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    It Is Finished! 18MAR15 Bibi WINS in Israel....Look at God! Obama's plot LOSE!!!

    in Christianity

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is celebrating a Big Win today after the attempts of the Obama administration to make him lose the election. Regardless of the millions of US Tax payer dollars that were given to the opposite Israeli party in an attempt to overthrow Bibi...God said otherwise and allowed him to win. What's next for Israel and what will the Obama administration do now since Prime Minister Bengamin Netanyahu has vowed to not give in to US demands or a 2-state solution? Psalm 21:11 Though they plot evil against you and devise wicked schemes, they cannot succeed. (NIV)

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    Dukurikire Yesu Kristo ,tuve inyuma y'abantu-buntu! (Yer.17:5) Ibihe ni bibi!

    in The Bible

    Bene data,bavandimwe bakundwa. Ibi bihe by'impmeruka byadukanye byinshi bibi kandi byiyoberanya ukaba wagirango ni byiza. Aho gukurikira Yesu benshi bamaze gukurikira no kumvira abantu!

    Imana idutabare dusobanukirwe n'ukuri nyako, kandi twirinde kuko ''Uwiringira umwana w'umuntu atravumwa.. kuko ubwabyo ni umuvumo! Nta mumaro wo kwizera umuntu! Imana ishaka ko tuyizera tukabona kubaho!

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    CRLive 3/18:Blood Moons, EPA Targets Grills, The Last Pope, Bibi Wins,Quakes

    in Politics Conservative

    7pm EST

    Join host Barry Secrest and exo-government specialist Lee Daniel as they discuss an ever-expanding caseload of governmental oddities, politics, the Supernatural & The New World Order--all from an entertaining, cutting edge, Conservative perspective.

    Listen live and CALL IN to speak to the host and co-host--(347) 996-3923.  Join the conversation!

    Tonight's topics include:

    Blood Moons, Puzzling Quakes, World Unrest, and the End Times
    Obama's EPA Now Targeting Your Backyard Grill to "Eliminate Pollution"
    Signs: Presbyterian Church Embraces Apostasy in Approval of Gay Marriage
    Pope's Cryptic Remarks Prompt Experts to Cite Ancient Prophecy of "The Last Pope"
    Obama "Removes" Federal Regulation Requiring 'Freedom Of Information' from White House
    New rift opens between Obama, Netanyahu after election victory
    Fossilized clams proof of biblical flood
    Why Did Facebook Block This Simple ‘I Am A Christian’ Ad? — ‘I Was Shocked…’
    Gallup Pole: Majority of US Citizens Choose US Government As America's Biggest Problem
    Iran's Mullahs Join Obama Officials in Condemning US Senate Letter: Any Questions, Now?
    Awesome auroras light up the night sky
    First Muslim college accredited in the U.S.
    Glenn Beck: 'I'm Out Of The Republican Party'
    ‘Beyond belief': Thought Hillary email scandal couldn’t get worse? Boy,were you wrong!


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    Betsy Woodman On Her Latest Jana Bibi Adventure: Emeralds Included

    in Women

    If you’re looking for a great read that weaves fascinating characters, an exotic locale, and a spellbinding story together with the adventures of a spunky, midlife protagonist, you’re in for a real treat. Betsy Woodman, author of Jana Bibi’s Excellent Fortunes and Love Potion Number 10 is joining us to tell all about her third novel in this delightful series. Emeralds Included has Jana focusing on motherhood as she prepares for her son’s upcoming nuptials… and you know  from previous adventures, there will be plenty of unexpected twists and turns for Jana!

    Betsy will share her thoughts on bidding the delightful Jana farewell as well as what she learned from her latest trip to India. You won’t want to miss this sure-to-be fascinating conversation with the ever-charming Betsy Woodman!

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    UGP #350 Thank Allah Bibi Is Still In Charge...

    in Politics Conservative

    Isreal keeps the adults in charge. Yay.  

    Starbucks now forcing thier racist views on thier customers...


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    Manifest Money Miracles with Tarek Bibi! New Date..

    in Lifestyle

    Tarek Bliss Bibi, aka Mr Miraculous, gets the nickname for the miraculous results he delivers to his clients. 


    Tarek has been labeled an empath, an indigo, a start seed, a light worker, and an earth angel.  


    Tarek is certified and trained in many modalities including hypnotherapy, past life regression therapy, mind body healing, zenith omega, reiki, and the pulse technique and is the creator of the revolutionary modality called infinity healing, as guided by his higher self. 

    Tarek’s audio programs, you tube videos, healing fb posts, and one on one healings have created Hard to believe Miraculous Transformations for thousands of people worldwide. Tarek works with Spiritual women who are leaders and visionaries, who are ready and willing to take the next step transitioning to a life where they are thriving on all levels doing what they love. 


    No longer do we remain imprisoned by other peoples fears, conditioning and limitations, you now have the ability to choose to create your own reality as your heart desires!


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    Author Erick Stakelbeck on ISIS; Bibi Wins; Hillary Scandal Update

    in Politics Conservative

    Author and investigative reporter  Erick Stakelbeck has written the definitive book about ISIS and the threat it poses to the world. He calls in to Liberty Drive to discuss "ISIS Exposed," the growth of this barbaric movement and what can be done to stop it... Benjamin Netanyahu defied the odds and win re-election in Israel this week. The Obama administration's attempts to defeat him were a disgrace... Hillary Clinton's scandals just won't go away. We discuss the state of Hillary's problematic candidacy. 

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    PSR_91 Consciousness and Hip-Hop w Tarek Bliss Bibi

    in Spirituality

    > Listen and Share on Youtube < 
    Be Inspired. Be Involved.
    A Portal for Conscious Media and Global Community Growth.

    Paradigm Shift Central is a growing collective of Paradigm Shift Communities that encourage and support open-mindedness, healthy living, and the evolution of consciousness. 

    fb.com/ParadigmShiftRadio + fb.com/ParadigmShiftCentral

    Order Shift Buttons to help build community and awaken consciousness where you are! ParadigmShiftCentral.com/Buttons

    Support the Future of Conscious Media:
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    Guest: Tarek Bliss Bibi - Hip-Hop Artist
    Album -www.lsdivinity.bandcamp.com

    This show is a platform for US AS CONSCIOUSNESS to practice sharing our insights, ideas, and experiences.

    Host - Skull Babylon

    Help Support Journey to Lucidity 2 

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    RJ Eskow & Andrew Jones • VS Sundays

    in Current Events

    Tonight we talk about the Ferguson Report and the persistence of institutional vestiges of Jim Crow--and its manifestation in Oklahoma.  Iran negotiations and Bibi's visit and the Republican modern Know Nothings' grasp of "foreign policy." Vanishing email and the implemenation of government transparency laws, viewed through the prism of Hilary's, Jebs, and the State Department email systems.

    DoJ's Ferguson Report (pdf)

    Vanishing email

    Embarassing letter


    Poltical satire from Culture of Truth. Jay Ackroyd moderates.

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    Afterglow - Live with Tim and Vince

    in Religion

    Isis.  What is it?  Why is it?  Is it really in the Bible?  You may be surprised.  Tim and Vince will look at it from a Biblical perspective on the eve of Bibi's Address to congress.  What is the rapture and do we really know that it is coming before the great tribulation?  Find out if you are Rapture Ready. 

    Tim Roden Speaker, Blogger

    Vince Tarquini Chaplain, Evangist.

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    Hard Starboard Radio: Netan-YAHOO!

    in Politics Conservative

    Don’t let anyone spin you otherwise: Bibi's re-election is a big win; How much does Netanyahu's triumph really matter?; A quick note on Netanyahu and Israel’s Arab citizens; Building bipartisan support for opposing Obama’s Iran Folly that Congress lacks the power to stop; While the Left hypocritically questions Tom Cotton's patriotism, no one is disputing his letter’s actual content; Senate Democrats endorse human sex trafficking in the name of abortion on demand; and Harry Reid is hell-bent on redundantly proving he still runs the Senate.


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