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    Insulted For Being Bi-Racial or Mixed

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    It seems like people wouldn't be so racist, narrow minded and shallow when it comes to races and nationalities in these days and times. Why doesn't some people WANT to UNDERSTAND no one have the option to "chose" his or her nationality[-ies] nor race. We are born how we are borne in the races and/or nationalities given to us in our DNA, bloodline and genes. Many people are insulted for being bi-racial or mixed especially if they are mixed with African / Black African-American. Join us if you are mixed or bi-racial to share any of your experiences of discrimination or just to give us your opinion about this ongoing matter. 

    *Visit Us Online: http://www.zhemagazine.com

    *Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ZHEMAGAZINEPAGE

    *Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/zhemagazine

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    Oprah Winfrey on Nelson Mandela and How Bi-Racial America Deals with Racism

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    Highlights and fun stories from the 45th Annual NAACP Image Awards today on "Sundays with Rolonda," including an interview with Oprah Winfrey about her personal times with Nelson Mandela.

    Plus, "Being Bi-Racial in America: Dealing with Racism and the Stand Your Ground Law."

    I need some callers on this topic today so please join me -- 602-753-1779.....www.sundayswithrolonda.com

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    Artist Laurelle and Mothers with Bi-racial children

    in Women

    RIB Radio will have an artist feature with singer Laurelle. We will also be having a discussion with mothers with Bi-racial children to get their take on Kim Kardashian's rascim commentary and share their own eperiences.



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    Are we Black, Afrikan or something else? Are bi-racial people Black?

    in Politics

    F.A.R. will discuss the subject of ethnic identification. We will discuss which ethnic name we feel Black people should embrace and which ones we should reject. We will also discuss whether or not bi-racial people are Black and where they fit in the discussion of how we identify ourselves as a nation. As always, the discussions are from an Afrikan-centered persepctive. 

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    Bi-Racial / Trans-Racial Adoption. Is love enough?

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    White celebrities have made it a common practice to adopt black babies from foreign countries, providing them with a better life than they could have ever possibly imagined if they had remained in their homeland. We're flooded with images of single white female celebrities cuddling black babies. However, celebrities have the means to provide a lifestyle to a child uncommon to most people and are able to encase their children in a life outside the norm. There's no doubt they love their children and will offer them the best that money can buy, including exclusivity.
    But what about "normal" people who adopt children outside their own race? Are they equipped to expose those children to their cultural heritage? Is it necessary to do so? Can they raise "normal" children of a different skin tone?
    Join me when I talk to "Duncan", a bi-racial male, who was given up for adoption by his white mother (black father) in the late 1960's. He was adopted by a white family at 5 days old and has 3 siblings that are biological children of his adoptive parents. Duncan looks black on the outside but for a long time didn't understand that when he felt white on the inside. What does that mean?
    Listen as he describes how he was not raised as a black man, but as a white man inside a black man's body. How did it turn out for him? Is love enough?

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    BLOCKstar Radio- BI Racial Couples

    in Music

    Whats your opinion on bi-racial couples, DJ Jerry Interview, Miami Heat (Wade, Bosh, James), C-Me hip hop soup, Hot Music

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    Ukrainian Family with 16 Bi-Racial Kids: Documentary Filmmaker Boris Ivanov

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    PT-8pm, NYC-11pm, London-4am, Ukraine-6am,

    We Revisit Ukrainian Documentary, "Family Portrait in Black and White."  A documentary film about a loving but headstrong Ukrainian woman named Olga, and the stable family environment she is trying to create for 16 bi-racial children, she adopted. The children are of mixed Ukrainian and African heritage, and were given away by their Ukrainian mothers due to, the high rate of racism and neo-nazi beliefs that run rampant throughout the Ukraine.

    This film shows a family working together and helping each other. It also shows how the Ukrainian Government do not enforce the weak hate laws in their country, nor do they protect children who are victims of hate crimes, like the ones in the film. Overall, the film is a beautiful story about love, sacrifice, and family. And the filmmakers have captured a moving and compelling story for all to see.


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    Bi-racial Americans - rejecting white ancestry, Why?

    in Politics Progressive

    The Politics of Color and Race. The practice of passing — identifying with and presenting oneself as one race while denying ancestry of another — reached its peak during the Jim Crow era. Needless to say, the notion of having to "pass" as white is outdated and offensive, but as sociologists Nikki Khanna and Cathryn Johnson report in a new study, passing is still alive and well today. It just happens in the other direction.

    For their study, Khanna and Johnson interviewed 40 biracial American adults about their racial identity, and were surprised by what they found: most people tended to suppress or reject their white ancestry altogether and claim to be entirely African American. join me tonight as we discuss whether  most bi-racial people suppress or reject their white ancestry altogether and claim to be entirely African American. Tonight on my African American Political Slugfest Show, "if you can handle the truth."

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    Week thirteen~1st segment State Of Our Union-Topic: "KILL A PERSON...SAVE A GUN"

    in Entertainment

    Segment 1. STATE OF OUR UNION~ Topic: "Kill A Person Save A Gun"

    This week On Point Discusses the overwhelming amount of PUSH BACK the NRA exudes to keep COMMON SENSE regulations away from guns or any resemblence of GUN CONTROL.

    Segment 2. BEHIND CLOSED DOORS~ "Chocolate or Vanilla...Or Do they Both Taste as Sweet"..?

    This week we look at inter-racial relationships and if there is actually difference's between the way love is given or received. We test the platform that LOVE  is color blind, because when the lights go out...so is EVERYBODY ELSE!

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    Selma Oscar Snub.........Racial Fatigue??

    in Social Networking

    DJ Magic Spinnz and SB Illustrious discuss the 2015 Oscar nominations in which Selma was not nominated.

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      TONIGHT JAN. 25th, 2015
    EVERY SUNDAY 5:00pm - 8:00pm EST (2:00pm - 5:00pm PST)
    our Topics include..
    ** Revising Black School's Curriculum ..with special guest Principle Dr. Daniel Withers of Jefferson County School District
    ** Celebrating Black Owned Business.
    ** Life Time Achievement Award Winner & Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Inductee Chris Jasper talks about his latest single on his CD.
    CALL IN (347) 205-9366
    http://tobtr.com/s/7279945   This is the show on Blog Talk, which kicked off the whole approach.  The Way I See It with Jay King.  Jay was the original host and from time to time, he'll pop in and throw in his two cents.  Relationships, racial divide, sports, political views.  The new host is Darryl L Williams.  347-205-9366 (the # for all the shows here on the JKN)  The archives of THE WAY I SEE IT are available in the demand section for Jay King, but now here's TEAM DLW on the JKN.

    This is information and education on the serious side.  Darryl L Williams shows you LOVE and gives you HAPPINESS.  Interviews, music - entermation.  (Entertainment & Information).  If there is some YOU want to roll your sleeves up and have at it - 347-205-9366.  Questions are welcomed, because if you don't ask, how are you going to get the answer?  Sometimes opinions may give YOU that extra edge you need to reach your destination.  347-205-9366.  And don't feel bad, every time I hear the words Love & Happiness, I can't help but think of Al Green, too -

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