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    MyNDTALK - Building A Better Man

    in Psychology

    Dr. Ramel Smith discusses "Building A Better Man:

    Blueprint For Decreasing Violence and Increasing Prosocial Behavior in Men,"

    a book/workbook/guide Dr. Smith co-authored with his colleages Dr.

    William Seymour and Dr. Hector Torres.  "Building a Better Man

    presents a theory and science based discussion of masculinity in

    modern America, but it also does much more than that--it interweaves

    a diverse group of compelling personal stories with an exploration of

    aggression and masculinity in the socialization of boys and men.

    Where other programs tend to subtly denigrate men as perpetrators and

    focus on stopping the problematic behavior, Building a Better

    Man tries to understand the external forces that impinge on the

    developmental experiences of boys/men and broadens the scope of

    inquiry into their behavior by reviewing a range of external societal

    forces that contribute to the problems."




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    A better man : How to be a better father

    in Family

    This show discuss things that men should know about fatherhood.what to expect.
    what we can do to make thing better.
    how to raise children.etc

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    in Radio

    Join Dr. FAB, BIGGDADDY AYERS & THEBOSSLADY for another spicy, real talk episode discussing "Man Sharing"!! 

    You have heard the same, as I have, that there are 5 women to/for one man, huh? Today, many women feel freer to make the choice to man-share. "These women want to get their needs met, and these needs can be emotional, physical, the need for companionship, or a financial need; some women man-share just for the sex." 

     Is it much less of a taboo today than it was 20 years ago?

    There is a spectrum of reasons as to why a woman would knowingly share a man. What would you say are the reasons? 

    Is it because a woman who would willingly share a man is afraid of commitment herself?  "She may have witnessed her father cheat on her mother. She may have been abused, and now she has issues with trusting others. She doesn't do well when she's alone, and she often sits around, crying about where her man is. The man-sharer's intention is not to hurt her lover's main woman, but if she truly empathized with her, she wouldn't do it."Do you agree / disagree? 

    A common misconception about the men involved in man-sharing relationship is that they are, too, having their cake and eating it too. But if the man is in a loveless marriage, and he's only with his wife for the sake of the kids, or to avoid shelling out half of his money in a divorce, his involvement in man-sharing can be equally distressing. It is only when the man is enjoying his marriage and the woman on the side that he is happiest. 

    Tune in to the show for more.....


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    The Soul Man

    in Christianity

    The Soul Man

  • Black Man Clay on Medical Marijuana

    in Motivation

    For many years Marijuana has been the subject of many controversial issues.  It is a natural plant, but has been called the gateway to more potent drugs, and worse for you than alcohol. 

    Now the medical field has realized the benefits of pot, and we will discuss this and how the legalization is almost eminent. 

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    Mitchell Interviews Jackie Miller on A Better World Radio on Book Heart at Work

    in Lifestyle

    Listen on-line at www.abetterworld.tv or by phone!  602 753-1860.

    Wednesday, May 27, 6pm EDT: On this week’s radio program Mitchell interviews renowned author and co-founder of the non-profit organization, Partnerships for Change, Jacqueline Miller.

    Jackie is the author/anthologist originally with Jack Canfield of the book Heart at Work.Jackie spearheaded this pioneering book, which tells stories and provide strategies for building self-esteem and reawakening the soul at work.

    Buy the book  Heart at Work here.

    Jackie Miller  is an internationally recognized expert, consultant, and speaker in the arena of self-esteem. With her husband, Andrew Michael, she co- founded and currently serves as the President of Partnerships for Change. This organization is dedicated to the acceleration of social, economic, environmental and personal transformation as well community self-reliance.She has also served as an executive for several U.S. corporations such as Sara Lee Corporation, Shasta Beverages and Capri Sun, Inc., and PHH Corporation, she has deepened her understanding and appreciation of workplace issues.Heart at Work has recently been newly released with entirely new stories of inspiration and will be available through A Better World. Mitchell has written a chapter in this latest edition as well..Tune in for this re-airing of an inspiring dialogue between these two colleagues and good friends.

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    The J Man Makes A Joyful Noise!!!

    in Christianity

    The title is meant to be humorous. Though there may be some humor in the program, this episode will be reverent in nature. In this broadcast, my intent is to have a time of affirmation of our faith, and adoration unto our Lord. While often my broadcasts are topical and involve the spoken word, this show will mostly be a time of song and worship to God. I don't consider myself a singer, but hope you will be blessed by my musical efforts. Along with my "joyful noise," songs recorded by other Christian artists will be aired. Be blessed. The J Man 

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    Imma Need You To Do Better Episode 3

    in Comedy

    Imma Need You To Do Better Episode 3

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    The Better Person For The Job. DG #330

    in Lifestyle

    Do we always choose the best person to do the things that we want done in life? Repairs? Relationships? Employment? Would we be chosen if the criteria for things were based on who was truly better at things? Who determines who's better at something than someone else is? Is better always the same across the board? Sometimes the person who is on the scene gets chosen to do things and uses the opportunity to reach their goals. Can this happen in a relationship? Can that last? That's what we're taking about this morning at 6am ET on The Daily Gogetemism Show. Check it out. Call 347-677-`533 to listen live. Log  To listen live now or use the same link to listen later on when you have the time to.

    This is the best 15 minutes in the business!

  • Omega Man

    in Christianity

    Omega Man

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    Soul Man

    in Christianity

    Soul Man