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    STR #169 02/11/14 STR News+

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    Are you busy tonight? Join us, you never know what'll happen!

    "The receipe for a good speech includes some shortening."  .. Anonymous

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    STR #166 01/14/14 S6e12 "Deep Cover" Recap

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    Welcome to STR! And Welcome Back to each of our regular listeners and "community of people" who generously share of their gifts and talents in a common love/appreciation/admiration for Stana Katic!

    Tonight we have a fun show planned just for YOU.. We'll start it off with an introduction of our newest member of the STR News Team. We are pleased to announce the addition of Lewis [in North Carolina] to be on air with Miah each week delivering the latest Stana news and there'll perhaps even be a bit of "extra news" each week you may be interested in ~ please help us make Lewis feel welcome [thank you].

    Zero doubt you'll hear a squeee with excitement throughout the show right along with each of you remembering and honoring both Stana Katic [Dramatic TV Actress - first win] / Castle [TV Crime Drama] for their perspective PCA wins. Forgive us, we can't help it!!

    Then, we'll have a special STRC [Correspondent] report by Vanessa in Paris and then move quickly to the STR Round Table to discuss "Deep Cover", written by Terrence Paul Winter and directed by Tom Wright.

    Here are the questions for tonight's STR Round Table:


    Photo credit/copyright: [BTR random order stream] ABC Studios/Network - PCA "Dramatic TV Actress", CBS Network, People's Choice Awards.

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    STR #165 01/07/14 S6e11 "Under Fire" Recap

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    Happy New Year! Welcome back to STR! WOW! #Castle started the new year off with a huge bang in last night's episode entitled "Under Fire", written by Andrew W. Marlowe/David Amann and directed by Paul Holahan.

    Hope you were able to watch it live ~ if not, please do! Would definitely love for your DVR watch to count in the numbers by Wednesday night, Live +3.. There were so many things/feels/emotions going on this episode that you might even want to rewatch it again before tonight's STR.

    PLUS! Yesterday, CBS announced WHOM would be attending the "People's Choice" awards on Wednesday, January 8th at 10|9c and that Stana Katic will be attending. Happiness ensued worldwide immediately! There even were photos taken of the seating [photo cards placed in seats]of where everyone with be seated which increased anticipation for this event. Basically, we ALL can't wait!! [place a gazillion more exclamation marks behind that sentence]

    Here's PCA's LIVE feed/link for you to watch the Red Carpet:


    Here's PCA's page where you can find the link to watch the show LIVE:http://www.peopleschoice.com/pca/

    Elena's [always awesome] STR Round Table questions can be found here:http://stanatalkradio.com/str-round-table/535-2/

    So, hopefully you can be formulating YOUR thoughts about last night's awesome episode and call/skype in to convey to all of us what YOU think about the question/situation/episode. Don't think you'll be too shocked if we take a moment to just squeeee together about the PCAs Red Carpet and in anticipation of a certain name in a certain female category! 

    Photo credit/copyright:[above in BTR random episode order] Castle ~ ABC Studios/Network

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    STR #162 11/26/13 S6e10 "The Good,The Bad,And The Baby" Recap

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    Castle, Beckett and a Baby!! Yep! Last night's episode of Castle entitled "The Good, The Bad, and the Baby" which was written by Terri Edda Miller and directed by John Terlesky ~ truly, a thanksgiving treat for Castle fans! What a perfect way to give the audience more insight on Caskett's future and how each character in the cast "feels" about babies when they are all thrown into a situation unexpectedly, especially Beckett, during the investigation of a murder. Only on Castle will you find multiple reasons to watch this awesome show.

    Elena has already posted tonight's STR Round Table Questions already so you'll have a chance the gather your thoughts and share what you think, we hope you'll join us for tonight's fun dicussion:


    Photo credit/copyright: ABC Studios/Network


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    STR #161 11/19/13 S6e9 "Disciple" Recap

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    OFF..THE..CHART AWESOME!! Is the best way to describe last night's episode of Castle on ABC, entitled "Dicisple" ~ written by David Amann and directed by Rob Bowman, both Executive Producers of the show. Here's Elena's "STR Round Table" questions for tonight to get your thoughts/theories formulated and ready to share:


    Photo credit/copyright: ABC Studios/Network

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    STR #155 10/10/13 CBGB Premiere NYC|S6e3"Need to Know" Recap

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    If you are a Stana Katic fan, you are thrilled with all of the opportunites to see Stana again this next week! 
    Monday, October 7th, Stana is scheduled to be on 'Good Morning America' and then as #Beckett in the third episode of Castle Season 6 [which was shown at Paley Center for Media to the fans last week] entitled "Need To Know".
    Tuesday, October 8th, Stana is scheduled to be on 'The Chew' and we'll get to see her "in the kitchen" with Carla Hall. Tuesday night is the NYC Premiere of 'CBGB The Movie' and she is scheduled to walk the red carpet. Gotta love those "Stana Tuesdays" ;)
    So, if you are in the NYC area and have the opportunity to see Stana in person, let us know about your fun experience. Stana fans are always thrilled to hear about other Stana fans interactions and enjoy fan-girling right along with you.
    On tonight's special Thursday night show, we'll review all of these FANtastic opportunities and have a recap discussion during the STR Round table of the Castle episode written by Elizabeth Beall and directed by Larry Shaw. Hope you'll be able to join us!
    Photo credit/copyright: ABC Studios/Network

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    STR #154 10/03/13 Paley|CBGB |S6e2"Dreamworld" Recap

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    Incredible! That is the best way to describe the past week in Los Angeles for the STR team. 
    Tonight we'll share with you our visit last Friday to CHLA and the joy you brought to this wonderful group of caregivers. Presenting your $2,000 check for the Literally Healing program was an amazing experience.
    Most of you were able to see/hear #Castle panel at 'Paley Center for Media" LIVE on Monday night right along with us. So,  we'll just share our fun experiences outside prior to the event. Think you might enjoy hearing how we eluded "zip tie cuffs"!
    Just before the STR Round Table we'll take you through our fan experience on the red carpet  attending the CBGB Premiere in Hollywood. Miah had a bird's eye view to see everything and everyone.
    The STR Round Table tonight will be focused on "Dreamworld" and not "Need To Know".. So, you might want to catch a quick rewatch before STR tonight to refresh your memory.  Hope to "see" you tonight.. it seems like for-ev-er since we've talked.
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