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    "Starseeds Intro: Manual and Handbook" author Sarah Chamberlain

    in Spirituality

    Sarah Chamberlain is a spiritual teacher, intuitive, healer, clairvoyant, empath, author and artist.  She is a professional psychic for Hawaii’s premier metaphysical store, Sedona-Hawaii.  She offers classes on intuitive development, Osho Zen Tarot Cards, Tea Leaf Readings, and Starseed classes.  She works closely with animals, and has helped many of them pass over.  She’s also a contributing writer for in5d.com and a self-published author of “Starseeds Intro: Manual and Handbook”. Sarah originally grew up in the small town of Spring Lake, MI where she originally began to have her first extraterrestrial experiences.  She met her husband in Michigan and moved to Hawaii on a whim in 2003, after feeling a spiritual pull towards the islands.  In 2013, she and her husband traveled to Peru, where she began to experience her ET origin awakening.  She wouldn’t fully accept her origins until 2014 after taking Doreen Virtues Realms class, where she hesitantly uncovered her origins from the stars.  Her mission is to help other starseeds unlock their star origins and help them better understand themselves and their physical, mental, and spiritual struggles.  She is a mental health advocate, feminist, human rights advocate, and homeless advocate.  Until her new website is finished, you can find her on Facebook at: Sara Starfire.

    At the top of the show, it's Anastasia's Starseed News, bringing topics of interest to starseeds that you won't hear in the mainstream!

    Only a few spots left for the Pleiadean Line Up Starseed Crystal Quest in Arkansas! May 15-21.  Write to crystals at starseedhotline dot com for more info.

    Thanks for tuning in!

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    Laurie Beth Jones interviews Shane Hipps about his new book, "Cats Don't Bark".

    in Spirituality

    Laurie Beth welcomes Shane Hipps, author of the new book, "Cats Don't Bark: A Guide to Knowing Who you are, Accepting Who You Are Not, and Living Your Unique Purpose."

    At some point in life everyone is compelled to ask the primorial question--Why am I here? How we answer that question determines whether or not we will discover our true calling in life and harness our full professional, personal, and spiritual potential.

    Many counterfeit voices will offer an answer, but the one true voice whispers from the inside. CATS DON'T BARK provides powerful techniques to help the reader listen for the "One Voice" and find the courage to follow it. This is a book about discovering who we are, accepting who we are not, and cultivating the habits we need to discover and embrace who we were meant to be.

    Shane Hipps is an award winning author and sought after speaker. He currently serves as the Chief Leadership Officer for Aspen Heights, a national real estate development company. His focus is on leadership and human development. Through his unique coaching techniques, training, and workshops, he unlocks purpose, potential, and creativity. Hipps was formerly a pastor of a 6,000 member church. He started his career in advertising as a strategic planner for Porshce Cars. To learn more, visit his website at www.shanehipps.com.



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    The New and Improved LifeTalk Radio Show with Ken and Beth Show!!

    in Fun

    Join Ken and Beth for a rousing discussion of current events and topics of interest.  There's so much to talk about this week it could fill several shows.  Join the stream at 9:30PM tonight 12/10/2015.  Call in to speak with the hosts. We'd love to hear what's on your mind. (347) 215-9971.  

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    Beth Sharpe joins Turnbuckle Turmoil

    in Sports

    She is married to the brains behind America's favorite wrestling themed Ramones core pop punk band. She is the owner of one fine Chris Jericho t-shirt. She is the hugger of the NWA Continental champion. She is first time Turnbuckle Turmoil guest Beth Sharpe. We'll get her views on all sorts of wrestling related topics.

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    The New and Improved LifeTalk Radio Show with Ken and Beth Show

    in Fun

    Join Ken and Beth for a conversation about current events and topics of interest.  This week's topics will include the recent crash of the Russian airliner in Egypt and the controversy over coffee cups that is brewing out of control in the United States.  Call in to speak with the hosts and give them your opinion. (347) 215-9971. Thursday 11/12/2015 9:30PM PST.

    Be there!

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    Interviewed By God With Beth Banning!

    in Health

    TWU Radio welcomes Beth Banning to the show!  Beth Banning is a best-selling author, inspirational speaker, and spiritual catalyst.  Her new book, Interviewed by God, A Journey to Freedom is written in a format in which she is “interviewed by God,” and is meant to be a mirror for the reader to reflect their own experiences back to them.  It is described as a gentle guide for those who are at the precipice of an extraordinary adventure and are either scared to jump or who hunger for answers and understanding.

    You can find out more information about Beth by visiting her website at http://www.bethbanning.com/.  Get ready for an amazing show!

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    Beth Karas on Steve Avery Amanda Knox & Bill Cosby on King Jordan Radio!

    in Legal

    BETH KARAS RETURN'S TO KING JORDAN RADIO at 1-28 Thursday Night @ 9:30pmest The Topics will include Steve Avery  Amanda Knox  The Killer of Meredith Kercher Rudy Guede is now accusing Amanda of Everything! & Beth will have something to say about that ! on the hearing on February 2nd Bill Cosby will be back in Court but will the Case be Thrown out cause of the leaked E-mail we will find out Call into The @ 347-857-2950 & keep up with King Jordan Radio follow the show on Twitter @KIngJordanRad & Check out Beth Karas's Page at Karasoncrime.com

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    Pop Americana with Rising Country Star Nick Nichols

    in Music

    It’s another free-form romp through the Country, Folk and Pop stacks.

    And Amy Beth welcomes rising Country star Nick Nichols. We talk inspiration, influence and the ever-changing music biz. Plus: sample Nick’s latest releases.  

    All served with generous side orders of pop culture commentary, motivational jumpstarts & Inspiration to Action shout-outs!

    Listeners chime in with #BigStory topics & #Forgotten45 requests.

    Tweet 24/7 @abwrites 

    Call during the show ONLY 347-857-4505 

    Join us LIVE or later on demand! 

    ***Please support the artists you hear on this show. All books &music are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes and wherever fine work is sold.  

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    Kingdom Girls: Roxanne Brown-Robinson interviews Beth Ward

    in Christianity

    Kingdom Empowerment, Inc. Radio - Kingdom Girl's, Talk Show Host, Roxanne Brown-Robinson interviews Beth Ward on “Discover Your Passion".

    Date: January 13, 2016 at 7 PM Eastern Standard Time

    Call in to speak with the guest @ (646) 668-2413

    Short Bio: Beth Ward

    Beth Ward holds a Master’s degree in Christian Counseling and is Board Certified as a Biblical Counselor (BCBC) through the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC).  She is also certified as a Chemical Dependency Counselor Assistant through the state of Ohio.  Beth is an ordained Minister and also certified as a Belief Therapist (CBT) through Therapon Institute in Louisiana.

    Having served for over 25 years in leadership and administration for non-profit agencies, Beth understands the hardships and heartaches experienced by women, men and families.

    Beth served as the initial Program Director for the Darlene Bishop Home for Life, a residential center for women dealing with substance abuse, depression and homelessness.

    Learn more: @KingdomEmpowermentMagazine

    Sponsored by: Jewelry4AQueen

  • The New and Improved LifeTalk Radio Show with Ken and Beth Show!!

    in Fun

    Join Ken and Beth for a disucussion of current events and topics of interest.  9:30PM PDT Thursday 10/15/2015  Be there!!

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    Our American Mosaic & The Politics of Xenophobia w/ Activist & Author Deepa Iyer

    in Current Events

    How do we combat xenophobia, irrational fear and hate as our society continues to weave a more colorful and complicated American mosaic?

    In the wake of the 9/11 attacks, and most recently the San Bernardino massacre and the incendiary campaign rhetoric of Donald Trump (and other GOP candidates) , immigrants and American minorities have been targeted, harassed and attacked at alarming rates.

    Amy Beth welcomes racial justice advocate Deepa Iyer, author of We Too Sing America: South Asian, Arab, Muslim And Sikh Immigrants Shape Our Multicultural Future.  Reframing the discussion of race in America, Iyer raises questions about the state’s role in perpetuating racism and domestic terrorism.

    And the usual hoopla: free flow Pop Culture convo, Inspiration to Action shout-outs, humor, music and more.

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    ***Please support the artists you hear on this show. All books & music are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes and wherever fine work is sold.  

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