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    Gary Loper | Best Ever You

    in Self Help

    Please join Elizabeth with guest Gary Loper. Gary is a certified Bob Burg International Coach, motivational and ‘Go-Giver’ teacher. The Go-Giver philosophy adheres to the principle that "all things being equal, people will do business with and refer business to those people they know, like and trust." The main emphasis of these principles is to apply "Five Laws of Stratospheric Success.’ Implementing these powerful laws into everyday life will vastly improve both your personal and business life, adding value to what you do. It is all about engagement and building relationships.

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    Gary Kobat - Elizabeth Hamilton - Best Ever You - Awakening

    in Self Help

    Join Best Ever You Show hosts Gary Kobat and Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino for a special 30 minute show about Awakening. 
    This week's word: AWAKENING
    What does it mean?  How can you use this show to improve your life?
    Reach your full potential and see life as it is full of endless possibilites.  Learn to live consciously and to awaken on all levels, become aware and mindful.  Understand how your behavior relates to your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being and how it affects others.
    See and feel truth and how to take responsibilites for the choices you make each day.

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    Best Ever You Fitness Expert - Wendie Pett

    in Fitness

    Join host Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino with guest Wendie Pett.  Wendie is a fitness expert on www.besteveryou.com and is the CEO of Visibly Fit at www.wendiepett.com
    Hate going to the health club?
    Sick of all the guilt trips? Fed up with diet hype & boring foods? Want to have the passion and desire to become a healthier YOU? Wish you felt free to be who you were created to be? Wendie's Visibly Fit™ program will give you the simple steps to transform your mind, body and spirit, so that you become the best version of yourself.

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    Ask Elizabeth, Randi and Katie - Best Ever You Views

    in Self Help

    This Episode: Media Mind Control
    Is Entertainment news and media distorting our values?  Join Author/Host Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino, Psychotherapist /Host Dr. Katie Eastman and Talent Manager/Producer Randi Siegel for a candid and humorous three point perspective chat about how celebrities, media and social media influence our behavior...for better and for worse.
    When the evening news leads with stories of Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy and the Jodi Arias trial is getting better ratings than original programs, the image of what our society values most can seem superficial.  We've been desensitized to divorce, affairs, excessive drinking, drugs, abiding by the law and airing your dirty laundry on TV.  Why has Facebook become the place for “official statements” to be made?  Are you getting your relationship advice from Dr. Phil?   How many products do you have because Dr. Oz said you need to buy them?  At what point did these TV personalities and celebrity commentaries replace your own circle of friends and family for advice and guidance?  

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    Jacqueline Muller | Best Ever You

    in Self Help

    Please join host Elizabeth for a very special hour with guest Jacqueline Muller.
    Jacqueline Muller is a world renowned Transformational Coach, specializing in awakening personal freedom, motivation and contentment for business success and extraordinary results in every area of your life. As a Swiss national who grew up in Thailand,was  educated in Switzerland, Germany, Denmark and USA, Jacqueline brings together a unique coaching and healing style based on unlocking your full potential. Her wide ranging experiences around the world have brought together a message that is sure to change the life of anyone who encounters it.
    Jacqueline’s high energy and passion for human potential has taken her all around the world.Her early career started with His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan's Industrial Promotion Services Ltd, in Geneva, Switzerland. This also led her to working with the Aga Khan Foundation. Both were involved with projects in Africa and Pakistan. She then became a part of Swiss Multi National, Cosa Liebermann where she became Deputy General Manager, openingthe China marketand being responsible for suppliers in Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and many other countries.

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    Judge Tom Jacobs | Best Ever You

    in Family

    Join Elizabeth with guest Judge Tom Jacobs.
    Judge Tom spent 36 years practicing juvenile, criminal and family law in Arizona before retiring in 2008. He was a superior court judge pro tem/commissioner for 23 years and writes law books for teenagers, parents, teachers, lawyers & judges. He taught law at Arizona State University School of Social Work for ten years. He is the founder of AsktheJudge.info, an educational website for and about teenagers and the laws that affect them. His current teen-law books include “Teen Cyberbullying Investigated” (2010) and “What Are My Rights – Q&A About Teens and the Law” (2011) both from Free Spirit Publishing.
    Visit www.askthejudge.info for more information.

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    Dr. William Sears - The Inflammation Solution

    in Health

    Please welcome Dr.William Sears to The Best Ever You Show.

    William Sears, M.D., is one of America’s most trusted physicians. He has served as clinical associate professor at the University of Toronto, University of Southern California, University of Southern California School of Medicine, and University of California, Irvine. Together with his wife, Martha Sears, RN, Dr. Sears has written 42 books on parenting, family health, and healthy aging. His passion for helping others achieve optimal health led to the creation of the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute (www.drsearswellnessinstitute.org) which offers science-based Health Coach Training and Certification programs. His www.AskDrSears.com website is one of the most popular health and parenting sites and his contribution to family health was feature on the cover of TIME Magazine in May 2012. He practices and lives with his family in Southern California.


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    Mike Robbins - Nothing Changes Until You Do

    in Self Help

    Mike Robbins is the author of three books, Focus on the Good Stuff, Be Yourself Everyone Else is Already Taken, and his latest, Nothing Changes Until You Do.  He’s a former pro baseball player whose playing career ended due to an injury.  For the past 14 years, he’s been a sought-after motivational speaker who delivers keynotes and seminars to groups of all kinds.  Some of his clients include Google, Wells Fargo, eBay, Schwab, Gap, and the San Francisco Giants.  He and his work have been featured in Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, as well as on ABC News and the Oprah radio network.  Since 2008 he has been a regular contributor to the Huffington Post and his books have been translated into fourteen different languages.  For more information about Mike and his work, visit www.Mike-Robbins.com.

    Help Mike, his wife Michelle and their daughters build a school in Ecuador.  http://mike-robbins.com/school/


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    Robert Sharpe - Bringing Inspiration to the Earth

    in Self Help

    Robert Sharpe is the Founder of BITEradio.me, host and producer of the Bringing Inspiration To Earth radio show and author of Joy Potential: Where You'd Least Expect It, It's No Secret: Spirituality BITEs, and the newly released photobook, Nature's Inspiration; Volume I.

    BITEradio.me was established in 2010 to provide a source of positive programming designed to enlighten and entertain listeners. In the more than 4 years of programming, the Bringing Inspiration To Earth show has aired 750+ shows focusing on inspirational guests in the Self-Help, Spirituality, Children's Corner and Environmental Awareness genres.

    In addition to his radio work, Robert also works with non-profit organizations designing and maintaining web sites and assisting with business plan development.

    A former corporate trainer in the financial and restaurant industries, Robert has more than 25 years experience in the study of self-help, personal development and metaphysics. His more than 10 years radio experience include both broadcast and Internet-based show development. Robert has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Whittier College.

    For more information about his radio programming and books visit: www.BITEradio.me

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    The World of Children's Books | Best Ever You

    in Books

    Best Ever You Radio takes an hour long focus on children's books with guests Emma Dryden, Karen Grencik and  Brenda Reeves Sturgis. Brenda and Elizabeth each have children's books, Ten Turkey's in the Road and Pinky Doodle Bug, that have won Gold Mom's Choice Awards. 
    Emma Dryden is a children’s book editorial and publishing consultant.  A highly sought-after speaker for regional and national conferences, where she often speaks about story and the digital landscape, Emma is also on the Society of Writers & Illustrators (SCBWI; www.scbwi.org)  Board of Advisors.
    Karen Grencik is a literary agent with Red Fox Literary.In June 2011 Karen joined forces with ex-Random House editor Abigail Samoun to open Red Fox Literary, a boutique agency that went viral overnight after being featured in Publishers Weekly. She represents authors of picture books, early readers, chapter books, middle grade and young adult fiction and nonfiction.  

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    Erin Basile - Fit Plus 5

    in Health

    Erin, or Sears kid Number five, has experienced first-hand the magical benefits of attachment parenting. Growing up in the fun and sometimes crazy household with 7 siblings has taught her a lot about the importance of family values and how to have a happy healthy life. With her parents as guides she has shaped her life around helping others. She has a M.A. in Music from Azusa Pacific University and has loved sharing the joys of music with her students for the past 12 years. Erin went through some challenging life events leading her to her own health transformation in 2010. This sparked a fire to share her healthy living plan with others and she became a certified Health Coach through the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute. She is also advocate for whole food nutrition and, as a Sales Coordinator for The Juice Plus Company, she is helping families all over the world live life to the fullest. Erin is honored to be partnering with The Pump Station as Wellness Coordinator to educate and facilitate families towards the power of whole foods.