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    Tonight on 'The Boiler Room': International activist and Commedian Amer Zahr will be on the show to discuss why the negative views that some of us have toward Islam are wrong and bigoted. Given his Palestinian heritage, we'll also discuss with him the issues between Palestine and Israel. Listeners are encouraged to call in with questions and comments at 347-857-3847. Don't miss this intense debate!

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    EP14 "Bigotry/Hatred"

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    Gorilla Joe is back for another episode with the crew to discuss bigotry and hatred and how it roots from ignorance. 

    Austin Hairston - austin@gorillajoe.net
    Travis Sims - travis@gorillajoe.net 
    Sean Jenkins - sean@gorillajoe.net
    Nellz Fuller (Ashy) - ashy@gorillajoe.net
    Website - www.GorillaJoe.net
    Joe Email - askjoe@gorillajoe.net
    YouTube - www.youtube.com/user/AWordFromJoe
    Facebook - www.facebook.com/gorillajoe.net
    Twitter - www.twitter.com/TheGorillaJoe 
    Webstore - http://gorillajoe.spreadshirt.com
    Listen via - http://www.spreaker.com/user/gorillajoe

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    Race, Racists,Racism, Bigots and Bigotry in America

    in Politics Conservative

    Today we are going throught the definitions as well how they all play out in America and in American politics. What are the effects of these concepts on the a sucessful society?  I trust that you are ready for a frank, but rational discussion on what continues to be a central theme on the American landscape.

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    After Ferguson: Race & Class Bigotry @ Washington University IN St. Louis

    in Culture

    W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio: After Ferguson: Race & Class Bigotry @ Washington University IN St. Louis

    Featured Guest Bro. Chris Pepus

    REad His Article Class Bigotry @ Washington University in St. Louis: A Resignation: 



    Donate To "I AM Going To College Too!" Fundrasier:





    Support The W.E. A.L.L. B.E. 100,000 Strong Fundraising Campaign!!!



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    Anti-Muslim Bigotry and False Flag Operations

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    We will be discussing the rise in false flag operations, and how they are tied into the rising tide of anti-Islamic bigotry that is raging like wildfire in both the corporate media as well in several Western countries, where laws are being introduced to severely clamp down on what is deemed "Islamization." The killing of three Muslim students in North Carolina as well as past acts of anti-Islamic attacks, such as the Norway incident involving Anders Bearing Breivik are symtomatic of a growing culture of "Islamaphobia," that is both dangerous and unhealthy. We will be joined by a panel discussion about this dangerous element, including Kevin Barrett, who has been actively involved in putting out information to contradict the anti-Islamic lies of the establishment press and media as well yours truly, Syed Saboor, and other individuals.                                      




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    Bigotry, Hypocrisy, and Solidarity

    in Current Events

    New Orleans waiter who gave n-word receipt to African-American woman is fired
    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3095027/New-Orleans-waiter-fired-printing-N-S-customers-receipt.html#ixzz3b4TJcSdE

    Revealed: How 'hypocrite' Michelle Duggar compared transgender people to 'child predators' 12 years AFTER her own son admitted molesting young girls as they slept
    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3094711/How-hypocrite-Michelle-Duggar-compared-transgender-people-child-predators-12-years-son-admitted-molesting-young-girls-slept.html#ixzz3b4TRYx4a

    Teen dies of cancer weeks after she was escorted to high school prom by NFL player
    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3094528/Teen-loses-battle-cancer-weeks-escorted-prom-NFL-s-Sen-Derrick-Marks.html#ixzz3b4Tj0OCz

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    Anti-Social Behavior, Bigotry, Varg's Victory, w/ Valdus Leon

    in Education

    I discuss the current news stories of Varg Vikernes' victory in court, in which he received a suspended 6-month jail sentence and a fine of E8,000 ($10,000), and "nazi taxi driver" Gabriel Diaz, a Dominican-American of dark mestizo descent who is a national socialist, believing in and supporting Hitler's ideology.

    I advocate an end to bigotry within the white racial movement.

    Antisocial behavior is dissected and analyzed, resulting in startling conclusions.


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    More on Food Babe Garbage and Bigotry issues

    in Politics Progressive

    On the April 9, 2015 episode of Liberal Dan Radio: 

    The "Food Babe" is getting a lot of negative publicity this week with a well written article on Gawker that is clearly showing the idocy of her and her followers. A counter group called "Banned By Food Babe" is cited the article. And since both the Liberal Dan Radio twitter accound and my personal twitter account has been banned by one of the people contributing to the stupification of America, I fit right in. Sure we have some differences but if you have been blocked/banned by the "Food Babe" by all means check this group out .

    More information has come out about the Indiana law that would allow for anti-gay discrimination. I will further discuss this issue. 

    I will also be discussing the murder of Walter Scott. 

    Those issues, tweet of the week, headlines, and more on Liberal Dan Radio: Talk From The Left That's Right, Thursdays at 8pm Central on Blog Talk Radio. 

    Remember to please support the show by contributing to the Liberal Dan Radio GoFundMe page. 

    Finally, if you are listening after the live broadcast you can leave your comments on the show thread at LiberalDan.com. 

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    Bigotry: Your Next Caterer and Possibly Life Saving Doctor!

    in Radio

    I hope you had a Great Easter! I'm sure you went to Church to pay Homage to the Man you post about everyday on Facebook, right? Right? Who are we kidding. You hypocrites are the WORST kind. I find it so ammusing that your Power over other peoples lives is slowly diminishing. And you are making sure you cry about it every second of the ay. "We are under attack!" "Christianity is under attack!" Cry me a river. Ugh. You're halfway done with you "Christian" duties. Only attending Church on Christmas and you're done for the Year!

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    Indiana religious freedom law: Bigotry or defending the 1st Amendment?

    in Politics Conservative

    The new religious freedom law in Indiana has created massive controversy. What does the law really say? And should Indiana be punished for establishing it?

    The issue goes to the heart of the notion of civil rights. Who should be protected? How far should protections for gays be extended?

    RINO Hour of Power host Rick Moran and co-host Jazz Shaw will discuss these issues with Hot Air's Noah Rothman.

    The show streams live from 8:00 - 9:00 PM Eastern time. A podcast will be available shortly after the end of the show.