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    Your Employees Need To Think Like A Customer, Too.

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    Often, there's a huge disconnect between employees and Customers.  Even the best employees sometimes wish they didn't have any more Customers that day or complain that Customers are asking too many questions or other things that send out negative energy.

    On this episode, I'll share some things you can do to get all your employees on the same page and thinking like a customer.


    Join me tonight, Februrary 8th at 5:30 pm EST for another episode of Think Like A Customer Radio.

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    Think Like A Customer, Why Customers Leave.

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    Most small business owners think they know why Customers leave their business for someone else.  Do you?  Do you really know or are you just guessing?  Guessing is fine if you're playing a game, but running a small business is far from a game.

    Once you know why Customers leave, you can be certain to not do the things that turn your valuable Customers away.  In this episode, I'll share the six reasons Customers leave and what you can do to solidify your Customer base.

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    Think Like A Customer To Make More Money

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    We all wear two different hats.  One is the business owner and the other is the Customer.  We rarely put the Customer hat on when we're doing business owner stuff.  There is a huge opportunity to  make a lot of money in your business by thinking like your Customer thinks and making sure you give them what they want.

    Join me Monday, February 1st  at 5:30 EST to learn more.

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    How Does This Thing Work?

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    We've highlighted the five steps in thinking like a Customer in previous sessionsm so in this episode we'll begin to examine how these come together to make a difference in a small business.

    My clients have had excellent successes by implementing these principles and I'll share some of those stories with you, and share practical examples of how you can us them in your business.

    Tun in Monday at 5:30 pm, Eastern Time.

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    More Profits With Less Effort. Yes, It Is Possible.

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    All small business owners work hard.  That's a given.  Unfortunately they often put too much effort into rework or duplication and spend a lot of time on Customers that aren't a good fit for them and employees that really should be working elsewhere.

    Understanding who you are and what your business stands for is the foundation for success.  All five of the pieces are important to get you where you want to be.  I'll share real life success stories, and some fails, in this week's episode.

    Join me on Monday, January 18th at 5:30  pm Eastern time.

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    Think Like A Customer, Systems

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    Now that you've followed four of the five Think Like A Customer Success Principles and you're getting busier, how can you make time for YOU?  Being in business for yourself should be about freedom and if you're right out straight with your business right now, you don't want to be any busier without reducing the amount of time you need to put into the business.

    This is where systems come in.  In this episode we'll talk about the importance of systems, the many resources that are out there and ideas that I've come up with for clients to free up their time.  Join me on Monday at 5:30 pm Eastern.

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    Introduction to Think Like A Customer

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    Thinking like a Customer is a guarantee for success in small business, or any business. Understanding what's important to your Customer makes delivering what they want as easy as pie.  Actually easier, if you've ever tried to make a pie.

    This is our first broadcast, and we'll go over some of the topics we'll cover each week and I'll share some special guests that will be on future shows.

    With a long history of entrepreneurship and a nine year stint in corporate America at one of the premier Customer service companies, I'm uniquely qualified to help you take your small business to the next level.

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    Think Like A Customer, 80/20

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    The 80/20 prinicple has been around for decades, yet many small businesses don't use it to their benefit.  Understanding the importance of the priniciple and using that in you business can be extreemly valuable.

    It's extremely valuable to identify your best Customers and in a small business it can make the difference between success and failure.  Return on investment is the name of the game in any business and reaching out to your best Customers and marketing to potential Customers who share the same values as your 20% guarantees an excellent return on your investment.

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    Think Like A Customer, What Makes You So Special?

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    Many small business owners assume that they know why their Customers do business with them instead of their competition, but do they really know?

    There's a surefire way to find that out that I share with my coaching clients and I'll share it with you in this episode.

    Tune in to learn what this special secret is.

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    Think Like A Customer, Business Culture

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    Your business culture or core value is the foundation for everything you do in your business.  While it seems simple to create a core values statement, it takes some thought and a little help. In this episode, we'll go over the value of a culture statement and I'll share a couple of good examples.

    This is step one of the Think Like A Customer Five Step Success Formula.

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    Bill Packard - KICKASS Customer Service

    in Self Help

    Bill Packard was born in Camden, ME. and has lived in mid-coast Maine all his life,   so far. 

    Bill has combined starting four businesses from scratch, almost ten years as a manager in corporate America, and over fifty years as a Customer into a business to assist microbusinesses to retain a strong Customer base and add new Customers in affordable ways. 

    BPackard.com offers down to earth, common sense strategies to help entrepreneurs get a handle on their business and gain the freedom they deserve and work so hard for.

    Bill lives in Union with his wife Kathleen.  They have two grown children and two grandchildren.



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