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    The Bicycle Nut with Guest Jason Smallheer

    in Fitness

    Jason has an inspiring story about overcoming some of the things life can throw at us. First overcoming obesity then after getting in shape and becoming a competitive athlete overcoming injuries that could have been career ending and getting back up and getting back in life. We tried to get Jason on the show before and some wires got crossed but he will be here Sunday for a long talk with the Bicycle Nut and with you the listeners, Should be a great Sunday Morning Insoiration.

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    How To Train for Power On The Bicycle

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    Do you want to be a good cyclist or a great one?  Learn the best way to train your body for the bicycle, whether you are a cyclist or triathlete.  Learn the number one common misconception that separates the good cyclists from the great ones!  I will be discussing the areas of the body that need to be worked and how for more leg turn over and power.  Learn the techniques the pros use to get them to podium every time. PR your next race with tese tips!

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    The Bicycle Nut on the First Annual Tour de Tifton with Yale Leiden

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    Yale Leiden of Tifton Georgia will join us to discuss the first annual Tour de Tifton. This will be a metric century bicycle ride with shorter routes also available. It is being operated through the Tifton YMCA and will rasie miney for underpriveledged children in the Tifton Area. the bicycle nut has been asked to be Mechanical Ride Support for the ride, something I could not turn down.

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    GITM Part 1 Pastor Tommy Clark, Urban Bicycle Food Ministry, Memphis, TN

    in Spirituality

    This is Part 1 of our 4 Part Series with Pastor Tommy Clark, Urban Bicycle Food Ministry in Memphis, TN.  Turn your Passion, God-given desire, into an awesome ministry. Be encouraged as you hear how God took Pastor Tommy “Out of the Box”!

    The entire series will be recorded and archived. When you get an opportunity, you may listen to this series as well as all of our anointed archives by clicking the link:



    God In the Midst otherwise known as G.I.T.M or GITM Radio is an apostolic ministry whose charge is to help encourage, edify and equip the people of God who are called to Home Churches, Small Churches and Para Church ministries. Home or house Churches usually have 20 people or less, Small Churches are up to 100 adults and Para Church ministries could be Bible Studies, Prayer groups, men or women’s ministries that are not Churches in and of themselves but walk alongside the Church. We are featuring one Home, Small or Para Church ministry each month by interviewing them.  We hope that as you hear them tell their personal testimonies, share their  history and current activities,  the Lord will confirm what He has placed on your heart or it may encourage you to step out boldly …it may even catapult you to that next dimension in the Lord & ministry.  Our Host is Apostle Barbara Kizzie

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    Over the Top Radio - Bicycle Etiquette

    in Fitness

    Riders from around the country join us this evening to discuss the finer points of bicycle etiquette.  Some of our topics include: What do you do when an unknown rider hops on your wheel and sits on for miles?  What do you do when you come across road construction?  Do you ride with headphones?  How do you address someone riding aero bars in your group ride?  How do you deal with rude drivers?  What do you do when someone on your group ride gets a mechanical?  Pedestrian in the bike lane?  And I'm sure more will pop up as we delve into these questions.

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    Over the Top Radio - Bicycle Law with Bob Mionske

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    Bob Mionske joins us tonight to discuss current issues facing cyclists and will field your questions.  He is a nationally-known cycling lawyer and advocate for the rights of cyclists. A former U.S. Olympic and pro cyclist, Bob amassed a record of over 100 wins during his racing career. Bob represented the United States in the 1988 games in Seoul, South Korea, where he made the winning break in the men’s Individual Road Race, finishing in fourth place.  In 1990, Bob was the U.S. National Champion in the Men’s road race.  Bob again made the United States Olympic team for the 1992 games in Barcelona, Spain, assisting teammate Lance Armstrong to a fourteenth-place finish. Bob turned pro after the 1992 games, racing for Team Saturn for one season, and then retired to become director of the team for 1993.

    At the end of that season, Bob left pro cycling behind and headed off to law school. After passing the bar exam, Bob set up the first bicycle law practice in the nation representating professional racers and defending the legal rights of weekend warriors, commuters, and messengers. Bob also began writing his internationally accaimed bicycle law column, Legally Speaking, featured on VeloNews.com. Bob's perspective on bicycle law and the rights of cyclists has also been featured in national magazines, including Esquire, Bicycling, and Outside.

    You are welcome to join the conversation.

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    The Bicycle Nut- Quieting a Noisy Bike

    in Fitness

    We will discuss several ways to rid our bikes of noises like clicking, squeaking and rattling. Some tips I have found and used over the years and some that our listeners and blog commentors have chipped in with.

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    Bicycle Your Way to Being More Organized & Productive

    in Self Help

    On a bike, sitting still, barely pedaling or pedaling like crazy aren't very helpful in getting you to your destination. You may arrive, but you might be late or you might be exhausted.

    Instead, consistent pedaling at a moderate pace is the best way to reach your destination, especially if the journey is long. 

    The same idea is true when talking about productivity and organizing-doing little things on a regular basis will help you maintain an organized space or consistently be productive.

    In this episode, Productivity Coach and Master Organizer, Janice Russell, will give you some guidelines for bicycling your way to a more organized space at your work or in your home. She will also address how increase and maintain more productive habits.

    So if you're looking for more balance in your life (and not just on a bicycle), listen to this episode and act on something you hear in it today!

    If you want additional ideas, you can find out how Janice's proprietary Flexible Structure Method (FSM) of productivity and organizing can help your desire for a better life. Check out the FSM website.


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    The Bicycle Nut- Race Wheel Rentals

    in Fitness

    Gabe Lloyd from Race Wheel rentals will be talking with us about Race Wheel Rentals and what all goes along with that type of bicycle related business. And what is Echappe.

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    The Bicycle Nut with Laura Robinson discussion Cyclist Bikelist

    in Fitness

    The Cyclist Bike List is a children's book written by Laura Robinson. We will be discussing all the following and answering any questions you may have, just call in and ask.
    1. How did you know, on that day you and your brother went for your first big bike ride, that you would be riding a bike for the rest of your life?
    2. Why is cycling so important
    3. Why did you decide to write a book for children on cycling
    4. How did the Anishinaabe Racers get off the ground as a bike team
    5. Is there one ride you have done that stands out amongst all the others?
    6. If Americans want to cycle in Canada, where would you suggest they go
    7. How did you decide to profile Fausto Coppi over, say, Felice Gimondi in Cyclist BikeList
    Aren't there a lot of great cyclists you left out
    8. Why is the bicycle so important in the fight for women's equality
    9. If various levels of government spent the same money on accommodating bicycles as they do accommodating cars, what do you think North America would look like
    10. What is your next book

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    The Bicycle Nut with Fred Nicklaus -Combat Endurance Training

    in Fitness

    Fred Nicklaus is a Pofessional trainer that has a lot of great information that should be of interest to cyclists.

    Fred will be telling us about proper breathing techniques and building a strong core.

    All cyclists should call in or listen to this show.

    Join The Bicycle Nut on Blog Talk Radio with Fred Nicklaus.

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