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    Diva's 233rd #Days Blogtalkradio Show

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    Join the Diva of Days of our Lives and friends for our 233rd Blogtalkradio Show.  Topics this week include:  Bo shows up too late for the Haiden wedding, Ben kidnaps Abigail, Joey is drugged, Abe finds out who Lani is, and some new couples kiss for the Salem Bicentennial.

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    Military Monday with John D. Gresham and USNI Press Author Charles Neimeyer

    in History

    The War of 1812, was one of America's "small and forgotten" conflicts, much like the Korea in the 20th century. Ill advised, and really unnecessary for both Great Britain and the young United States of America (which was less than 50 years old at the time), the War of 1912 was a conflict that gained neither side much benefit, and diverted badly needed resources from other endeavors. Nevertheless, there were a number of intriguing and important lessons to be learned from the conflict, none more interesting than those derived from the British Chesapeake Campaign of 1814. A British squadron under command of Adm. Cochrane, raised habit for most of 1814 from the Virginia Tidewater to the waters around Baltimore, doing a surprising amount of damage and raising havoc against the seemingly hapless Americans. The British squadron took and burned Hampton, VA, portions of Washington, DC, and other towns along the bay, eventually only being stopped by the heroic defense of Baltimore and bombardment of Fort McHenry. It is a fascinating story, little known by most Americans, which almost went unnoticed during the recent bicentennial of the War of 1812.

    To learn more about the War of 1812 and the 1814 Chesapeake Campaign, tune into this week's edition of Military Monday (#MilitaryMonday on the Writestream Radio Network (@Writestream)) at 1 PM EDT. Author, historian, journalist, documentary filmmaker, and host John D. Gresham (@greshamj01) has invited Naval Institute Press (@USNIBooks) author LCOL. Charles Neimeyer. , USMC (Ret.) to discuss his new book, War in the Chesapeake. His book is a new single-volume history of the campaign, and will prove enlightening for both academics and those new to the story.

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    what is a CON CON?

    in Politics Conservative

    A BRIEF HISTORY: The proponents of a con-con have been at it for nearly fifty years now: In 1964 the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations funded and orchestrated – via the CSDI (Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions) – the drafting of a new constitution for America. This model constitution, drawing upon the efforts of more than 100 people, took ten years to write. The 40th draft was published in a book titled "The Emerging Constitution", by Rexford G. Tugwell (Harper & Row, 1974). The project produced the proposed "Constitution for the NewStates of America".      

     "In the event you would be inclined to dismiss the relevance of the proposed new constitution, bear in mind that it is the product of a tax-exempt think-tank which took ten years, $25,000,000.00 and the collaboration of over one-hundred like-minded individuals. . . It would be folly to believe this investment is intended to be merely an exercise in political theory. The frightening reality is, the planners are serious in their efforts to impose a new constitution upon the people of America as we enter the 21st Century."   — Col. Arch Roberts, Committee to Restore the Constitution

    One year following publication of Tugwell's plan - 1975 - Nelson Rockefeller, then president of the U.S. Senate, engineered the introduction of HCR 28 calling for an unlimited Con-Con to be held in the Bicentennial year, 1976. With this time line, we can clearly see they meant business and certainly wasting no time to get it done.

    "Visible collusion of the U.S. Congress with world government organizations created a backlash which doomed the grandiose Fourth of July Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia. . . . Arrogance was the seed of its undoing." Col. Arch Roberts.



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    Global Cooperation With Bill Sosinsky CEO/Founder of Energime

    in Environment

    Mary E., and ArtSees Productions, celebrates Global Cooperation Day with an special interview with Bill Sosinsky CEO/Founder of the Energime Organization. Energime is a bottom-line solutions provider for businesses looking to lower their operating costs and create a more sustainable business model. Music compliments of Red Buffalo Heart. Michael Dimitri.

    Bill Sosinsky has been a proponent of sustainable growth and renewable energy since the early 1970s. After academic work at the SUNY Binghamton School of business for undergraduate studies, and NYU graduate school, he started Environomic Solutions, an early version of Energime, in 1977. He ran that company until its dissolution in 1981 when it closed due to an immature market. During the 1980s he traveled the world working on documentary films, many of which dealt with the issues of unsustainable development and the improper use of natural resources. Later in that decade, Bill settled back in New York City where he started a construction and renovation company. 1996 saw a move to the Pacific Northwest for Bill and his family. There he developed and built single and multi-family residential communities, invested in real estate and worked as a teacher and mentor, educating new real estate agents and investors. Bill’s credits also include teaching at the Henry George School of Economics, working for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the New York City Bicentennial Corporation, NYPIRG, and composing and producing sound tracks for television and film. Returning to his green roots in 2005, 

    More on Global Cooperation can be found here.  


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    Multi Platinum Selling Country Artist Jo Dee Messina & Peter Alderman Sept 11th

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    Today, I will interview Multi Platinum Selling Country Music Star Jo Dee Messina and Peter Alderman author of the Rocket's Red Glare. They will discuss how they worked together on the book, their thoughts and memories of September 11th, The National Anthem's  Bicentennial, and Jo Dee's thoughts about the book.

    The Rocket's Red Glare: Celebrating the History of The Star-Spangled Banner is a unique combination of kid's book and coffee table book accompanied by a musical rendition of The Star Spangled Banner from chart topping artist Jo Dee Messina.

    Jo Dee Messina is an award-winning, multi-platinum recording artist that has given her heart and soul to find success. She's had eight #1 singles, has been honored by The Country Music Association, The Academy of Country Music and The Grammy Awards and was the first female country artist to score three multiple-week #1 songs from the same album. But success aside, Jo Dee has faced more than her fair share of adversity. She's battled some demons along the way and experienced the twists and turns that define all of our lives. If anything these life experiences have re-invigorated her and given her a new perspective, which in turn has produced, in her words, her truest recording to date.


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    1976-The Bicentennial Year

    in Lifestyle

    Let's re-cap the 1976 year vs 1776 vs today!!

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    The Ignorance Equation-Na-Nu Na-Nu and thanks for all the laughs, Robin Williams

    in Politics Progressive

    This Sunday we explore the troubled life, comedic genius and tragic death of the legendary Robin Williams:

    As millions mourn the unthinkable death of a comic icon that had so much more to give, some criticize, mock, and even celebrate his passing. Where does the hate for the beloved comedian come from, and how can we even begin to understand his unexpected suicide?

    Join us as we talk with Nancy Virden, author of the book "Called to Live: A Chronicle of Recovery After Attempted Suicide," about her personal struggle with Major Depression, suicide, and what it can be like having the mind of a suicidal person. We will also be talking to our very own Honey Badger about his rage filled comments towards Robin Williams, his hate of what he sees as a hypocritical outpouring by the public due to his death, and why he thinks we should not be nationally grieving the life of the one-of-a-kind comedic genius, Robin Williams.

    So be here this Sunday 1PM EST for all the Intergalactic Shazbot you can jam into your Boring Terrestrial Ear Holes!


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    In no way should any of the comments on this show be misconstrued as professional mental health care.  If you or someone you know is struggling with thoughts of suicide, call 1-800-273-TALK, the National Suicide Prevention Hotline.

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    Today on The Boochcast Booch and Jerry talk about Jerry wearing a dress in a Derek Shapiro Movie, Changes at Jerry's dayjob, Jerry talking to Southside Steve at a Redlight, Jerry'a love of the TV Show Rush, Paying Tribute to the Legendary Comedian Robin Williams, Global Force Wrestling Announces New Partnerships, WWE Releases Longtime Timekeeper Mark Yeaton, WWE Releases Alberto Del Rio For Slapping WWE's Social Media Manager Over Racist Comment, WWE Network Available Outside Of U.S., and Father Truman and Deacon Booch team up to Play Confessions With Father Truman and get two great calls.

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    Legacy Of 1804 on Bwa Kayiman #Haiti

    in Culture

    Join host Alice Backer of www.kiskeacity.com as she discusses the Bwa Kayiman ceremony with Dr. Jerry Gilles and Yvrose Gilles of www.bookmanlit.com. The Bwa Kayiman ceremony kicked off the Haitian Revolution on August 14, 1791. 

    Doctor Jerry M. Gilles and Yvrose Gilles are co-editors of Bookmanlit.com a site that promotes study of Haitian-African culture. They have written several books and articles and have lectured at universities and museums. They have appeared on radio and television programs to talk about various aspects of Haitian History and Religion. Their most recent books include Bicentennial: Haiti's Gift to the World and Remembrance: Roots, Rituals, and Reverence in Vodou.

    Doctor Jerry M. Gilles, specializes in High Risk Obstetrics. He graduated from Columbia University and obtained his doctorate in Medicine at the SUNY at Stony Brook.

    Ms. Gilles obtained her undergraduate degree from Barnard College of Columbia University and obtained a Master of Science degree at Teacher's College of Columbia University. By family tradition, Ms. Gilles is descendant of both Dahomey and Kongo. By genetic analysis, she is also descendant of the Mede people of the Ivory Coast.


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    "Sports Talk" with Don Henderson and Doug Miles

    in Sports

    Join legendary Philadelphia  sportscaster Don Henderson (76'ers and Temple Owls play-by-play announcer, WCAU and WPHL radio, Miami Hurricanes football play-by-play) and Doug Miles as they engage in a lively hour of conversation on sports and other topics. Mondays at 7PM EDT.

    Guests: Dan Epstein author "Stars and Strikes Baseball and America in the Bicentennial Summer of '76"

    Brett Forrest author "The Big Fix: The Hunt for the Match-Fixers Bringing Down Soccer"

    Topics include: Wimbledon, CC Sabathia, World Cup, Carmelo Anthony, Lebron James. (www.dougmilesmedia.com)