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    Welcome to another Old School American Headline Show... There is too much to cover, but I, Big Daddy Frank, will do his best! Before I talk about the leading stories of the day, I will read a few political jokes to ponder about. You might be surprised? Some make you think, others make you laugh...So here is some of the interesting news rotation out there: With all the Anti-Israeli coverage, terrorism coverage, why not more about Korea?, The Citgo Gas Game, Obama Breaks AZ Law Refuses to Deport Illegals, Will Helen Thomas Face Any Consequences for Her Latest Anti-semitic Outburst?, Congresswoman: White Supremacist Groups Behind Arizona Immigration Law,
    ABC News Deputy Political Director Takes Communications Gig With Far-left SEIU,
    Paul McCartney Bashes Bush in Front of Obama and White House Guests, Media's Katrina/BP Oil Spill Double Standard, PBS Ombud Slaps Tavis Smiley's Wrist Over 'Christian Terrorism' Comments, and much more. Got News? Call in and voice your opinion. I will be waiting....

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    Big Daddy Kane on The Love Zone USA.com

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    Join us as we interview Grammy Award Winner Hip Hop Pioneer Big Daddy Kane as we talk about his upcoming album, music and love.   To advertise on this or any other of The Love Zone USA.com episodes email sales@masterpiececorp.co

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    BrotherHood of Violence Radio featuring Big Daddy Demented

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    This show is not for the faint at heart. I will be covering everything Unstoppable with HARDCORE NEWS and MUSIC

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    Big Daddy Kane & Ray Grady Step Into the Cypher

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    "Competition I just devour, Like a pit bull against a Chihuahua, Cause when it comes to being dope, hot damn, I got it good, now let me tell you who I am…"

    Who are we? We are the home of sophisticated ignorance and those aforementioned lyrics are from the one and only Big Daddy Kane. This Wednesday night at 7pm PST, Hassahn Phenomenon and Dasha, The Divine Divah are back at it.

    Stepping into the Cypher, we have the incomparable Big Daddy Kane. He is stopping by to talk about the CENTRIC TV Docu-Series, BEING that he is narrating. The 8 episode one-hour docu-series takes a riveting look at the journey many of our seminal African American celebrities have encountered. Often beating the odds and rising from tough environments, BEING chronicles the life and times of Wendy Williams, Chaka Khan, Al Sharpton, Dionne Warwick, Donnie McClurkin, Ruben Studdard and more.

    If that wasn't enough for you, we also have the ridiculously funny comedic genius, Ray Grady joining the party. He is a Cypher Lounge Radio repeat offender so this reunion should be a extraordinary dose of the sophisticated ignorance you have come to love. He is dropping by to talk about his special Valentine's Weekend shows in his hometown of Chicago at Jokes and Notes. He may also tell us a few things about the CBS special he booked and who knows what else. If you are in the Chi, you definitely don't want to miss Ray Grady's stand up act - one word - HILARIOUS!

    As always we have the incomparable DJ Mark One bringing us a very special Six Minute Mix as he does his thing on the 1's and 2's. It's going down like four flat tires on a low-rider. If you got any sense, Tune-In Sucka!

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    BIG DADDY KANE on The Love Zone USA.com

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    Visit our Website  Join us and Spend an Evening with BIG DADDY KANE on The Love Zone USA.com at 8pm est. tell your friends tune in and stop by and say Hi by calling into 347-539-5729 .  To advertise on this or any of The Love Zone USA.com episodes email sales@masterpiececorp.com

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    The Life * The Legend * The Kane - Big Daddy Kane on Dr. Zoe Today

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    The Life * The Legend * The Kane! The one & only Big Daddy Kane on Dr. Zoe Today! For everything Mama never told you... real, raw & relevant info on love, sex & relationships. Download the free "Dr. Zoe Today" app available in the App Store & Google Play! http://DrZoeToday.com 

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    Back to the Future - Big Daddy Kane

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    Who said that Hip Hop couldn't mature.  Well, I've got news for you.  It has and it's message is phenominal. Join me and Kane a.k.a. Big Daddy Kane while we discuss where he is today and the album Las Supper - Back to the Future.  

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    Nothing to Lose w special guests Big Daddy & Zack Nelson-Lopiccolo

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    Nothing to Lose. Hosted by Brian W. Fugett and Michael D. Goscinski.

    with special guests BIG DADDY & ZACK NELSON-LOPICCOLO

    Big Daddy of Big Daddy Promotions/Beautiful Boi Records will be on to talk about promoting musicians, organizing events, his record label, and charity work.

    Zack Nelson-Lopiccolo is a guy, a very interesting guy with a syndrome known as “Makathingsupthatsoundreal” disease which often gets him into situations of obscurity. He snatched a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing and Literature from CSULB and is one of the founding editors of Bank-Heavy Press in Long Beach, CA. His work has appeared in magazines such as Short, Fast and Deadly, Carnival, Crack the Spine and The Mas Tequila Review among others, and he has a chapbook, Dancing with Scissors. He’s also a drywall taper/painter extraordinaire hailing from Long Beach, CA living on a quaint (ok, tiny) sailboat.

    brought to you by The Literary Underground

    sponsored by POETRY GRENADES


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    Big Daddy Demented says Talk shit get hit! 12:30 am

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    Thats right, like the title says you wanna talk shit yer gonna get hit. You think you can run around and run yer lips after scamming my BOV and aint nuthin gonna be said well that was your second mistake. The first was thinking you could get away with going against myself and Synn. Time to pay the piper! So get in here and get what you deserve. and being as I tell it like it is.. I am talking about ANGEL OF DEATH and or ROCKSTAR. You two can talk the talk so now come in here and walk the walk... if you got the nads.

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    Big Daddy Kane talks to LaDonna Raeh

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    Big Daddy Kane visits LaDonna Raeh on Life and the Public Figure. You won't want to miss this show. Find out how he keeps his sexy and his views on relationships.
    Big Daddy Kane is a Brooklyn, New York M.C. who undisputedly defined the term “lyricist” in the world of hip-hop. Along with the lyrical ingenuity he brought to the genre, he also introduced innovative live performances as well. Kane was the first rapper to ever hold not one but two sold out shows at the world famous Apollo Theater for women only. These lives performances, which consisted of theatrics, choreography and tailored costumes proved that Big Daddy Kane was not only an M.C., he was a full entertainer. Kane revolutionized hip-hop fashion and the way hip-hop shows were performed.
    Life and the Public Figure, hosted by LaDonna Raeh is a radio platform where celebrity interviews take place for the purpose of having a conversation and paying tribute to them now in life instead of waiting until the afterlife.
    Our society has become accustomed to celebrating after a person's death. Then regretting the lack of support, love and appreciation during their life. Life and the Public Figure gives a worldwide opportunity to indulge in appreciation to our public figures while their hearts are still pumping!
    Join us every Wednesday 9am Central on Life and the Public Figure powered by LR Media Group Radio!
    www.lrmediagroup.com Twitter @Lrmediagroup Facebook LR Media Group

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    THE AM BUZZ w/Guest Big Daddy Kane

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    Host: iamBranded
    Guest: Big Daddy Kane
    Ongoing Early Morning Series broadcasting and spotlighting hip hop and entertainment news and music from the stars of today and yesterday. Interviews are conducted. Call number (949) 270-5912

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