process of God in that it has always been God's purpose that man would live in the image and likeness, the character and power of God as He shares dominion with mankind.  The Culture of the Kingdom is a culture of love and submission to God, love for oneself and for your neighbor as well as for your enemies.  Living Kingdom Culture is living according to the Word of God by the power of the Spirit of God through the grace God has provided for us to succeed at life on His terms.

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    Golf Talk Live - Featuring the founders of ILDC - Rick Benoit & Bill Stark

    in Golf

    Welcome to Golf Talk Live's - 2 Hour Special!

    This week Coaches Corner takes a break as I welcome the founders of ILDC (International Long Drive Challenge), Rick Benoit & Bill Stark as they prepare for: ILDC's - 6th Annual Canadian National Championship.

    Join us along with some of the great Long Ball Hitters, Sponsors & Supporters of ILDC, Michelle Sheptak, Bram Churchill, Lisa Vlooswyk,Stephen Lowe, Ron Lampman,Sean Allen, Connor Haddaway,Chris Mason, Niilo Schonfeld, Fareen Samji,Daryl Braniff, Bobby Peterson

    Here's more about Rick, Bill & ILDC :

    The ILDC was formed in 2010 by Bill Stark, Linda Langerak and Rick Benoit. Bill and Rick have been involved in the sport of Long Drive since 2000, and that is where they first met. Since that date they have competed in several competitions around the world and have an incredible desire to compete in long drive. In 2010 Rick and Bill felt that is was time to do something more for the sport of long drive since it had given them so much joy over the previous 10 years. However, they didn't want to just hold yet another event they wanted to create something special for the athletes and their families.

    Golf Talk Live is available at iTunes.com, and Stitcher.com.

    Join us LIVE - Thursday at 6PM CST right here on GolfTalkLive.

  • Man Rise Up Radio w. Ed Womack

    in Self Help

    We are delighted to welcome The Marino Group out of Detroit, MI this week. The Marino Group is dedicated to positive youth development while promoting personal responsibility and community involvement. They provide individualized mentoring, counseling and educational resources. They specialize in lighting the pathway to success for troubled children, They are a Beacon of Hope for returning citizens and substance abusers. They are highly decorated with numerous Community Service Awards.

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    Jumah Prayer: Rebroadcast of Imam Khalifah Ramadan(RA)/ Audio of Imam W. Deen Mo

    in Religion

    Jumah Prayer: Rebroadcast of Imam Khalifah (RA) / Audio lecture of Imam W. Deen Mohammed (RA)

    1st 45 Minutes: Rebroadcast of Jumah Prayer by Imam Khalifah Ramadan (RA)!

    2nd 2 Hours/15 Minutes: Audio lectures of Imam W. Deen Mohammed (RA)

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    UDL: Imam Mohammed (ra) "Be A People With A Vision Into The Future" 5/27/84

    in Education

    “What challenges man the most? There are different times and circumstances challenge different people differently.  Allah has given us instruction for every time and situation but it requires sincerity.  As the Holy Quran says “Never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change what is bothering their own souls.”

    People who are in an unfavorable situation (like Joseph and His Brothers) where they are dominated by a power, sometimes they try to get into the power by one logic, interest or strategy.  The story of Joseph tells us that we should not all “enter by one door”.  Why can’t the people of different interests work in their place as Allah says in the Quran?  Imam W. D. Mohammed (ra) “Malcolm Shabazz Masjid 5/27/84”

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    Kids Of The Kingdom w/Monica Young

    in Christianity

    Your children can now discover the mysteries of the Kingdom through Word, song and skits with Monica Young watch your children grow in their knowledge of the Word of God through this special program for the youth

  • "Life's Lessons & the Beautiful Struggle"....w/activist/author Andrea Walker

    in Motivation

    "Your struggle is a part of your story"....

    Join host, Rikki R. Jones and hear the story of a woman who "crawled out of the depths of abyss to being one of Philadelphia’s reigning women of entrepreneurship"-- mother, HIV/AIDS acitvist, podcaster & author of debut novel "A Beautiful Struggle"; Andrea Walker.... hear her story and be empowered....

    Join the conversation via phone

    347-826-9723 press the number one

    Or via Instant Message:


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    GYIT! & Felicia Harlow, The Heart Energy Specialist, w/part 2, A Heart Workshop!

    in Spirituality

    Join "Get Your, It Together!" as we present the impassioned meditative heart specialist in Felicia Harlow. Saturday, September 5, 2015 @ 10:am est. This Calm Heart Coach, workshop facilitator and heart rhythm meditation instructor, will share with REVELATION aka and GodIs L aka, as she’s the founder of Innergistics Life Development, LLC. This is a coaching and consultant company for inner transformation and growth, energetic heart awareness and empowerment. Embracing her heart’s potential to inspire others with theirs, she completed an intensive 2 year Master of Heart Studies program. She will conduct part 2 of "Does Your Heart Talk?" a Heart Workshop! Part 2 will include the the primary guidance system, what is calm heart, and what is HeartCare (TM) as the expansive heart energy balances through this major “shift." Felicia’s a former executive of major notoriety, with more than two decades of experience in the healthcare, self care and wellness industries. Her spiritual journey includes a level of sensitivity with compassion unlike any other consummate professional, as she supports women with the implementation and the establishment of lifelong practices of heart centered living to unleash the awesome power of the hearts electromagnetic field. The goal is to empower with clarity, resolve and purpose from the inside out, with the use of a customized creation known as HeartCare™. To learn more about the dynamic services that Felicia offers, please visit http://calmheartcoach.com or http://innergistics.com . The call in is #773-897-6555 pressing #1 to share in this warm, heartfelt workshop and the chat lines will be open at www.blogtalkradio.com/gyit