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    Squatchy Passages from The Bigfoot Casebook.

    in Paranormal

    The Bigfoot Casebook, by Janet & Colin Bord, has Some items of Interest to Those of us who call Whatcom County our habitat. Bookmarked Highlights and local delights galore for sure. Tune in and find out. This one's one for the books.

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    Gullah/Geechee Cultural Heritage Awareness Month and Southern Soul Sounds

    in Culture

    Tune in as Queen Quet, Chieftess of the Gullah/Geechee Nation (www.QueenQuet.com) and hostess of "Gullah/Geechee Riddim Radio" interviews southern soul blues artists, Jeff Floyd for "Gullah/Geechee Cultural Heritage Awareness Month."  Jeff Floyd will be the featured artist for the "2nd Annual Juke Joint Jam" during the Heritage Days Celebration on historic St. Helena Island, SC.   Jeff Floyd is a native of Jacksonville, FL in the Gullah/Geechee Nation.   Tune in as these two southern musical artists discuss the roots of soul music and the upcoming celebration.

    Disya da we sho-Gullah/Geechee Riddim Radio!

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    MAYDAY Headlines and Angry White Male Columnist Rick Beseda

    in Politics Conservative

    The government which was instituted for the people constantly sneaks in more freedom choking regulations in hopes ‘the people’ will either not notice or follow along with their schemes and scams. 

    As guardians of freedom,The Wake Up Mission Show is watching the deconstructionists 24/7/365 as they work 24/7/365 to deconstruct OUR Country, OUR Constitution and OUR Liberty.  

    While the mainstream puppets represent propaganda and distorted news,The Wake Up Mission Show loudly sounds the alarm utilizing only trusted sources of information to reveal the truth. 

    Links to the articles can be found on our sites

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    Rick Biesada is Vietnam Veteran having served in The Marine Corps.

    Director of the Chicago Minutemen, (The first, and only Minuteman chapter to reverse a banks policy of giving low interest rate mortgage loans to illegal aliens) and Original Minuteman Project volunteer.

    Writer for the Federal Observer Magazine www.federalobserver.com and author of: Angry White Male and the Horse He Rode In On ... a non fiction love story involving Hillary Rodam Clinton. 

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    in Spirituality

    Join us this Monday for the welcome return of Author and Musician Jill!

    She will be speaking about enlightenment and unloading your baggage for the trip, and we will be playing some of her fabulous music!

    Special frequencies, rhythms and harmonics expand our consciousness. 

    Fibonacci and phi tones and ancient Solfeggio tones are embedded in her soul soothing music (the free mp3s)!

    Music of the movements of the stars is converted into sounds in this healing music!

    Also added are associated frequencies of carbon, hydrogen oxygen and nitrogen - found in the stars and in our bodies.

    Soul therapy and the sounds of flower energy, frequencies and music to clear negative emotions and build positive feelings!

    With archaeology, history, science  and chaneling, Jill has pieced together ancient techniques for healing with sound and energy - vibrational healing. These ancient techniques are the last to come out as they are the most powerful and were carefully guarded until mankind was moral enough to use them properly.  

    Free soundhealing mp3s at bottom of home page at www.JillsWingsOfLight.com & at www.JillsHealingMusic.com  

    http://www.jillswingsoflight.com/media.php there are a broad variety of applications of this ancient wisdom for our modern world!



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    Celebrity Juice Features Kat Downs and Mike Thompson

    in Entertainment

    In May of 2010, Kat Downs (Good Natured Mortals/Sparrows Point/Saints of Ruin) and Mike Thompson (Big Nasty/Tokyo Raid/Cougar Kick) teamed up to experiment with the combination of classical piano and rock drumming. Typically described as “The Dresden Dolls mixed with King Crimson and Fiona Apple”, the music they create also reflects evidence of Zeppelin, Beethoven, Rush and Rachmaninoff.  The combination of Kat Downs’ ornate hands and hair flying with Mike Thompson’s flawless percussive mastery makes this duo the consummate definition of a “dream-team”.

    2014 unleashed the release of Sit Kitty Sit’s third studio album, “Everlasting Fire”.  Based entirely on Dante’s “Inferno”, this storyline album showcases the extensive versatility of Downs and Thompson as a team.  Spanning seven genres and boasting 15 guest artists, the release shows us an entirely new side of the band while maintaining their identity.   The album has been receiving rave reviews since it’s release.

    This year, Sit Kitty Sit was a featured performer at NAMM 2015 as guests of Killer Q Instrument Straps, whose presentation booth went on to win Best In Show. After teaming up with Sleepless Sounds Music Group in Los Angeles, CA to release a new 2015 single and continuing to tour the U.S., Sit Kitty Sit will take the leap over the pond in late October 2015 with their first ever European Tour.   New music and tour dates are always in the works so keep your eyes and ears open in their direction.

  • BIGFOOT GROUND ZERO - Episode 19 David Ellis from The Olympic Project

    in Paranormal


    Join me tonight as I interview David Ellis of The Olympic Project.  The Olympic Project has attracted the attention of serious researchers because they steer away from conjecture, and rely on scientific observations in search of the elusive creature we know as Sasquatch.

    David will share his techniques, knowledge, and personal experiences.  I believe you will find this interview compelling.  Probably one of the most interesting guests to appear on the show in a long time.


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    Monster X Radio with Sasquatch Summit Organizer Johnny Manson

    in Science

    Join Monster X hosts Gunnar Monson and Shane Corson as they sit down with Sasquatch Summit organizer Johnny Manson.  Johnny will be hosting the his 3rd Annual Sasquatch Summit November 20th and 21st at The Quinalt Beach Resort and Casino in Ocean Shores, Washington.  The Sasquatch Summit has grown to be one of the premier Bigfoot conferences.  Past speakers read like a 'Who's Who' of Bigfooting.  Last year's event was much talked about. 

    The call in number is (347)326-9859

    Gunnar Monson is a long time Bigfoot researcher.  A past investigator for the BFRO, he is the Lead Investigator of the Tillamook Forest Research Group (TFRG) as well as a member of The Olympic Project and Bigfootology.  He is also the founder of Monster X Radio sponsor, The Sasquatch Coffee Company (www.SquatchCoffee.com).

    Shane Corson, a native of Scotland, has had an interest in cryptids since his youth.  Fate brought him to oregon where he dove head first into the subject of Bigfoot.  His 2013 sighting in the Mt. Hood National Forest served to fuel the passion of his pursuit.  Shane is a core team member of the TFRG and The Olympic Project (www.OlympicProject.com).

  • Next Mission Radio: D.W. Shrigley, Mike Gibbs, and Project 22

    in Current Events

    (Join us on the air with you hosts Daniel Mays and Mary Dague)

    Our first guest is Daniel Shrigley is billed as “America’s Survival Son”. He is a 18 year, multiple combat and service veteran of the United States Army, with many years of experience in combat, survival, policing and security as well. These glowing resumes lead Daniel to actively follow his passion for Survival, where he is the Owner and CEO of Survival Extreme Catalog Inc. Daniel has already been in a new Bigfoot Movie titled “Skookum: The Hunt For Bigfoot”.  Plus other survival television shows being offered Dan.

    Second we have Mike Gibb from K9 Hero Heaven which began in 2011adopting and rescuing retired law enforcement and military dogs, some of which we saved from being euthanized. We have saved these dogs from all over the US. These dogs have issues both with medical and behavior that make them difficult to adopt into a normal household. We worked on rehabilitating them over time. In August of 2015 we started a program adopting retired military dogs who served overseas to combat veterans as companion dogs. My husband being an 8 year Army veteran and a veteran of Iraqi Freedom we wanted to start a program to provide help to veterans.

    Finally we have some of the members involved with the movie Project 22 that will be coming on the air to speak with up about the movie and some of the current events pertaining to it.

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    "R&B Slow Jams" Hosted by the King & Queen

    in Entertainment

    Welcome to another edition of "R&B Slow Jams" with the King & Queen. We have just the right ingredients to relax you from a long fun filled weekend. When you step inside the Red Carpet Room, expect to be turned on instantly by the sounds of those romantic love songs from the pass to present. We collectively form together the best quilty music to get you and that special someone in the mood. So please come inside and allow us to diversify your minds. Presented to you by the network that speaks raw truth and knowledge, Diversity Of The Minds. If you have a special request, or shout out, please dail 516-531-9334.

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    Poppa L's Old School Flava Sunday #TripleThreatSundays @ 4pm On PD Radio

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    #TripleThreatSunday Teddy P, Luther & Barry

    This Sunday on Poetic Designs Radio Poppa L's, CM Dubb and the #Oldschoolflavacrew going to have more flavas then your favorite bucket of Ice Cream!...Their paying homage to some of the greatest Soul artist in the history of music...

    That's right were talking about the soulful sounds of Teddy Pendergrass, Luther Vandross, & Barry White all legends to us because of the music and Soul they have contributed to our music world. That's this Sunday on #PoeticDesignsRadio at 4pm. Please feel free to listen live via 657-383-0107 or www.Blogtalkradio.com/PoeticDesignsradio

    Tune in to hear your favorites...what's your flava?

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    The Webster Phenomena - Patrick Interviewed By Cohost Brenda Scott in Australia

    in Current Events


    Intense * Indepth * Revealing * Informative Interview by CoHost Brenda Scott

    This is very sensitive stuff NEVER dealt with in this civilization until NOW.

    The Uraeus has shown herself upon Patrick's head with visual proof. Patrick talks about his transformation and what is actually happening to his body, his hair, and even his beard, not to mention his ability to see all of nature as living.

    You are Invited to the chatroom, say hi to Kim and she will take good care of you