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    Unbelievable turn of circumstances is a great way to describe Laurie who will be talking to us today. I have been enjoying getting to know Laurie and learning more about what she is doing today with her role at Private Quarters (an organization supporting domestic violence survivors) and part of a documentary in progress called BY A THREAD, as well as her personal experiences involved in domestic violence and why she has been so adamant to advocate for change. She states that she is on a mission to share her story as how she became safe in her own skin, as well as just her story of domestic violence on a whole. There is a certainly level of abuse and violence that women hear about on the news, in the obituaries, the obvious and repeated, daily and nightly abuse; however, there is another level of abuse that is hidden, forgotten about and not on the radar because it may not be thought of as "that bad". At what point does it have to be "bad" to do something about it, after all? What about those less than obvious signs that lead you down a path of abuse and violence that young and mature women don't understand and don't know to look for? Those are the masses we need to reach and educate, speak to and empower! Please join us on May 8th, 2010, at 2pm CST to hear what Laurie has to say to empower all our listeners to changes in our lives.

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    Danielle Joy Linhart writes the FROM DEEP WITHIN - BLIND AND BRUISED book straight from her heart, which makes it very straight to the point; however, she has written in a format that is an easy read, and one that can certainly ressonate with any teen going through any degree of teen dating abuse. Please join me as Danielle shares her story on our show and tells more about her book, of which a portion of the proceeds are going to help the National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline (http://loveisrespect.org)! The last paragraph on her backcover of the book states, "As a survivor, I want to help those being harmed or whos might be harmed, and to educate those who can help prevent a violent relationship. This book has been a path to self-discovery, to close the chapter on that part of my life. I feel as though I have re-lived the abuse all over again. At times, I had to stop writing, but I am glad I continued because there is a chance I will help someone in need." How true! It is hard to write a book about something that was so painful in your life; it is wonderful that Danielle has managed to get past that to share her story. I can't wait to share this guest with you. Chat room will be open for discussion too. :)

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    For a change of pace, we're changing the format during this show as an experimentation. Come to our chatroom during this time and feel free to ask questions that you might want answered regarding domestic violence issues.

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    Survivor Voice: Survivor2013 #Project1000000Voices Journey Beyond the Ravine

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    Her Story:

    "I started dating a guy in Dec 2012. He told me how his mother past away and his father was a drunk. How his ex was mean to him and everybody gave up on him. Me being a mother felt the need to protect him and show him I was always going to be there. We had a wedding ceremony on 5-4-13 and the abuse physical and mentally started. 5 weeks after that he got really drunk and became angry and extremely violent. On that night as I was trying to calm him down while driving down the road with my 8 year old son in the back seat he had a fit of rage and began to beat the windshield with his fist, then he reached across me and snatched the steering wheel out of my hand and down a 50 ft reven we went. I was cut out by jaws of life and airlifted to the nearest tram a hospital in alabama. When I got there... My advice is, I know your scared and I know what you have been threaten with but if you stand up for yourself in the right way and set your mind to it all things are possible. Call, report, don't hide it, tell everyone you know, get away, you can make it without them!"

    For more voices and ways to share your voice, also go to http://facebook.com/DomesticViolenceVoices.  If you are interested in also sharing your story on my radio show, please submit your request to http://goo.gl/forms/rqo8jg28j1.

    You may also contact Cari at http://thejourneytochange.com or http://facebook.com/thejrny2chge.


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    Repeat Show - Denise Wolford, survivor & activist

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    On April 3, 2010, I did a show introducing Denise Wolford, based in the Greater Dallas area that is a survivor and activist.  Her program is ALL WOMEN MARCH FOR HOPE.  

    Original show - http://www.blogtalkradio.com/oralhistory/2010/04/03/beyond-words-live--meet-denise-wolford

    BEYOND WORDS LIVE! is designed as a platform for survivors to tell their own story in their own words.  Please join us for further discussions on these matters at http://facebook.com/DomesticViolenceVoices, http://facebook.com/KrastinSocialJustice, or http://beyondwordslifecoach.blogspot.com/.  


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    Survivor Voices: Cat #Project1000000Voices - Voices: DV Video Installation

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    Sharing Her Story, Cat states:

    "I grew up in a violent household. One image that has stuck with me was when he hit her over the head with a bottle. My mom never really speaks about what happened and she never left her situation. As an artist and filmmaker, felt it was important to speak to women who got out of their situations and hear what they had to say. The most important thing is that domestic violence is more widespread than people realize. Not many people knew about my family situation. I've also found out some of my own friends were in similar situations and I never knew. So being vocal about it is important. It's important to let people know how may people this affects and how many different types of people it affects regardless of age, race, or social status. And to hear what domestic violence entails. It's different for so many women."

    Join us and hear her whole story!

    For more voices and ways to share your voice, also go to http://facebook.com/DomesticViolenceVoices.  If you are interested in also sharing your story on my radio show, please submit your request to http://goo.gl/forms/rqo8jg28j1.

    You may also view an exhibit installed at http://vimeo.com/105604872.

    #Project1000000Voices #DVWarrior

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    Meet Kathy: Childhood Secrets Need to Be Told

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    Kathy is a childhood friend of mine.  We all lived a "camelot" type of life; often unaware what was going on in the homes behind closed doors.  It was an era that no much was talked about that was personal nature.  Decades later stories are being told.

    Her story involves being sexually assaulted by an older boy in the neighborhood when she was a small child, who later committed suicide when he was a grown man.  It wasn't until much later in life that her father affirmed what had happened wasn't right, and he had tried to contact the father of the boy at the time with no avail.  

    Join us as we talk about Kathy's story and the time to tell as we begin a series of shows in April focused to increase sexual assault awareness, among other stories of survival.

    BEYOND WORDS LIVE is a platform for survivors to tell their stories in their own words.  See also http://beyondwordslifecoach.blogspot.com/ for more about the healing processes.  

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    Memoirs of Mary - Sharing Her Voice Today

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    Mary is a good friend of mine who has her own story to tell, affected by both domestic violence and sexual assault in her lifetime.  As with many advocates, we are forever impacted by what has happened in the past, no matter how much we let go -- especially, considering the emotional impact.  She will share with her story, her journey, and some goals that she has set for herself moving forward.


    BEYOND WORDS LIVE is designed as a platform for survivors to tell their own stories in their own words.  For further discussion on these matters see Domestic Violence Voices http://facebook.com/domesticviolencevoices or my Social Justice page http://facebook.com/KrastinSocialJustice.  If you are a survivor too and would like to share your story contact me on either of those pages, or http://facebook.com/BeyondWordsLive.  

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    Survivor Voice: Amberlee #Project1000000Voices Single Mother W/Autistic Child

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    Amberlee is a single mother with 3 children under the age of 3, the oldest being diagnosed with Autism.  Having been in an abusive relations for 5 years with her husband, he almost took their lives by strangling her and leaving them in a burning home. Since that time she has worked hard to rebuild their lives and has written a book.  

    She is sharing her voice!

    These women tell  me I am their hero, and I am so humbled. When I meet someone I make sure to tell them I am a survivor of DV, because I never know who is suffering in silence, Im currently working on a second book like the first. I want people to know that there is life after DV and it doesnt define you you are worthy of everything in life.

    For more voices and ways to share your voice, also go to http://facebook.com/DomesticViolenceVoices.  If you are interested in also sharing your story on my radio show, please submit your request to http://goo.gl/forms/rqo8jg28j1.

    If you are interested in her book, please go to http://www.amazon.com/Let-Love-You-Through-Inspiring/dp/1502548178/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1415375405&sr=8-1&keywords=let+me+love+you+through+it



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    Photographer Activist: Nerissa Sparkman - Imperfect Project

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    Repeat Broadcast from 4/3/14

    Nerissa Sparkman is a photographer who was challenged by a friend to take pictures of women in their natural state (no makeup, no perfectly brushed hairdos, etc.), which is a challenge when you are not only taking pictures of women with their inner and outer beauty as well.  By providing a platform for women to post their own self-pictures, she created a dialogue of honesty and acceptance of our truer self's beauty. 

    She will come on our show on this day to tell about her story and the reason for her passion in her work.

    See also http://imperfectbeautyproject.tumblr.com/.

    BEYOND WORDS LIVE! radio show is a platform for survivors to tell their own story in their own words.  APRIL is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.  For these and other topics, please join us at http://beyondwordslifecoach.blogspot.com.

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    Lympedema Voices #Project1000000Voices Lymphedema Treatment Act 2014 Reflection

    in US Government

    In September 2014, a group of lymphedema advocates converged upon the Capitol Hill to talk to the US House of Represenatives and Senators about the Lymphedema Treatment Act, as well as had a Congressional Hearing to empasize the importance that it means to many lymphedema patients, caregivers, physicians, and more.  As a result, we ended up with 4 bipartisan lead sponsors from the House of Represenatives, and 91 cosponsors from many of the States.  We really need about 200 cosponsors to help ensure that this Bill passes the House.  

    Guidance was provided by the Lymphedema Advocacy Group, National Lymphedema Network, and many other supporters of the Bill.

    Join us on our Lymphedema Journey and Advocacy for a discussion on a reflection of those this year's journey at Capitol Hill (DC) and a call of action that we would like for you to do as soon as possible.

    For many more details about the Lymphedema Treatment Act, please check out the website http://lymphedematreatmentact.org.

    Also check out the Lymphedema In The News fb page http://facebook.com/lymphedemainthenews for additonaly information about Lymphedema, as well as other events/call to actions happening, especially in Texas.

    If you wish to share your story, please submit your request at http://goo.gl/forms/rqo8jg28j1

    Sponsors and Co-Sponsors of the Lymphedema Treatment Bill --- 

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