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    Students Inspire Adults With Historic Speeches And Win Bicycles From Veterans

    in Women

    The Inspirational Speech Awards headed by PUSH Excel, the educational arm of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition founded by Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, had a surprise twist this year. Winners received bicycles refurbished by the organization Leave No Veteran Behind. Today's guests include Roy Sorten, Founder of Leave No Veteran Behind, Judge Nailah Muttalib, and speech contest winners Rian Baker and Rebecca Reid. the program, organized by Judge Stanley Hill, requires students from grades 1 through 12 to memorize renowned speeches that remind us all that the human family is here on earth to establish and maintain peace with each other. In the process of delivering these speeches, the participants, the judges, and the audience members are truly inspired.

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    The Tufts Get Going! "Corset Myths, Busted!"

    in Entertainment

    Thursdays, 9 am Eastern, "The Tufts Get Going!" host Rosanna Tufts:

    "Corset Myths, Busted!" Meet a lady who lives with her husband as 24/7 Victorians, complete with corsets and pennyfarthing bicycles! (Replay.) 

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    Breakthrough with CEO of Kent Bicycles Arnold Kamler

    in Business

    Customer service, leadership and manufacturing strategies that built a bicycle company from 6 million to over 200 million in sales.  Join Barry as he welcomes Arnold Kamler as they discuss "breakthrough's in life and business" and what it takes to be a good CEO.

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    " Born To Be Wild"

    in Fitness

    Nothing like hitting the road when it's just you and your bike is there ?  Okay maybe we aren't talking " Easy Rider " here , but we do have just about biggest buzz in cycling seats to hit Gotham in a very long time .  Join hosts Laurie Towers and Elite Ziegelman as they welcome creator of " CitySeat" , Chelsea Petrozzo . Word on the street is that they made Oprahs llist of favorites for 2016.....pass it on




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    Over The Top Radio - Boo Bicycles

    in Fitness

    Nick Frey of Boo Bicycles - yes "Boo" - as in bamboo.  Nick is the builder of some of the most beautiful, functional and comfortable custom bicycles on the market.  Long time racer and Boo rider Shawn Heidgen of Training Peaks joins us as well.  Live From Retul.

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    Over The Top Radio - Alchemy Bicycles

    in Fitness

    Matt (President and Partner) and Johs (new National Sales Manager) join us to discuss Alchemy Bicycles, introduce Johs, discuss what it takes to defend Alchemy's Handmade Bicycle award of "Best Carbon Bicycle" as well as other topics.  Alchemy recently moved from Austin, TX to Denver, CO and we are happy to have the opportunity for a face to face interview.

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    Websites That Charge $0 To Make Money With Your Car Or Bicycle

    in Self Help

    Matthew Lesko of http://lesko.com/, http://bigdatalesko.com/, GrantsAndCrowdfunding.com and http://lesko.com/videoebooks tells us about websites to make money without any charges

    Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWsJ0XkBWEk

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    Over the Top Radio with Jeff Cleary of Cleary Bicycles

    in Fitness

    Jeff Cleary - creator of Cleary Bikes - joins us this afternoon to discuss the company's wonderful kids bikes.  Far and away one of our favorite products at Interbike this year. A description of what Cleary Bikes is all about:

    Cleary Bikes empower kids. A bike launches a little boy or girl into the world. He does not have to be a daredevil.  When a kid pushes off on his or her bike, rides to the mailbox, the store, the park or to school, he becomes actively engaged.  Not being led by the hand and blazing his own path, is independence!

    Riding a bike should be fun.  It certainly shouldn’t be stressful or scary.  When we created Cleary Bikes we wanted to thrill kids.  Riding a Cleary Bike is truly a joyful experience.  They roll smoothly, they’re quiet, and they look sleek.  We see our bikes as fun tools, not toys.  Kids know the difference because the quality that distinguishes our bikes is evident in every facet of their construction.  It can be felt in every pedal stroke.  

    We know these things because we have been riding bikes since we first threw a leg over the banana seat on a second-hand Huffy Dragster.  We pedaled on through mountain bikes, road bikes, cross bikes, time trial bikes - and then bikes for our kids.  And that's when it became clear the kids needed something better.  

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    Theresa Drescher of City Santa and Everybody's Home - The Gift of Giving Back

    in Entrepreneur

    City Santa

    Each year City Santa answers letters from children in shelters for victims of domestic violence and families in crisis in and around New York City. These letters are from children whose requests differ from the usual red wagons or bicycles to simply the basic needs for food, clothing, shoes and blankets.  Using the donations received, City Santa volunteers purchase these necessities, wrap them, fill individual stockings and delivers them to every family.  This all-volunteer organization has been helping New Yorkers since 2001. For more information please go to CitySanta.org or call 212-614-3239.

    Everybody's Home

    Theresa Drescher and Tom Saitta, are the creators of Everybody’s Home. Everybody’s Home is a place for like-minded people who love their pets and want fashionable quality home furnishings for them.

    Whether looking to add a little flair to your apartment or re-designing a room in your home, everything in their collection is chosen for your pets comfort and your style! Not only will you add more love and style to your home, you will help feed an animal caught in the cross-fire of domestic violence through our Everybody's Pet Project initiative. Find out more, by visiting, EverybodysHome.com or call 212-614-3239.

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    in Christianity

    Jeff Hawkins I am traveling to Zambia to help start 5 more Hubs to training pastors. We need Bibles and other tools like bicycles and motorcycles. Pray and help.

    10135 Highway 8

    Leesville, Louisiana

    (337) 718-1453


    Welcome to Hope Builders Ministries

    Hope Builders Ministries

    P.O. Box 317
    Greenwood, VA 22943
    Phone: 434-825-7661
    Email: info@hbmin.org

    Contact Us

    Hope Builders Ministries partners with INDIGENOUS Ministries training pastors in the Word of God, helping them to "Make Disciples" in their Jerusalem. And we have a plan to see this Disciple Making Movement multiplied and spread across Africa. Here is how we do it... GO HERE

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    Free Mass Transit

    in Politics Progressive

    The Duke, a.k.a. Michael Dukakis, and I have kicked around transit fares at public hearings, the Rail-volution conference and here on Left Ahead. I say subways, trolleys, buses and commuter rail should be free. The employees should attend to safety and cleanliness, not toll collection.

    The backstory is that charging high fees for fares, while spending hundreds of billions on yet more roads for polluting, cangerous, congesting, din-producing motor vehicles is asinine. Dukakis agrees in principle but thinks passengers ought to pay a nominal fee, like $1 per trip.

    I contend the concept is that mass transit should be so cheap and clean and safe and efficient and reliable that only the most egocentric will drive and inconvenience the rest of us. That would leave the streets and roads to delivery trucks, buses, and bicycles. (cheer here)

    This came to mind once again after this cursed winter. The Boston-area transit failed in every conceivable way. The new Gov. Charles D. Baker produced a puppet task force that started with a major fail. It never asked or responded what we expected from mass transit. Instead, Baker fell back into the same manure pile of doing the same old things, just cheaper.

    No. No. No.

    Let's ask the question of what we do and what we should and what we must expect from our mass transit. Have not fear or doubt. I have answers.