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    Bermuda Triangle

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    Tune in tonight for our show on the Bermuda Triangle! A place of strange disappearances, attributed from everything from the hurricanes to the paranormal, the Bermuda Triangle is one of the strangest geographic regions in the world! Listen in at 10:30 PM EST.

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    The Bermuda Triangle

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    Join us tonight as we talk about the Bermuda Triangle

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    Cosmic Truth with Janine Regan-Sinclair & Patti Negri - 38 The Bermuda Triangle

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    Wednesday 7pm (UK) BST, 11am PST & 2pm EST - Join Janine & Patti for live chat about the Bermuda Triangle, also known as Devil's Triangle. Plus, personal insight, spiritual guidance & healing over the airwaves. This is your opportunity to speak to the USA's No1 Psychic and No1 Medium and Tarot Reader in the World. And if you haven't checked out the original Cosmic Truth yet, there are now around 60 shows to listen to on YouTube, all merging science with spirituality, with Janine interviewing Scientists, Doctors, Animal Communicators, Healers, Psychics and more. You will find some of the most prominent speakers of our time on her show, from Dr Bruce Lipton to Diana Cooper 

    Accurate advice about your career, love life, soul purpose and live healing on air. 

    www.crystalki.com   www.pattinegri.com 



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    JFR Midnite Mystery Radio: The Bermuda Triangle.

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    In this hour, Jory will discuss some of the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle and why I think I would NOT want to find myself there. Show is subject to reschedule and time limit of one hour.

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    Is the Bermuda Triangle actually a paranormal phenomenon or is it a myth handed down through generations

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    Theories on the Bermuda Triangle

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    Discussing different theories regarding the many disappearances in Bermuda Triangle. Including eyewitness statements, probing the possibility of time warp/time travel and UFO's.

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    What is up with Pyramids and the Bermuda Triangle?

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    Tonight we explore the mysteries of the crystal pyramids (recently photographed by scientists) in the Bermuda Triangle along with their purpose and what went wrong with them.  Who is responsible for them being there and does this relate to Atlantis?   Unseen World focuses on all aspects of the spiritual, metaphysical and paranormal . . . we will teach and learn together.  Here you can share your experiences, ask questions, and we will assist you with your journey.  You can Join Linda, Saundra & others of like mind on our Facebook Group “Unseen World” We look forward to getting to know you!   Linda Irwin is an intuitive paranormal/metaphysical specialist and has a community page on Facebook at "Continuum X Headquarters".  She can be reached also at cntnuumx@frontier.com or her You Tube Channel "VorlonGod"   Saundra Greene is a Spiritual Intuitive. She is well versed in numerology, as well as the meaning & uses of different stones & herbs, but does readings from the heart. You can see more of her beautiful photography at www.wix.com/wyosammy/saundra-portfolio or she can be reached for in depth person email or phone readings at Wyosammy@GMail.com.

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    The Year 2012 and The Bermuda Triangle

    in Science

    In this episode, Derik and Brian will discuss the the famous year "2012" and the Bermuda Triangle.

    Call in number (347) 237-4695

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    Exploring the Bermuda Triangle with Gian Quasar

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    Gian Quasar's research into the Bermuda Triangle is so extensive, he's been a sought-after guest on everything from NBC, The History Channel, National Geographic, and the Discovery Channel. Join us for this hour of discussion concerning this strange area of water lurking just off the Florida Coast.

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    THE FOG "I Survived The Bermuda Triangle"

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    My guest tonight is BRUCE GERNON. Mr. Gernon is the only person in the world to witness what creates the Bermuda Triangle. Others have seen parts of this phenomenon and some have seen it but vanished. Gernon is the only one to see this from its birth stage through its mature stage and enter the heart of the Timestorm and escape through a Tunnel Vortex and experience a time warp of 30 minutes forward in time and 100 miles forward in space.

    After 31 years of research Gernon discovered how he had flown those 100 miles in such a short time and never seen the Earth or sky around him. He was captured by what he calls Electronic Fog. There are dozens of planes and boats that have been in this fog through out history. And there are dozens more that have crashed because it can induce spatial disorientation. Many have disappeared and some have even disintegrated. All of the people that have been in this fog thought they were traveling THROUGH the fog. Until Gernon’s theory, no one ever realized it is similar to Saint Elmo’s Fire; it attaches itself to the vessel and travels WITH it.

    What we learn from intrepid adventures like Christopher Columbus, Charles Lindbergh, and Bruce Gernon-the co-author of THE FOG-who survived frightening encounters in the Triangle and lived to tell the tale?

    THE FOG presents pilot Bruce Gernon’s groundbreaking new theory of the Bermuda Triangle, based upon his own firsthand experiences, eyewitness reports from other close-call Triangle survivors, and leading scientific research.

    But the notorious Bermuda Triangle hasn’t given up all its secrets. THE FOG also explores the Triangle’s connection to UFOs, a secret navy base, and a possible link to a vanished ancient civilization. www.electronicfog.com

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    Mind Boggle - Episode 20 - Bermuda Triangle

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    Mind Boggle will explore the mystery of vanishing planes and ships in the Bermuda Triangle. Is there Alien activity going on? Is there a portal to another dimension ? There are so many possibilities. Hosted by Ric Morris and Raj Upadhyay.