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    Metaphsyics & the Wisdom Traditions with David Zimmerman on A Better World

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    Wednesday, Jan. 20, 6pm est: Mitchell’s guest this evening is  student and teacher of The Ageless Wisdom Teachings, David Zimmerman, B.Mph.  

    David is a retired General Motors executive, a student of Art at Indiana University and a graduate of Claregate College of England, a Combat Veteran of the Vietnam War.  A lifelong student of The Ageless Wisdom Teachings and international lecturer.   David provides new Insights into the Wisdom Teachings which are suitable for our time.  He is a sought after lecturer with a broad range of topics such as Esoteric Psychology, Esoteric Astrology and Esoteric Healing,he also lectures on the Metaphysical nature of Quantum Physics. He is a generous supporter and producer of educational videos and writings on Esoteric subjects throughout the United States, England, Australia and South Africa. He is an active member of the Theosophical Society in both America and England.


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    Drum Therapy with Pat Gesualdo with Mitchell Rabin on A Better World Radio

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    Mitchell’s guest this evening is celebrated drum virtuoso Pat Gesualdo, who is known for pioneering the groundbreaking techniques of Drum Therapy® and for his celebrated non-profit organization D.A.D. (Drums and Disabilities). NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Administration and the New Jersey Dept. of Education Commissioner helped Gesualdo launch D.A.D. in 2004, as a special education program in New York City and New Jersey school systems.

    Psychologists, neuroscientists, teachers, law enforcement agencies, child protective agencies, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and behavioral therapists in over 15 countries, use Gesualdo’s revolutionary Drum Therapy techniques in schools, mental health facilities, hospitals, and therapy centers. This effort helps disabled children and adults develop physical & cognitive functioning.

    Pat was invited to the White House in an effort to bring his pioneering Drum Therapy techniques to help wounded troops throughout the United States. In 2012, under President Obama, the U.S. Department of State brought Gesualdo to the West Bank region of Israel, to help disabled Israeli and Palestinian children with his groundbreaking techniques of drum therapy.

    Pat has been the lead story on NBC, CBS, and ABC TV News& other major media outlets on a Global basis. He had a 4 page feature interview in Modern Drummer Magazine, and featured in major media outlets such as WABC TV, MSNBC, ABC Television News, CNN, USA Today, NBC Television News, the LA Times, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Post, Fox Morning Show and more.  

    Tune in to tonight’s interview on the power of music and rhythm for effecting healing, reducing violence and building communit.

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    Mitchell Interviews Jackie Miller on A Better World Radio on Book Heart at Work

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    Listen on-line at www.abetterworld.tv or by phone!  602 753-1860.

    Wednesday, May 27, 6pm EDT: On this week’s radio program Mitchell interviews renowned author and co-founder of the non-profit organization, Partnerships for Change, Jacqueline Miller.

    Jackie is the author/anthologist originally with Jack Canfield of the book Heart at Work.Jackie spearheaded this pioneering book, which tells stories and provide strategies for building self-esteem and reawakening the soul at work.

    Buy the book  Heart at Work here.

    Jackie Miller  is an internationally recognized expert, consultant, and speaker in the arena of self-esteem. With her husband, Andrew Michael, she co- founded and currently serves as the President of Partnerships for Change. This organization is dedicated to the acceleration of social, economic, environmental and personal transformation as well community self-reliance.She has also served as an executive for several U.S. corporations such as Sara Lee Corporation, Shasta Beverages and Capri Sun, Inc., and PHH Corporation, she has deepened her understanding and appreciation of workplace issues.Heart at Work has recently been newly released with entirely new stories of inspiration and will be available through A Better World. Mitchell has written a chapter in this latest edition as well..Tune in for this re-airing of an inspiring dialogue between these two colleagues and good friends.

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    Healthy, Conscious Conception, Pregnancy & Birthing: A Better World in 9 Months

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    What is the role of conception, the parent' relationship pre-conception, pregnancy and natural birthing have to do with later in life and the possibility of creating a better, healthier, happier, peaceful, just and sustainable world?  How about most everything?

    Join me in a Round Table discussion about this powerful subject with Dr. Francois Amigues, Osteopath, President of Ideal Family and of the Canadian Association of Prenatal Education. Filmmaker Monica Matos (Life Imitates Birth),writer and Utopian Laura Uplinger (Gift for the Unborn Children),and midwife, doula, Carla Machado.

    Laura Uplinger, Prenatal and perinatal educator for more than 30 years, Author, alumni board member ofAPPPAH (Association for Prenatal & Perinatal Psychology and Health).  Carla Machado, President of ANEP Brasil (National Association for Pre­natal Education)

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    Music is King! Tune in to Don Slepian on A Better World

    in Culture

    Wednesday, Feb 5, 6pm EST: Mitchell's guest this evening is well-known musician Don Slepian, Electronic Keyboardist, combines unique skills in music and electronics with a lifetime of improvised keyboard music performance. Working in Renaissance, Baroque, and Romantic genres, he performs original classically-styled music on computer instruments of his own design.

    Born into a scientific family, Slepian showed both musical and technical talent early in life. In 1968, he programmed computers and built electronic music circuitry, sculpting sound with classic electronic music studio tape techniques. In 1972, he was a tester on the early internet as a member of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

    Don has been presented by WNYC’s “New Sounds” show in New York’s Lincoln Center, by the French Ministry of Culture at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, by the Karen Baptist Church for performances in the refugee camps at the border of Burma and Thailand, and has toured in Hong Kong and Singapore, among other venues, around the world.

    He currently webcasts from his studio in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. He is President of Local 577, American Federation of Musicians and Music Minister at All Souls Christian Center of East Stroudsburg, PA.

    Mitchell and Don first met and got friendly in the mid-1980's when they were both part of a spiritual community (Synchronicity Foundation) using music and language to create coherence between the two hemispheres of the brain, clear the subconscious mind  of old, bad habits and open the way for novel thought and development.

    For more on Don's music and work: http://donslepian.com.

    You can Listen on-line at www.abetterworld.tv
    Or listen by phone! 602 753-1860

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    What are you doing to create a better world? Join Mitchell on A Better World

    in Culture

    Wednesday, June 25, 6pm EDT: This evening's radio show will be a call-in show with host of A Better World Radio, Mitchell Jay Rabin.

    It's about opening up consciousness to what we sense may be its next evolutionary stage, a shift to something else, so that we can begin to conceive a world of beauty, compassion and integrity, far, far different than so much of the world we have today.

    We will scan the planetary systems in place from this elevated view and see how we can intercede most effectively in this lower consciousness with a laugh or two, perhaps a tear or two, and seek to nudge the human species "upward and forward", in terms of mindfulness but beyond mindfulness, to a place of a new space of human potential, moving into the pre-frontal cortex and the heartspace of coherence where we can burst forward with appreciation, gratitude, compassion and love as we look out, from this purview, at the world we've created.

    All are invited to call in and ask questions or comment.

    Mitchell is a holistic psychotherapist, communication consultant, acupuncturist, Stress Management Consultant, Workshop leader, Host & Producer of A Better World Radio & TV, teacher, eco-entrepreneur. Mitchell has chapters in several books, such as The Code, The Fire from Heaven and The New Heart at Work. He additionally writes for Natural News and the Huffington Post.
    Purchase The New Heart at Work

    Purchase Deeksha: The Fire from Heaven

    You can Listen on-line at www.abetterworld.tv

    Or listen by phone! 602 753-1860

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    Making A Difference in the World: Tibet House & Pachamama Alliance

    in Lifestyle

    The first part of today's show is an interview with Ganen Thurman (Prof. Bob Thurman's son & Uma Thurman's brother) on the rich activity of Tibet House US, here in NYC.

    Ganden currently serves as the Executive Director of Tibet House US where he has worked full time for the last 20 years  THUS is a cultural and educational non-profit corporation established in 1987 at the request of HH the Dalai Lama of Tibet.  Mr. Thurman has spent considerable time over the course of his life living amongst and around Tibetan exiles in the US and India and is proud to assist their non-violent campaign for basic human rights and the opportunity to contribute to world civilization and affairs as Tibetans.

    The second half of today's show is discussing the Pachamamama Alliance with its former Executive Director, David Tucker.  David has been with the Pachamama Alliance for 17 years and is currently the Director of Pachamama Journeys, an experientially based, transformational travel program that reconnects participants to the Earth, themselves and others through direct experience with wild nature, indigenous cultures and shared group experience.

    Prior to joining the Pachamama Alliance, David managed a successful State Senate campaign in Massachusetts, facilitated wilderness experiences for at-risk youth in the dessert Southwest, and was a Peace Corps volunteer in Latin America. He has been bridging the global North and South for over 20 years and is a committed student of indigenous, earth-based wisdom.

    A Better World has been an advocate of both Tibet House and the Pachamama Alliance for some years, and is pleased to speak with today's guests who have done and continue to do such good work in supporting and advancing these enterprises.


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    Cycles of Time, Cycles of Life with David Katzmire

    in Lifestyle

    This evening will be a Round Table discussing Time Cycles.  We have just passed the Winter Solstice and heading toward 2016.  But time cycles last from billions of years to nano-seconds in duration.  There has been fascinating research which confirms time cycle’s effects on the Earth, human consciousness and health.  Knowing more about these cycles gives us considerable leverage with each of these, which is why the subject is so interesting and so important.

    Dave Katzmire has been on A Better World Radio & TV numerous times and is a major friend and advocate of A Better World from its beginning.  Through diligent research,Katzmire has become a self-styled scholar of history in light of both major and minor time cycles that he was able to identify.

    Purchase Mitchell’s Interview with David Katzmire on Time Cycles

    Dave said: "The vision of KalaRhythms came to me in an instant as I was captivated to embrace the concept of oneness. Such oneness may be succinctly described with the axiom that, everything is in anything. That all things must change, and for every time there is a season, tells us that the Dance of Shiva is realized in many ways.*

    *Note:  Research scientist from New Zealand, Ray Tomes was initially going to join us but due to technical difficulties, wasn't able to join us.  But will in a future show.


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    Creating Healthy Relationships - Love in Action with Mitchell Rabin

    in Lifestyle

    Mitchell J. Rabin, M.A., L.AC., relationships, communication and life-coach, psychotherapist and stress management consultant, speaks of his work with clients and groups over decades and how people learn to relate to each other in ways they hadn't been able to before.

    Utilizing ancient Taoist wisdom, neuro-science, quantum physics, therapeutic theater and a touch of healing magic, you will learn to understand something more of the powerful relationship of the mind and emotions to the body and what holistic healing is about.

    Mitchell also looks at the world-situation and condition as factors in our mental, emotional and physical health and well-being.  Understanding the stresses which accrue from the injustices that abound, hippocracy in business, government and the absence of integrity in the places it needs to be for a harmonious society, he speaks of how these as energies impinge on our consciousness and can adversely affect us, as well as ways to neutralize these and turn them around.

    Several participants of A Better World Workshops, held in downtown NYC twice per month will be speaking of their experience on today's show.

    For more, go to: www.mitchellrabin.com and www.abetterworld.tv

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    Taking a Peek into 2016 & Our Currency with Jungian Astrologer Monty Taylor

    in Lifestyle

    This evening will be a brief astrological review of 2015 with focus on what is before us from an astrological perspective with renowned astrologer Monty Taylor, Jungian-Style Astrologer and Mythologist.

    One of the areas of focus in this evening’s show is about the transformation of the structure of our money supply, the very structure of the currency system itself, with which we are so accustomed.  With the upcoming influences mapped according to the ancient science and art of astrology, 2016 offers some pretty profound opportunities for transforming structures–and ourselves as well.

    Called “the Joseph Campbell of Astrology,” Monty shares his insights and wisdom of astrological energies and their mythologies to steer us toward awareness and alignment with our true paths.

    Using the statistical cycles of time in a meaningful and practical way, he helps us better understand the normal stages of personal and collective evolution of our relationships, finances, career goals, and self-understanding.

    Monty maintains an extensive private practice as an astrologer in Manhattan. His clients include individuals, corporations, and celebrities in the fields of international performing arts, financial management, and complementary and traditional medicine.

    Monty has been a guest on A Better World Radio numerous times as well as A Better World TV.

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    Shift Into Freedom with Teacher, Psychotherapist Loch Kelly

    in Lifestyle

    Mitchell’s guest this evening is meditation teacher, psychotherapist, author and founder of the Open-Hearted Institute, Loch Kelly, M.Div., LCSW.

    Purchase Loch’s books & CD’s here.

    Loch spent 10 years establishing homeless shelters and community lunch programs and working in a community mental health clinic in Brooklyn, New York.

    As a licensed psychotherapist, Loch has been teaching seminars, supervising clinicians and practicing awareness psychotherapy in NYC for 25 years. He served on the New York Insight Teachers Council and was authorized to teach Sutra Mahamudra by Mingyur Rinpoche and invited to join with Adyashanti to teach direct realization of your true nature. Loch has collaborated with neuroscientists at Yale, UPenn and NYU in the study of awareness training can enhance compassion and well-being.

    Loch teaches in a non-sectarian human being lineage in an adult education style based in the earliest non-dual wisdom traditions, modern science and psychotherapy. He is the founder of the non-profit Open-Hearted Awareness Institute.  

    Mitchell and Loch originally met at a Dr. Stan Groff, Holotropic Breath Workshop in 998 after Mitchell interviewed Stan for A Better World and have been friends ever since.  Loch was a guest on A Better World Radio in 2008 (http://abetterworld.tv/a-better-world-loch-kelly-1-28-08)

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