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    Bi Sexual Men & DownLow Men

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    What Men Do in the Dark and who they do it with, you'll never know!!
    The revolution of Bi-Sexual Men, nothing like you've seen before in American History....
    Tune in today to hear some of the reasons Men became Bisexual and love the same sex.....

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    Bi-Sexual Men and the Down Low “Phenomenon”

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    Our last show focused on women and bi-sexuality. This week we want to focus on men who identify as bi-sexual and women who have experienced relationships where men were on "the down low." 

    Is there such a thing as a "bi-sexual" male? If a man sleeps with another man but still enjoy the company of a woman...gay? Why isn't it socially acceptable for a male to be bisexual? Even in the LGBT community? Is there such a thing as gay male privilege? 

    Women...have you experienced a relationship with a male whom you later found was on "the down low" or bisexual? If so, how did you handle it? Did you stay or leave? Did you blame yourself? Were there signs you missed along the way? How do you talk to a man about his sexual preferences without it being an offensive conversation? Should we actually discuss a man's sexual preference during the first date...or is that something we should even discuss at all?

    I want us to discuss this. Join us and share your thoughts!

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    My Bi-sexual Ex?

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    LADIES... If your ex-boyfriend admitted to you that he had a sexual EXPERIENCE with a MAN while you two were APART... would you consider taking him back?
    REMEMBER ladies.... MOST men would still take you back if you had one.
    Call-in to speak to the host Derek & Mika.  We would love to hear from you live on the air Wednesday March 20th 2013 @ 11:00PM.  I ask that all listeners/callers be mindful of those that are listening to our show.  We do not support or promote discrimination of any sort.  Thank you!

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    Part 2 "Team Bi-Sexual" Episode

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    Part 2 "Team Bi-Sexual" Episode will be even wilder than the very unexpected Part 1. Special exclusive interview with Que a very very sexy lesbian about her relationships, sex life, & girls in general, Co-Host Shanice & Destiny explain why the admitted to being willing to accept oral sex from another female(s), 2 different Diamonds talk about how sexy Que is and admitting to either being bi-sexual or wanting to try it, Part 2 of exclusive interview w. Rapper Yellaboi, & Mr Hattiesburg getting very explict answering a fan question about how he would perform oral sex all hosted by Hattiesburg's Biggest Star, The Party King, Mr Hattiesburg.

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    Is It Possible to be Bi-Sexual?

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    Is It Possible to be Bi-Sexual? The crew weighs in on this topic and more... "We blog for sanity. What do you do?"

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  • Mr. Exposed Christmas Eve Special

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    Yes Mr. Exposed AKA Deon Walker will be keeping it real with us on Christmas Eve. As you cook your food and sip your drank join us this holiday. We will have your kitchen hotter than your oven baby!

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    On the Down-Low or Bi-Sexual. Which one is it?

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    “What would you say if we told you years ago talk shows and books featuring Men on The Down Low was the hot topic of discussion? Now what if we told you that in 2011 there was blogs, articles and books that provided an inside view about Women on The Down Low?
    Joi Akunana a hard working professional educator, business consultant and now an ex to her husband but not her girlfriend will join us and candidly talk about the differences she sees in the label and definition of down-low and bi-sexual. Can We Talk for REAL Wednesday night will host this open conversation because this is a topic that men have been bearing the burden for far too long and woman are out here in the same type of relationships unseen and unheard.. Now we will talk with a woman that is to some a Woman on the Down Low but to others she is simply, Bi Sexual who is right? Is there a possibility that for so long the label has been wrong? In this situation is there a double standard?
    Also joining in on the conversation is a friend of CWT4R, Tim’m West. Tim’m will join the conversation with Joi to define from a male prospective Down-Low and Bi Sexual is that a woman’s term or do men also have that label? 

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    Mama June: Does She Really Care About Her Kids? And Other Trending Topics

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    Dre and Crystal discuss trending topics such as Mama June, from Honey Boo Boo fame, who completely discounts her daughters accusations of being molested by Mama June's ex boyfriend. Could a real mother do that? We also will talk about Kim Kardashian's Naked Ass and Full Frontal Shots in Paper Magazine. And why is it ok for women to be bi-sexual and not for men?

    Relationship expert, Michelle Barnum Smith answers a listener's question on if letting her husband sleep with another woman while she is sick and pregnant a good idea?

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    Laugh & Tears as promised, has continued our quest to attack topics that others are afraid to address. We also believe that everything happens for a reason. A few weeks ago we guest appeared on "THE ELOHEEM SHOW" and met a young man by the name of, Imani. He is a bi-sexual rapper and adult movie star. Laugh & Tears has always stated that even if we don't agree or understand someone's opinions and behavior, we will RESPECT it. With that being said we are proud to have the controversial "Imani The Misfit" also known as "The Bi-Sexual Rapper" as a guest on our show. Maryland's First Bisexual Star Rapper. Imani the Misfit is an American rapper, record producer, singer- songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, actor and model from Maryland. Imani has been featured on Washington City Paper, Examiner.com, Bi-Social Network and many other website news publications as "Maryland's First Bisexual Star Rapper" Before his confessions of his sexuality, he was featured on Sheek Louch's "From the Bottom to the Top" mixtape with his strip club anthem song "Belly Ring". Join us Wednesday night as we feature artist, Imani in our first ever 2 hour SPECIAL...

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    GAY: The New "N" Word; Homosexuality & The Church

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    “I’m not gay no more” says 21-year old Andrew Caldwell, a young man that attended the annual COGIC Convocation this year. Some considered his confession a mockery of the Church; some said it was a show, while others considered it shameful. Although this event has gone viral and made numerous headlines with many views and hits including YouTube, I-tunes, Facebook, and Twitter, it has put the spotlight on the Black Church (not just a particular denomination) in its stance on where the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender, and Queer's (LGBTQ) place is in our congregations.

    Homosexuality has been the plight of the Black Church for years and is now being summons to give an account in answering the big question… What is the Church going to do about it?

    Executive Director Will Batts of the Memphis Gay & Lesbian Community Center, in response to the controversy, stated that “every reputable scientific study says that you cannot change someone’s orientation”.  While adding to the debate of sexual orientation, Christopher Doyle, Director of the International Healing Foundation and person behind the anti-gay billboard advertisement (P-FOX-Parents & Friends of Ex-Gays/Gays) in Richmond, Virginia, believes that being gay is not a genetic predisposition but a choice and anyone can choose to change their lives.

    Tonight on Truth Talk, follow the discussion as we talk about the plight of homosexuality and criticism in the Black Church.

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