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    The Diva Lounge- Lady B from NYC joined by TheVoice's own Biff Gore!

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    Tune in as Lady B from NYC is joined by Season 6 TheVoice's own Team Usher/Team Blake member BIFF GORE!

    Also, we will be discussing Who Wins TheVoice 2014!!!

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    N.M.I. w/ Biff Gore, Stevie Jo, Bria Kelly & Brothers Walker!!!

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    Biff Gore - Acoustic Soul singing Blues Man from Denver,Co...Sang "A Change Is Gonna Come" for his blind audition...Made it onto Team Usher...Faced TJ Wilkins in his battle round singing w/ TJ they sung "Ain't Too Proud To Beg"...Lost the battle but was stolen by Blake...Now a proud member of Team Blake heading into the knockouts...Check out his music & more @ www.biffgore.com

    Stevie Jo - 20 year old singer/songwriter...Team Usher after singing Usher's own song "There Goes My Baby" and won his battle against Jake Barker aka Jakers Barkley singing "Higher Love"...Check out his music & more @ www.facebook.com/pages/Stevie-Jo-Music/234402886742367

    Bria Kelly - Country/Blues/Rock singer/songwriter from Smithfield,Va...Sang "Steamroller Blues" for her blind audition on The Voice and landed onto Team Usher...We are still waiting to see her battle round...Check out her music & more @  www.briakelly.com

    Brothers Walker - Identical twin brothers Coty & Clinton Walker...Blind Auditioned on The Voice by singing "Keep Me In Mind" and made it onto Team Usher..They also run a studio in their hometown in Missouri..Coty runs the stuidio & Clinton teaches lessons..Lost to Morgan Wallen in the Battle Rounds singing Hey Brother..Check out their music & more @ www.facebook.com/brotherswalkermusic

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    #362 Detect Sabotage, Do Well & Do Good, 21 Days to a Big Idea, Pop-up Retail

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    Segment 1: Bob Frisch, managing partner of the Strategic Offsites Group, is considered one of the world’s leading strategic facilitators, having worked with executives and boards in sixteen countries on five continents. He is the author of Simple Sabotage: A Modern Field Manual for Detecting and Rooting Out Everyday Behaviors That Undermine Your Workplace.

    Segment 2: Elizabeth Gore is the Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) at Dell, where she is working with Dell to extend its global advocacy efforts to raise entrepreneurship to the public policy agenda, encouraging policies and practices that support and enable entrepreneurial growth globally. 

    Segment 3: Bryan Mattimore is co-founder and chief idea guy at the sixteen-year old Growth Engine Company, an innovation agency based in Norwalk, CT. Bryan and his firm have managed over 200 successful innovation projects leading to over $3 Billion in new revenue for his clients.  He is the author of three books on business creativity and innovation including the recently re-leased, 21 Days to a Big Idea.

    Segment 4: Katherine Darnstadt is founder of Latent Design, which specializes in ideation, strategy, and execution of scalable and highly experiential architecture and urban design. They have created Boombox which is a prefabricated micro retail kiosk installed in high volume public spaces to provide short-term pop up commercial opportunities and cultural experiences. Erik Harmon is of Executive Director of the Wicker Park Bucktown Chamber of Commerce in Chicago.

    Segment 5: Aaron T. Walker is a Businessman and Life Coach who has inspired many through his leadership, mentorship, and consistent pursuit of excellence.

    Sponsored by Sage, Nextiva, and Pure Chat. 

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    GUERRILLA RADIO .. "CLIMATEGATE" is man released CO2 altering temperatures??

    in Current Events

    GUERRILLA RADIO .. "CLIMATEGATE" Wed 1/27/2016 6pm pst / 9pm est Is man released CO2 altering the temperature on the planet ??? Join austin Thomas and Liberty Lisa as we are joined by special call in guests Jimmy Jingo and Danilo Cuelllar from peacfulanarchism.com as we discuss this topic ...also an update on the arrests and shootings in Oregon ....OPEN LINES 347-855-8301 press one to participate ...

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    American Daily Review: Iran Attacks The U.S., Obama Says "Thank You"

    in Politics Conservative

    Is it hypocritical to vote for an ineligible Ted Cruz?; More harmonic tremors of impending global economic collapse; Al Gore's Doomsday is upon us, so why aren't we all dead?; Pope Francis forgets justice and holiness; Nearly half of 2015 California drivers licenses went to illegal aliens; The sun is setting on Hillary Clinton's infernal presidential dream; Western "leaders" setting the table for the Islamic slaughters still to come; Donald Trump meets his match, and he's got lovely eyelashes; and how to spell out a conservative agenda, and does House Speaker Paul Ryan understand it?

    Then, in hour #3 of the Saturday Afternoon Radio Extravaganza on Constitution Radio on KMET 1490-AM at 4PM Eastern/1PM Pacific, live from the Crossroads Of The West gun show in Costa Mesa, California:

    The Bundy Occupation is enabling the Obama FBI to conduct false-flag operations; Barack Obama's State Of The One VIII kicks off cataclysmic year of "audacious executive actions"; Stunner: "Huge spike" in weapons sales in German cities like....Cologne; and Iran attacks the United States and Barack Obama says "Thank you, Ayatollah, sir, I'd like some more, please".

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    2015-12/16 TBhr1 Susie Celek

    in Sports

    Hour number 1 of this weeks show opens with Robin trying to find a pen despite 4 hours of preparation, and we welcomed back Joe. Tony went on a rant about protestors blocking people on busy streets in the city while protesting something politicians did or didn't do to or for them.
    We welcomed our old friend Susie Celek to the Comedy Sports Theatre to talk about a new movie she's starring in about MMA called "Fight Valley". It's due out in Spring 2016 and stars Holly Holm who stunned the world with her knock out of Ronda Rousey.
    We took a couple of Tony Bruno Hotline calls and finished up with this weeks' FMK game.
    Susie said she would marry Bernie Sanders, F John Kerry and Kill Al Gore.
    Tony then gave the offshore betting odds on the US box office take this weekend for the new Star Wars Movie. Will it top Jurassic World's 205-million record weekend in June. 3/1 odds it'll be between 226 and 350 mil. 

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    Third & Short: Wanda's Fantasy Football Week 17

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    Host Wanda Wiedman gives you the final Week 17 Fantasy Football starts and sits for the 2015 season. 

    Start QB Ben Roethlisberger versus Cleveland Browns. Steelers need to win in order to stay in the post-season. Sit Phillip Rivers against the Denver Broncos. Broncos defense is just brutal and will limit any Charger player from scoring. As your sleeper start Brandon Weeden against the Jags, depending on Hoyer's condition.

    Start RB Todd Gurley against the 49ers. Gurley put up some great numbers against the Seahawks and wil do the same against the 49ers as they have surrendered the 2nd most fantasy points to running backs. Sit Darren McFadden versus the Redskins. McFadden has been a pretty good #2 flex but the Redskins have been able to limit rushing yards to opposing teams. For your sleeper pick start Frank Gore against the Titans.

    At wide receiver, start Calvin Johnson against the Bears. Johnson hasn't been the greatest in fantasy points this season but against the Bears, he always seems to find a way. Sit Mike Evans versus the Panthers. Panthers defense will not let Evans make a dent in the end zone. As your sleeper, DeVante Adams versus the Vikings. If he can hold on to the ball and make those catches, he can redeem himself in Rodgers eyes.

    Start TE Zach Miller against the Lions. He has been pretty solid for Cutler and will be get the majority of the hits with Alshon Jeffery out. Sit Austin Sefarian-Jenkins against the Panthers. Panthers have surrendered only 7 fantasy points to opposing tight ends. For your sleeper you can start Ben Watson against the Falcons. The chemistry between Watson and Brees has been tight and will continue this weekend.

    Start the Broncos defense against the Chargers and sit the Ravens against the Bengals. 

    Start Graham Gano versus the Bucs and sit Justin Tucker versus the Bengals.


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    Steve Gore, who has been a chainsaw artist for over 18 years, is using his talent to create the American First Responders Memorial Monument to honor and memorialize all fallen firefighters and other first responders.Gore also suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder. “I was down to one chainsaw, living in a small hotel room I was suicidal and had a loaded weapon.He met some Vietnam veterans. “They sat with me for 10-12 hours and let me know what was happening with my PTSD and explained the triggers.They got me out into the world I carved again in an open location, surrounded by Vietnam veterans. Their tutelage and caring saved my life.

    The Pate family, John and Vaneta, John having served in the
    Army National Guard, a EMT, and Police officer and Vaneta, a
    Licensed Practical Nurse. Have taken upon themselves to build
    a homeless community for our homeless veterans in the El Paso
    area.Mr. Pate spent many nights in VA Hospitals were he had eight
    back surgeries in the past year. During that time the Pate’s
    spent many of hours visiting and talking with fellow veterans.
    John had a roommate in the hospital that served during
    Vietnam, after getting to know the man, he confided that he
    was homeless due to unforeseen circumstances. The Pate’s
    had their eyes opened to the epidemic facing our veterans. The
    Pates decided it was time to do something about the problem.There are 50,000 plus homeless veterans reported in the US.
    That was when they realized they had to help the homeless
    veterans. The decision was made to take all the profits from
    the sale of their home and build a community for our homeless
    veterans.They were approached with a gift of 10.5 acers in Sierra
    Blanca. After research and talking to the El Paso VA it was
    learned that over 2000 veterans sleep on the streets at any
    given night in the El Paso.

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    The Spectacular and Electrifying Jay Gore

    in Music

    Jay is one of a handful of the best session guitarist and have played with the best of musicians.  To see an extensive bio on Jay please visit his website.  Follow the show http://www.blogtalkradio.com.jotugems and Jay for updates on his tours and events.

    Social Media Contacts for Jay Gore


    http://Twitter: @JayGoreGuitar


    http://Instagram JayGoreGuitar

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    in Pop Culture

    Every now and then, HEROES 101 Radio cuts loose and lets its nerdy flag fly! This is one of those times. 

    Following our way-too-short discussion of THE FORCE AWAKENS on this week's episode of Geek Pile Radio, we're continuing the conversation with Geek Pile's hosts, Biff and the Danimator on this week's episode of HEROES 101. 

    You probably know by now that Spectre and Rock are two of the biggest Star Wars fans in the galaxy, but did you also know that their soundman extraordinaire, NightBug, is also a walking Star Wars version of Trivial Pursuit? Unlike his usual quiet self, he'll have plenty to add to the discussion this Tuesday night.

    We're also honored to be joined by Alain Bloch, founder and head instructor of the Golden Gate Knights Lightsaber Academy in San Francisco. You've probably already seen Alain and some of the Knights in the news or on Anderson Cooper Live. If you're a true Star Wars fan, you've got to make it to one of the Lightsaber classes!


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    88 - SPOILERS! Star Wars Force Awakens!

    in Pop Culture

    Danimator finally sees The Force Awakens this morning, so we're hosting an all-spoiler show with special guest! Too many folks are tearing their hair out because they just want to talk about what they've seen and also what they hope to see in future episodes. So yeah, we have half an hour to get ut out of our systems with friends and family!