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    Leah Rogers Author of Game Over The Story of a Sex Trafficking Victim

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    The Beautiful Butterfly Show Welcomes Author Leah Rogers!!

    Leah was raised in a hostile environment where her mother was at the time a heavy drug user and regularly physically abused by men in front of her children.  After being awarded to the state, she found herself running away on numerous occasions.  Leah began stripping to maintain a living for her daughter. It was there that she'd met her boyfriend that monthes later exposed himself as a pimp.  

    Leah worked as a prostitute and "Bottom girl" around the United States, mainly California, Scottsdale, Arizona, Washington, D.C and Texas for almost Three years, while being beaten brutally by her pimp even after she became pregnant with his son. 

    On May 13th, 2011 Leah was arrested with her pimp, when her pimp was discovered recruiting two under age girls, who were Undercover FBI Agents.  After being tried as a suspect and signing a plea for seven years, Leah was given a second chance to prove her innocent about her involvement with her pimp.  

    After turning her life around for the better, on March 4th, 2015 she shared her story with CBS News titled "A Better Arizona" broadcasted locally on television.  After this airing, Leah began to get anxious about saving other women who were still in the game and created a video for her Facebook channel.  Leah is now known around the world for her video traveling through social media at just under one million views. 

    Leah's dream has always been to sell high valued real estate, but has dedicated her time to finish the mission to save other women by educating the community, churches, legislature and schools, to prevent this tragedy from happening to their loved ones.  


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    Women and How We View Relationships Vs Friendships with Men

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    Some Men would say trying to Understand a Woman, Can be Difficult. Well is it really??. When it comes to Women and Men, often times people feel each sex is hard to understand. Tonight we want to discuss Women's Thoughts on Relationships Vs. Friendships with Men. There are some Men whom we have heard say "Oh man we were not in a relationship , we were just friends". All while the female may have been thinking that the past few months that you two were spending time with each other was in fact a "Relationship" ...Do Women Think to Advanced too Soon when it comes to a man that may be interested in us??? .And We will discuss the definitions of a Relationship and Friendship... So Ladies and Gents we want to hear from YOU!! 347-326-9139

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    Author Spotlight with Author of Til Death Do Us Part Nicole Milner

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    The Beautiful Butterfly Show Welcomes Author of " Til Death Do Us Part" Nicole Milner. 

    Nicole Milner Milner is a native of Richmond, Virginia and is a proud graduate of Hampton University and published her first book,Til Death Do Us Part, in 2012. She says it's actually funny hearing her name and the word “author” in the same sentence and context. She may have written two or three poems when she was a love struck teenager and a few research papers for school, but that’s about it. Milner never had any desire to be a writer or to produce a play for that matter. By profession she’s human resources, not writer, not producer. Well, at least not until now!

    Publishing her first book and now anticipating the play based on the book has been both an exciting and humbling experience. Some reader comments have included “I wanted to tell you great book. It was very inspirational and I have encouraged others to read it. You are truly a blessing and you have touched my heart;" “I cried when I read your book because it felt like you were telling my story;” and “Your book has the makings of a movie. Although Milner’s books are fiction, she crafts her story lines based on some actual events which makes the story more relatable to the reader. 

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    Author Spotlight with Author of Reject High Brian L Thompson

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    On this Episode of The Beautiful Butterfly Show we Welcome Our first sciene fiction Author Brian L. Thompson as we discuss his book "Reject High" 

    MEET OUR GUEST AUTHOR BRIAN L. THOMPSON: With five novels in print, including his highly-successful science-fiction teen
    series, Reject High, Brian Thompson continues to shape his career as a storyteller who fuses high-concept plots with down-to-earth characters. As a child, Brian could always be found drawing superheroes or etching out action stories in a notebook. Leaning on his experience as a well-respected journalist and writer and with his love for science fiction classics, Brian formed Great Nation Publishing, LLC. – an independent publishing company aimed at promoting creative projects with integrity. Its published works include historical fiction novels The Lost Testament (2010), and The Revelation Gate (2011), with the latter landing on Amazon's Top 80 List for Historical Fiction-Africa. With those works under his belt, Brian turned to his first love of science fiction and released the dystopian/speculative fiction work, The Anarchists (2012) and introduced the Reject High series geared towards young adult readers. The Anarchists, Reject High (Book One of the Reject High Series) and Sophomore Freak (Book Two) have garnered a number of positive reviews and endorsements with Forgotten (2015) and Champion, Immortal (2016) on the horizon.    When he is not urging others to pursue their writing passions, Thompson chases his own: preparing for the spring 2015 release of Forgotten, the third installment in the Reject High series, being a full-time high school English/Language Arts teacher, and co-running the day-to-day operations of Great Nation Publishing. A proud graduate of both Morehouse College and Temple University, Thompson and his family live in East Metro Atlanta, Georgia.

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    What You Need to Know About Politics in 2016 with Jerome Espree

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    On This Episode of The Beautiful Butterfly Show takes a different spin, as we dlve into the topic of POLITICS!! Yes we Want to discuss What You Need to Know About Politics in 2016. We want to discuss certain policies, and how these BIG changes can Affect You. Joining this platform will be Special Guest Jerome Espree, from Espree News Radio Show. Please Call in at 347-326-9139 and share your thoughts with us!!

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    Author Spotlight on Hope Redefined with Author Kelly J Joyner

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    Meet Our Guest Author Kelly Joyner of " Hope Redefined: From Fertility to Broken Relationships, How I Learned to Hope Again".

    Kelly’s journey to living a FANTABULOUS LIFE began while she was on her way to a job she hated! She was living the “American Dream”, with a home, husband and six figure income, yet not living her dream. She was bound by limitations that were suffocating her potential and ability. Kelly spent more time doing what was EXPECTED and not what she RESPECTED.

    Fast forward to today, Kelly Joyner has stepped out of the shadows of fear and flaw and into a FANTABULOUS LIFE! According to Kelly, everyone has a God given purpose and her mission is to help others unearth their purpose, protect the promise, and perform the plan! Kelly Janine Joyner is a Certified Christian Counselor and Life Coach.  She received her BA in Theology from Richmond Virginia Seminary in Richmond, VA. 

    From co hosting the Davis and Joyner show to hosting the Fantabulous Living Show, both on Blog Talk Radio, to vision board designing, seminars, and coaching; Kelly is unlocking the joys of life with the keys of purpose. With over a decade of experience in public speaking, community outreach, and coaching, Kelly is taking the Fantabulous Life to the next level with her first book:   Hope Redefined: From infertility to broken relationships; How I learned  to HOPE again

    Kelly is the founder of H.O.P.E Redefined, an organization dedicated to helping women Heal, remain Optimistic, and Purposefully walk in Expectation!

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    The Rise and Decline of The Black Woman

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    If you took the time to look at some old photos from your parents, grandparents, even great grandparents you will see women dressed and carried themselves in a certain manner. You had women whom were home makers, they were dressed in their best to go to a social gathering, church meeting, etc, all while being Great Wives, Educators, Care takers and More. Fast forward to where we are now....In 2016 it seems that the world is more focused on how Small a woman's your waist is, and how big her hips are, and How Big women can make their butts overnight. When we look at social media, Skin, flesh, is the first thing most of us see. Yes this does depend on whom you are connected with, but the odds that someone on your list is connected to an individual like this is pretty Huge. So What Happened, Why do Women feel in order to make it in this world, they have to show everything they have. Some women are choosing to shake their butts on social media for a living verses getting a college education, or starting their own business. Whats Caused this Decline, and How Can we Get Black Women to Rise as the Queens that they Are??

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    Shattering Black Male Stereotypes with Author Michael Taylor

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    If you’re a man who happens to be black, chances are you may have bought into the media generated perception that black men are an endangered species. We are constantly bombarded with images of police brutality, racism, and a host of other challenges that would support this idea. With all of these negative stereotypes and images, it’s no wonder some black men feel powerless, pessimistic and hopeless.

     But what if I told you that black men were positioned to experience unprecedented levels of success in America today?

     According to author and motivational speaker, Coach Michael Taylor, who is the author of the amazon.com bestselling book “Black Men Rock ~ 10 Keys To Empower Black Men To Live Extraordinary Lives”, the doors of opportunity are wide open for any man who is willing to take control of his own destiny.

     Join me as I interview Coach Michael Taylor about his powerful new Webinar titled Shattering Black Male Stereotypes ~ Eradicating The 10 Most Destructive Media Generated Illusions About Black Men.

     In this interview he will explain the 10 illusions and why he is so optimistic about the future for black men.

     Join us for this powerful positive conversation.

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    B.Fly's Music Lounge Welcomes Special Guest Kvn Tajzea

    in Music

    This Evening B.Fly's Music Lounge Welcomes Special Guest Kvn Tajzea (pronounced Keh-vun Tah-Jhay) is more than your typical R&B singer songwriter and actor. He is quite possibly the best male R&B vocalist you’ve never heard of…until now. Kvn began his love affair with music and acting at a very young age. The artist elaborates, “I was a very sick child growing up and nearly died a few times. I wasn’t really allowed to play outside until the age of 7 because my immune system was so weak.” It was in these moments that his creativity blossomed out of necessity. He read, listened to, and watched a plethora of varying artistic expressions. Kvn recalls, “When I got tired of reading and watching movies, I sang to myself.”

    Even after becoming healthy enough to lead the normal life of a kid his passion for the arts continued to grow and manifested itself in a variety of ways ranging from poetry, drawing, songwriting and acting. Kvn is an accomplished vocalist with a four octave range whose smooth, syrupy, and comforting voice conceals an old school rasp that let’s you in on the pain and tribulation that fuels a tone of hope in every note he sings. The former church drummer’s singing recalls a time where R&B singers could not only sing, but also tell a story with the delivery of each melodic utterance.

    “The First Return” is Kvn's debut project featuring the production of hit maker Ron Love for MonaRK Productions. According to Kvn, the title makes reference to this being his first album and a return of real R&B back to the forefront of the music industry.https://www.reverbnation.com/kvntajzea

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    Should Teens Be Educated About Sex or Told Nothing at all with Dr.Brian Parker

    in Education

    On This Episode of The Beautiful Butterfly Show we will be discussing " SHould Teens Be Educated about Sex or Just Told Nothing At All.. Joining Our Show will be Special Guest Dr. Brian Parker.

    Dr. Brian Parker is a sexologist and sex educator with a Ph. D. and an Ed. D. from The Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. Over the past 14 years, Dr. Brian has taught sex ed to hundreds of thousands of students in numerous colleges, universities, and junior/senior high schools. He is also an AASECT (American Association of Sexuality Educators Counsellors and Therapists) Certified Sex Educator

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    Call in with all your prayer needs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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    Jesus on the scenes prayer and outreach deliverance Ministry,
    When Jesus Comes On The Scene: The Enemy Will Flee , call in tonight @12 AM EST 347-850-1990 no code needed, Jesus love you and so do we. Do you need someone to pray with you over the phone? There are times when we are going through a very difficult situation and we need someone who is available to pray with us even if it is 2:00AM in the morning.As a person who prays, I enjoy reading the verse in James 5:16 as it reminds me that the prayers of a righteous person can be powerful and effective. call in with all of your pray needs we have see God do great things and the lifes of the souls we pray for , people have been heal and life have been change in Jesus name, we give Jesus all the glory for the great things he has done ."It always makes a difference"
    "When Jesus passes by"
    "The devil trembles, the enemy flees"
    "When Jesus comes on the scene"
    "He always shines a ray of light"
    "The darkening clouds must fly"
    "It always makes a difference"
    "When Jesus is on the scenes " call in be blessed even more in Jesus name.