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    Do Best Friends Make Good Lovers?

    in Relationships

    Tonight the "It's Real Talk Radio" crew will be discussing a very interesting/debatable topic: "Do Best Friends Make Good Lovers?" There are so many things to factor in when it comes to best friends taking it to the next level and it's probably safe to say most of us have either tried a relationship or at least thought about trying a relationship with our best friend before, but did it work? Are you still together? If it didn't work, what went wrong? Did it impact your friendship and are you still friends today?

    These questions and more will be addressed (from our perspective) on tonight's show, so if you have experienced this topic or maybe have a crush on your best friend and don't know how to come out and tell them (or don't know if you should risk taking it there), definitely tune in and feel free to call in to share your opinion or experience with us.

    Also we have the debut of our newest co-host Kcee. It's going down tonight y'all and as usual we hold no punches; make sure you tune in! Our call in # is 347-838-9540, and remember to press 1 if you have a question or comment for the hosts; otherwise, continue to hold and listen to the live broadcast.

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    Pet Radio-The Sport of Dog Pulling and No Kill Los Angeles with Best Friends

    in Pets

    Francis Battista, co-founder of Best Friends Animal Society and head of Best Friends Los Angeles will give us an update on their progress in LA, and Daphne Lewis of Chalo Sulky will tell us all about dog pulling!

    We will be giving away freebies to callers during the show, for your dog and cat! There will also be news and special announcements. Comments and questions from callers are always welcome, but please remember we are a family show.

    Please follow our blog for the latest news, articles, polls, and raffles! 



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    Thriving throughout the Holidays, with Best Friends & Coaches, Alyce & Erica

    in Health

    Please join Health Educator & Life Coach, Erica Haray-Butcher, and her best friend of 25+ years, Psychotherapist & Life Coach, Alyce Jurgensen, as they share their top ten tips on how to experience a joy filled holiday season.  

    We'll offer tips and strategies on how to have a more joyful and less stressed holiday season.  We'll be talking about setting your intentions for the holiday season, being realistic about your expectations, gift giving (or not), and we'll offer ideas on how to set healthy boundaries with your time.  The rest you'll have to tune in for!  :-)

    For more info about Erica and Catch Good Health, please visit www.catchgoodhealth.com.  To learn more about Alyce, please go to her FaceBook fan page.

    And, don't forget- good health is contagious...pass it on!

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    Sunday Rescue-Best Friends Los Angeles Coalition

    in Pets

    Francis Battista, co-founder of Best Friends Animal Society speaks with us about Best Friends Los Angeles, consisting of two adoption centers for the city of Los Angeles and a kitten nursery, their goal of making the city no kill through their coalition of shelters and rescues, and their national work in funding adoption and spay/neuter programs as well as elevating public awareness. The hour long interview is presented without commercial interuption.
    Also joining us is Beth Randall from Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary returning to give us an update!

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    Guided: Her Spirit Guide Angels Were Her Best Friends and Life Coaches

    in Spirituality

    Guided: Her Spirit Guide Angels Were Her Best Friends
    and Life Coaches with Linda Deir

    Linda didn’t have a friend in the world. Fortunately, she had very good friends who were not in the world – her Spirit Guides. They provided her with unconditional love, and through that, they became the most influential teachers, life coaches, best friends and protectors she could have ever had. They made the impossible possible throughout her life. As a result of their guidance, nothing has ever been out of reach for her. People have always told her that she makes everything look easy. That’s because she knows she’s being guided. She allows them to chime in, and she listens!

    Linda Deir has always experienced the paranormal as normal. From early childhood, Linda Deir experienced something most of us miss – she realized that she was being “guided.” Now, after a lifetime of being guided she is sharing what she has learned, and most importantly, how she learned it.

    GUIDED is the author’s true story that follows her life from survival as an abused child through her escape as a teenager and into her phenomenal success as a businesswoman in a man’s world by age 19 and beyond. Using her life as a template, GUIDED is a roadmap for stepping on board at any point along your life path to join forces with your own spirit guides to create a better life than you could have on your own.

    For more information visit: http://lindadeir.com/

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    in Entertainment

    Is your friends or bestfriends really your friends or are they faking. So we will discuss how to tell a ral and fake friends 

    K’Valentine’s artistic ability was so extremely exceptional that it was evident that she had a gift for the arts...period. It was about this same time that she discovered Hip Hop. She dove in, fell in love and impressed many with her vast knowledge of the Hip Hop world and its reigning Kings. She will be the special guess this week. 

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    Best Friends Los Angeles

    in Spirituality

    Your Host and Pack Leader Karen Palmer author of the popular book www.dogsaregiftsfromgod.com welcomes Best Friends Los Angeles Animal rescue. Best friends was created in the 1980's as a grass roots effort to place cats and dogs considered unadoptable to good homes. The next phase came in LA the mission of a no-kill city can only be achieved when people come together. In early 2012 Best Friends Pet Adoption Spay and Neuter Center in Mission Hills opened to the public.  www.bfla.bestfriends.org  find them and like them on facebook and see all the awesome events such as "Strut your Mutt" this will take place on September 22, 2012 @9am in Pan Pacific Park, Los Angeles Get involved with this incredibly inspirational group. We are all part of the solution.

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    Lovers and Best Friends or Naw?

    in Self Help

    There is an age old general assumption that my lover should be my best friend... Is this truly the case or is it just something that feels good to say? Pstor Darrell chops the whole thing up today! Join in the conversation with the most progressive self help radio show on the east coast with Darrell Owens. The conversation deals with Love, Sex, Faith, God, & everything Taboo everyday from 2-3pm.

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    Imma let you finish but.....

    in Sports

    I will review several shoot interviews ,talk about a few upcoming shows and more

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    If You Met Your Best Friends On Your Dorm Floor, You're Doing College Wrong

    in Comedy

    Jared is joined by comedian Andrew Collin to read your emails and answer questions about having sex with an ex, hooking up with your boss, whether you should sleep with your best friend or not, and virginity stories. All that and the news from TotalFratMove.com. Check it out!

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    Subes from Project Starfish joins the Friends of Kevin Radio show

    in Entrepreneur

    Host Kevin Willett is joined by Subes from Project Starfish. Project Starfish is an integrated business program and a platform, that creates contemporary work experience for talented yet unemployed blind, visually impaired and people with disabilities. Learn, Work, Earn, build contemporary Work experience, Network with businesses and become Employable. Please visit their website at http://www.pstarfish.org/ 

    Would you like to be a guest on the Friends of Kevin Radio Show? Send me an email to kevin@friendsofkevin.com

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