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    BTWN Episode #20 - Election Part II - Objections Answered by Matt Slick of CARM

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    BTWN Episode 20 - Election Part II - Objections Answered by Matt Slick of CARM

    Lots of announcements this week as our ministry is growing at an unexpected pace.  We have a new Logo that is now being used on all of our social media platforms.  Biblethumpingwingnut.com is nearly finished and almost ready to launch, when it’s up you’ll be able to listen to us live from the website!  We also have a new iTunes feed to give you the best sound quality possible.  If you subscribe to our old iTunes feed, follow the link to the new one, please subscribe, rate and review: 


    Mike Abendroth of No Compromise Radio will be joining us before the end of the month Lord willing, his website is www.nocompromiseradio.com, please look for his podcast on iTunes as well.  Pastor Mike also has a YouTube channel, we played this video called “The Gospel is Not” and you can follow this link to watch the video and subscribe to his YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCDmdlPNfAI

    Thanks for listening, please look up our new iTunes feed and subscribe, rate and review us so that we can continue to move up in the New & Noteworthy” section of iTunes. 

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    BTWN Episode 15 - Reformed Pubcast, Anxiety, Church Talk, Len Debates an Atheist

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    On this episode we discuss a new podcast we all enjoy called “Reformed Pubcast.” Les and Tanner are the hosts and they talk about reformed theology, craft beer and home brewing.  


    Listen to clips from the new video released from Wretched Radio called “Anxiety.”  Anxiety is not an issue of circumstances, but an issue of faith and Todd Friel gives a biblical, practical ways to deal with this sin in this product.  Colin discusses his experience with anxiety and how useful this product will be for him in his role in ministry.


    Tim led a discussion on church and we all talked about the kind of churches we attend..  We discussed a point that Tim heard in a recent sermon.

    Finally the show closed discussing a debate that Len had with an atheist made Matt.  We listened to the clip and had a short discussion on presuppositional apologetics and the fundamental differences in the starting points of a professed atheist and a born again Christian.

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    BTWN Episode 19 - Election with Apologia & No Compromise Radio Part 1

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    After going through our listener feedback, we remind our listeners that we now have a new iTunes feed from our Sound Cloud account. We set this up so we can offer our listeners better sound quality, so please go subscribe to our new iTunes feed, rate and review us so we can move back up in the “New and Noteworthy” section.

    Election is the topic this week, and although it makes many Christians uncomfortable, it’s in the bible so this is an issue we must wrestle through. Colin walks us through the TULIP and explains what each point is, then we dig in and listen to clips from Jeff Durbin of Apologia Radio. Famous tazed Arminian and KJV Onlyist Pastor Steven Anderson preached a sermon on Calvinism and called the doctrines of grace “Satanic” but is that a fair criticism?

    Pastor Mike Abendroth and the Tuesday Guy from No Compromise Radio give us a thorough teaching on Unconditional Election and the implications of this doctrine.

    In keeping with our theme this week, we play a game of “Good Tweet/Bad Tweet” by searching the key words “Calvinism is.”

    Please remember to subscribe to our new iTunes feed for highest sound quality, call us at 720-789-BTWN and tell us what you think of the show. You can email us at biblethumpingwingnut@gmail.com, follow us on Twitter, and join our Facebook group and leave us feedback there also.

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    BTWN Episode 18 - WWUTT creator Pastor Gabe Hughes, Len’s Potty Mouth, The Fruit

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    Have you ever had your favorite radio show read your email or play your voicemail live on their show?  That’s how we start our show every week!  We have several ways you can leave us your feedback, you can call 720-789-BTWN and leave a voicemail, you can email us at biblethumpingwingnut@gmail.com, and you can comment on the episodes on soundcloud.com/biblethumpingwingnut or on our YouTube channel!  Don’t forget to find us at www.biblethumpingwingnut.com to connect with us on all social media platforms.

    Pastor Gabe Hughes is the creator of the YouTube channel WWUTT (When We Understand The Text).  He creates short videos that are visually appealing to help people understand some of the most difficult and misunderstood texts of the bible.  We interview Pastor Gabe about how and why he makes his videos, and he spends the whole show with us as a guest cohost and gives his insights on our topics.  We listened to several of the videos, which can be found at https://www.youtube.com/user/wwutt

    Tim leads an intervention to help Len with his potty mouth and lack of self control.  He plays a clip from a recent Google+ hangout where Len was ranting like a lunatic and Tim wore out his ‘Beep’ button.  Someone needs to wash out his mouth with soap!  Here’s the clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5ZDQ3-n3Vk


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    Sye Ten Bruggencate to Co-Host Episode 10 of BTWN Podcast- Live May 31 - Noon ET

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    Go to www.mixlr.com/biblethumpingwingnut this Saturday May 31st at noon ET to listen to our live interview with Sye Ten Bruggencate discuss his upcoming debate with Matt Dillahunty of the Atheist Experience public access show scheduled to happen that night in Memphis TN.  This is the only way to hear this interview BEFORE the debate, please go to mixlr.com and follow us, subscribe on iTunes and download past episodes.

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    BTWN Episode 17 - Rick Warren vs. Chris Rosebrough

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    If you are listening on iTunes or Blog Talk Radio, follow the link below to hear Episode 17 with higher quality: https://soundcloud.com/biblethumpingwingnut

    Is your church “Purpose Driven?”  What’s wrong with a so-called “Purpose Driven” church and if your church was going in that direction would you even notice?  How is your discernment?  Chris Rosebrough reviews a sermon from Pastor Rick Warren of Saddle Back Church in California from Fathers Day 2014 and points out the many theological errors and instances of ‘eisegesis’ which will help you sharpen your discernment skills.  

    We then review sermon snippets from Pastor Bruce Aubrey of Northside Baptist Church in Syracuse NY to show how many unqualified men are in pulpits all over America, and subtle false teaching is abundant.  

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    BTWN Episode 16 - Dr. James White Debate Review, Len’s Debate, Mixlr Music Time

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    BTWN Episode 16 - Dr. James White Debate Review, Len’s Debate, Mixlr Music Time


    On today’s episode we start listening to voicemail and answering an email from a listener about  the bible and how we know as Christians that God is not lying to us.


    We then listen to more of Len’s conversation with Matt the atheist and have a discussion on presuppositional apologetics and the shortcomings of evidential and classicist arguments for the existence of God and why we all reject those methodologies in favor of presup.


    After a short clip from a mid week podcast, we then discuss Dr. James White’s debate with open theist Bob Enyart, we play his cross examination and talk about why open theism is damnable heresy and should be rejected by bible believing, born again Christians.


    When Jesus said “Judge not” just what did He mean?  We listen to a video clip from the YouTube channel WWUTT (When We Understand the Text).


    We close the show playing a new Twitter game, you won’t want to miss it!


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    BTWN Episode 13 - Vocab Malone of Backpack Radio - Twitter Games - Podcast Highl

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    The show starts by reading all of the Tweets that came in for the SWAG bag contest, lots of funny ones, picking a winner was a difficult task!  Thanks to all who participated.  We welcome our guest Vocab Malone of Backpack Radio and he was gracious enough to spend almost the whole show with us!.  We learn about his ministry and church in downtown Phoenix Arizona and how he got started with Pastor Bob and Vermone on their podcast.  He discusses his “feud” with Apologia Radio (all in good fun of course).  

    Vocab went on to talk about his history in the underground battle rap scene, how God is using Reformed Hip Hop and he even raps his testimony for us!  


    Len then soundly defeats Vocab in a game of “Good Tweet Bad Tweet” but we give him grace because he’s never played before.  


    We read listener feedback, announce our two winners of the SWAG bag contest and announced a new SWAG bag contest, and of course our podcast highlights are played throughout the show.  


    For more information on Vocab Malone and the ministry of Backpack Radio, check out his website at http://backpackradio.com/


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    BTWN Episode 5 with Jeff Durbin of Apologia Radio Part 1

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    In part one of our interview with Jeff Durbin we discuss the following:

    What does Jeff do other than Apologia Radio?

    Jeff the movie star

    Jeff's realization of God's sovereignty in preaching

    Time Management/Priorities

    Childrens Ministry

    How Apologia started

    Please follow the link below to follow us on iTunes, please subscribe, rate and review:


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    BTWN Episode 7 This week in Christian Podcasting Reviewed

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    Call us at 720-789-BTWN, best voicemail of the week gets a free tee shirt from Wrath and Grace (www.wrathandgrace.com).

    Listen to Colin, Len and Tim discuss highlight from the week in Christian Podcasting. The shows we covered were as follows:

    Cross Encounters with Tony Miano

    No Compromise Radio with Mike Abendroth

    Backpack Radio with Vocab Malone

    Fighting for the Faith with Chris Rosebrough

    A Rebels Cause Radio with Dan Frye

    The Briefing with Al Mohler

    The Dividing Line with Dr. James White

    Wretched Radio with Todd Friel

    Other topics, the Ohio Fire Conference (strivingforeternity.org/events/ohio-fire-2014/), good tweet bad tweet, Sye Ten Bruggencate's upcoming debate with Matt Dillahunty, and a debate later today on the biblethumpingwingnut YouTube channel with Colin vs. a Twitter atheist.

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    BTWN Episode 12 - Tony Miano, Answer for an atheist, and Tim the Prankster

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    An eclectic episode of the BibleThumpingWingnut show this week, we start the show discussing Colin's new "fued" with Jeff Durbin of Apologia Radio, Tim interviews Tony Miano of Cross Encounters Radio, they discuss Tony's arrest for breach of peace and hate speach in Dundee Scotland.  Listen to find out the outcome.  Tony also discussed the "Attributes of God" conference which he spoke at, the messages from the conferences are available for download at http://cazvbc.org/sermons.

    We still have our contest to win $100.00 worth of SWAG, including a MacArthur NASB study bible, 7 books, DVD's and CD's, apack of Gospel Tracts, and lots of other great stuff.  We are giving away TWO bags!  To be entered into a drawing join our Facebook page.  If you already follow us on Facebook, go to Twitter and Tweet @biblethumpingwingnut a funny excuse as to why you cannot attend the Jersey Fire Conference with Striving for Eternity Ministries (http://strivingforeternity.org/spreading-the-fire/) and make sure to hashtag #jerseyfire, the funniest tweet will win the second SWAG bag. 

    Check out our sponsor at wrathandgrace.com

    We also answer a question from an atheist about God's sovereignty in election and man's responsibility.

    Don't forget our podcast highlights!  Why are Len and Colin laughing uncontrollably?  Listen to hear Tim prank his two unsuspecting co-hosts.

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