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    Eric Pepin from Higher Balance Institute Whitefire

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    We are almost done with Eric Pepin's teachings now. The last section I hve to share with you is his Whitefire series. This will cover part 1 of the series and then the final segment will be Whitefire part 2. So far it has been interesting to her what he has to say and I expect this series to be equally compelling.

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    Dr. Berni is a PhD in natural health and Homeopathy. She is a graduate of the British Institute of Homeopathy in England and recieved her Homeopathic degrees  in 1994. In 1998 she recieved her PhD in natural medicine.
    Dr. Berni has a clinic in Mesa Arizona, Integrative Health Patient Care where all ages and symptoms are treated.
    In this weeks episode of Naturall Doctor Berni we are proud to have Dr. Carpenter as a guest. Dr. will speak about all topics of medicine and what makes her revolt agains the system.
    This should be a hot show. Dr. Carpenter has been known to really hit home with the people that try to control our ability to treat the whole patient.
    Join us on Tuesday evening at 6PM Arizona time, 9PM East coast time.

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    Naturally Doctor Berni

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    This is a show based on Homeopathic healing and other alternative pathways to curing illness and disease. We talk about different illness and what is your particular issue with its designated Homeopathic treatment and cure.
    Each week we have a live guest from different walks of healing and natural health including animal welfare and health issues.
    This weeks guest is, Erik James with Active Bodies in the East Valley of Arizona. Erik will be talking about how to challenge your self through personal training and exercise especially fit for you the individual. Please join us and call in to ask questions. Erik is a personal trainer and will make this show rock! 
    Our focus is on the immediate extention of healing and how to regenerate the body to bring you to welness.
    This show is informative, relaxed, happy, entertaining and educational. 
    Dr. Berni is not a medical doctor but is a PhD in Natural Medicine. She graduated fromt the British Institute of Homeopathy in England in the early 1990's and owns and runs an alternative clinic in Mesa Arizona.
    You can reach her by calling 480-703-0151 or simply join our show each Tuesday at 6pm Arizona time and 9pm East Coast time.
    Visit us on our website, www.docberni.com
    Our call in number for our show is,818-572-2945.

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    Eric Pepin of Higher Balance Institute Guided Meditations 1-3

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    We've finished the 4 foundations for proper meditation techniques. Now we get to the good stuff with 3 guided meditations to practice with. This will finish his guided meditation series and we will move to the next section of his material during the next show. I'm looking forward to listening to these for the first time along with you because something tells me they're going to be powerful meditations. All of the matrial up to this point has been interesting and informative and I don't think as we progress it will be any less meaningful.

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    Naturally Doctor Berni is a show centered on natural health, Homeopathic healing and other aspects of wellness. Live guests from all over the globe presents their forte and view on Holistic wellness as opposed to Western Medicine.
    This show is entertaining and educational with some of the best medical professionals in the country who will share their knowledge and experiences in the outcome of healing different illnesses and disease.
    Dr. Berni is a graduate of the British Institute of Homeopathy in England and in the early 1990's she earned her PhD in Natural Health. She owns a natural medical clinic in Mesa Arizona where she treats all ages and all symptoms. The phone number to reach Dr. Berni at her clinic is, 480-703-0151. 
    Our guest this show is, Laura Barnes, a life coach and world traveler who will help you transform your life.
    We are taking live callers who wish to share their health issues. Our call in number is, 818-572-2945.
    Dont forget to watch Dr. Berni on Youtube where she speaks about different health issues and their cure.
    www.docberni.com       (our website)
    Please tell all your friends to listen to our radio show every Tuesday night at 5pm Arizona time, 9pm East Coast time!

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    Eric Pepin from Higher Balance Institute All is One Series Complete

    in Spirituality

    This show will be airing the entire All is One series from Eric Pepin of Higher Balance Institute. I don't want to give the show details away but it is completely different from his Guided Meditation series that we just finished listening to. It deals with your realtionship to the Universe and is very interesting information also. Eric has an interesting way of expressing himself that makes you want to hear more; and more we shall enjoy.

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    Secrets of Sound Therapy Thyroid and Hormonal Imbalance

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    Moving on to the Secrets of Sound Therapy healing music for your thyroid and hormonal imbalances or hot flashes. I have several of their CD's and DVD's, but only a few downloads at the moment to share. Will figure somthing else out to share them with you. I enjoy sharing uplifting things with you as that is what is needed in the world more than anything else. The Hormonal Imbalance/Hot Flashes one is tones only and if you don't need it, it may not be as nice to hear as music would be.

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    Eric Pepin Teachings From Higher Balance Institute Foundation 1&2

    in Education

    This is the begininng of a Meditation Series by Eric Pepin of Higher Balance Institute. I found him on Facebook by accident and I decided to take his offer to check out his material for a donation. After hearing it and per his request, I am sharing it here for all to hear. He walks you through the right and wrong way to meditate and what you're supposed to be doing when you do.  While I'm sharing good info I want to pass along a healer I met and love http://braco-europe.tv Check him out, he's very interesting. 

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    PARANORMAL FAKERS WHY DO THEY FAKE IT? + "Scariest Places" Berni Hubbard

    in Paranormal

    Join Kurt Logsdon and Mickey Gocool for a night of PARANORMAL CHAT & TOPICAL DEBATE LIVE on NLPI RADIO.


    Also Joining us LIVE is a British Commedien Berni Dieu Hubbard who plays "Evette Fielding"  in the Take The Cake Production Most Hanted Spoof "Scariest Places"  Her Sidekick Michael Dee plays a character called "Merrick Alora". 

    (Berni)" I believe that in life the only person stopping you from doing anything is yourself, so Me and Michael merged our thoughts and have been working hard together towards our goal of creating a very successful comedy production company where we are the ones who make the decisions.

     I have performed with names such as Archie Kelly, Dave Spikey, Paul Merton and John Bishop, this then lead me into writing, I have had my own comedy sketch show aired on BBC Radio Merseyside and also done some writing for BBC Radio 4.

    And that's me."

    Michael Dee  - Merrick Alora "Over the past 4 years I have had the privilege to work with some of the biggest names in comedy, such as Sarah Millican, Peter Kay, Ken Dodd, Reginald Dee Hunter and Jimmy Carr. All of which have given me inspiration and kind words to helping me achieve my goals in life and for that I am truly grateful to them."

    WHEN MERRICK meets  Derek Acora https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yArLpVsKrOY



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    THANKFULNESS SERIES CONCLUDE with Guest: BERNI XIONG on Veronda Bellamy INspired

    in Self Help

    Good Day Lovelies,

    Veronda Bellamy Inspired is committed to bringing you something soulful and inspirational from the textures of the show. She understands that life can get the best of you and really wants to provide you with insight that will guide you into an identified purpose and intentional living.

    Join Veronda and Guest Monday - Friday at 7:00 .am. EST. and every Sunday at 7:00 p.m. EST. by calling 914.338.0464. As Veronda always says, "Sit back and Enjoy," isn't that soooo like life.

    Click here to submit your prayer request, to be a guest on the show, or for general inquires.


    Be INspired

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    Weekends With Berni

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    All kinds of topics.

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