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    George Springer, Bill O'Brien and new eras

    in Sports

    Astros rookie George Springer went off for 7 home runs in 7 games & appears to be the real deal. Of course, I haven't seen a bit of it because, yanno, the Astros aren't on television or anything. 

    Bill O'Brien appears to be good football coach. He might be overthinking a few things, though. 

    Also, I finished up my time at The Huntsville Item this week. I'm full time at The Conroe Courier now & I've got a few people to thank for the early success in my career. Not sure if I can thank them enough, but I'll take a Springer-like swing at it. 

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    Texan Talk; Moses Malone Remembered; Astros Still in The Hunt...and more!

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    After two full weeks of NFL regular season games, which teams and players are making names for themselves? I mean really making a statement? We'll talk about it with our NFL insiders on this week's show. We'll also check in with Bill O'Brien and the Houston Texans to see how that quarterback wheel is rolling along. 

    On to baseball... the regular season is winding down and the magic numbers are getting smaller and smaller. Are the Houston Astros back in control of their own destiny or does their September skid continue to roll? We'll check in with our Astros experts and find out. 

    NBA Hall of Famer Moses Malone's friends and family celebrated his life and legacy at Lakewood Church. Hear how was the 3-time MVP was best remembered. All of this and more on this week's show!




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    Texans Talk with Craig Shelton; Zina Garrison on Serena & U.S. Open & more...

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    It's only been one week, but Bill O'Brien and the Houston Texans' QB situation is already national news and not in a good way. After Brian Hoyer won the not so open Quarterback competition with the Texans, and O'Brien saying Hoyer would not be on a short leash... the journeyman QB was benched midway through the 4th quarter in the Texans opening loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. Huh? Yep, you heard me right... Billy O, yanked Hoyer with about six minutes left in the game  and gave Ryan Mallet the ball. After the game, O'Brien said he did what was in the bes inteest of the the team and needed time to watch the film before he could really say anything about the quarterback play. The next day, O'Brien kept with the best interest of the team theme and said "you'll have to wait until the first offensive series of the Carolina game to see who the quarterback will be." Huh? Oh okay. Well, according to a national reporter "sources say" Mallet with start Sunday. My colleague Carig Shelton joins me today to talk about this unnecessary drama and what it means for the team. We'll also look at what's happening around the NFL.                                          

    Over the weekend, NBA Hall of Famer and all around great guy Moses Malone died after suffering a heart attack. We'll look Malone's life on and off the court. He was truly a gentle giant,  an amazing player and person. Moses will certainly be missed.          

    And finally, Zina Garrison joins us to talk about Serena Williams and her U.S. Open loss. Garrison talks about the greatness of Serena and the pressure she undoubtedly felt. All this and more on this week's show! 

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    The week in review with Bill Katz, the editor of Urgent Agenda

    in Politics

    Guest:  Bill Katz, the editor of Urgent Agenda.......we will look back at the new Russian role in the Middle East.......how does the US react to President Putin's aggresive policies?  The latest jobs report was a major disappointment........President Obama's reaction to the Oregon shooting.......the latest from the campaign............GOP and Democrats get ready for more debates..will VP Biden miss the first Democrat debate?...

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    "Community Matters" This Week - 395

    in Self Help

    News Of The Week Show ~~ Please click on both these links to see our "News of the Week" for October - Week 1 from: LACP.org and NAASCA.org ~~ Join our founder and host, Bill Murray, co-hosts MJ Goyings, Carol D. Levine and other LACP & NAASCA family members, as they invite you to help them discuss the public safety and child abuse related news and crime stories of the week from each of our two national grassroots efforts, LA Community Policing and the National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse. Every day we carry new articles based on current events on both our web sites. Look for them daily in the lower grey portion of our home pages. To make things easy, we collect them all together for this, our two hour long Sunday show .. where community call-in participation is always welcome!

  • Guest: Photographer Hannah O'Brien.

    in Entertainment

    In her own words: "I'm somewhat restricted with being wheelchair / bed bound, but I don't want to let that prevent me from pursuing my passion.

    I adore all aspects of photography and look forward to continuing to delve deeper as time goes on.

    Film, portraits, food, landscape and live music photography are all aspects I'm eager to delve further into."


    Hannah O'Brien Photography


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    Oregon College Shooting Examined

    in Current Events

    Joe and Bill comment on the shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon. More gun control rhetoric from the White House. These staged false flags will be examined for their predictable nature.

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    Its Election Time: Its Time To Sign The Petition For Reform and Save Families

    in Family

    Should "The Deadbeat Parent Punishment Act" be revisited, reopened, revised and reformed and "demarcated" to help protect "Decent Disadvantaged Non Custodial Parent Obigors? 

    Go to this website to sign this petition...



    The message is clear to have dialogue about the Deadbeat Parent Punishment Act ("DPPA"). Does everyone deserve to be called out of their name a "deadbeat?

    Its election time and time for a new President to arise and this subject needs looking into, to uncover does everyone that pays child support fall under the " DPPA" catagory and what are some of the issues in child support that need officials attention?

    To demarcate the difference between decent people and deadbeat people when paying child support.
    To find another name to call people that can't pay child support.
    Does this "Act" violate the constitution under cruel and unusual punishment and involuntary servitude "Slavery?" 
    Is this "Act" unfair?

    We feel there is a catastrophy about to happen, if our elected officials don't view this systemic issue and reopen the "DPPA" and reconstruct this act that was signed in by President Bill Clinton in 1996. To give a way of escape to decent disadvantaged non custodial parent obligors; a chance to have protection and a cushion of relief from this act.

    If you agree with this campaign for change in the " Deadbeat Parent Punishment Act," for Decent Disadvantaged Non Custodial Parent Oblogors, please sign this partition, so we may have proof of other concerned citizens voices in this matter, when we visit in Washington DC.

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    10/4/15 The Real Story about Syria & The Arab Spring - Humanity Party™ (THumP™)

    in Politics

    Visit www.humanityparty.com

    Introducing a new American political party platform that offers a viable strategic alternative to the American governing system.

    #Life, #Liberty and the #Pursuit of #Happiness

     The greatest natural right of any human being is life itself.  There would be no humans without life; and there would be no life without #humans.  Plants and animals would exist just fine without humans, but they would never wonder about life nor contrive a word or language to define it.

     The unborn do not have a free-willed choice of life.  We are born by no fault or choice of our own.  We exist as result of the natural urges of the human species.  The support of human life, therefore, is the most important role of a fair and moral government.

     The current U.S. #Constitution contains what is known as the Bill of Rights.  The original Constitution did not list any constitutional rights.  It was not until later, after Congress began interpreting the Constitution incorrectly and immorally, that the American leaders realized that they had to include protection of individual rights or democracy would not work as it should.  Bluntly, democracy (where the voice of the majority rules) cannot work if there are five wolves and one sheep trying to figure out what to have for dinner.


    in Politics


     Live! goes live at 6pm PAC, 9:00pm EST every Tuesday & Thursday on BlogTalk Radio.

     Tuesday,SEPT / 29 / 2015 at 6pm Pacific and 9pm Eastern & Thursday OCT / 1 /2015

    Hits Like a bored and stroked big V-twin is the hardcore biker right’s
    talk show that will shift the thoughts and minds of all! Screwdriver is a
    member of Bikers of Lesser Tolerance, which is a "No Compromise" philosophy
    that rights cannot ever be negotiated and the west coast Representative of
    B.A.D (Bikers Against Discrimination) and Bill Kennedy of Kennedy’s Custom
    Cycles!!! Join us each week as we give you straight talk on what is
    happening to Bikers on the Left Coast along with what YOU can do to join
    the cause! Tune in and check us out!!!!

  • The LOA Blend with Alyssa & Liz

    in Spirituality

    The LOA Blend with Alyssa & Liz: One Part Numerology, One Part Channeling, ALL Intuition!

    Join your favorite intuitive numerologist Alyssa Banguilan and your favorite intuitive channel Liz as they discuss life and Law of Attraction with you and the Universal Energy Radio community.  Please call in with your questions and include your name and birth date; Alyssa & Liz will offer their insights and positive feedback....and just tell it like it is!  You can also email your question, name and birth date to LOAblend@gmail.com.

    To learn about our latest blended coaching program, please visit lawofattractionblend.com.