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    Debate on American Sniper Film & Ed Berliner

    in Current Events

    Ed Berliner is the only individual bringing to every appearance a notable combination no other media expert can match.

    Emmy Award winning television Host & Producer. Executive Producer for 4 start-up cable networks. Radio network Host & Executive Producer for major market national and regional stations and networks. TV & radio correspondent for broadcast networks including ESPN, ABC, NBC, CBS, Associated Press and many more. Noted columnist for National and regional newspapers and web sites. Producer, Director and Host for nationally-syndicated TV programs, commercials and public relations specials. CEO for “Entourage Media”, producing and distributing original news and sports web sites. Marketing and branding expert for medical, legal and corporate firms. Marketing & Public Relations coordinator. Broadcast media consultant for corporate executives, public relations firms, sports team, athletes and educators

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    The Michael Cutler Hour

    in Politics

    Happy Friday!

    This evening we will take exploref the nexuas between immigration and terrorism.  With all of the focus that has been applied to the failures of the U.S./Mexican border, finally politicians and journalists have apparently “discovered” that where immigration is concerned, there are many more vulnerabilities to be considered than only our porous southern border.

    On December 7th FrontPage Magazine published my article, “Fighting The War On Terror Here, There and Everywhere: The San Bernardino jihad attack and the battle inside our borders.”

    On December 6th I was interviewed by Tuck Carlson on Fox & Friends to discuss, “Why was it so easy for Tashfeen Malik to enter the US?” Retired senior special agent for INS talks need for stronger vetting on 'Fox & Friends'

    On Thursday, December 10th I was interviewed by Ed Berliner on Newsmax-TV:  The Hard Line | Michael W. Cutler - Have federal agents focus more on homegrown terror:  Retired senior special agent with the INS joins The Hard Line to discuss the many failures of our immigration system since the 1980s and how that has left us open to possible terrorists entering the country. Cutler wants to move agents from other details, possibly from the war on drugs and have them focus more on homegrown terror.

    All Americans must contact their elected representatives to demand that they act our best interests.

    Democracy is not a spectator sport!

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    9/19/12-Dr. Hildy Welcomes Show Business Charles Berliner

    in Entertainment

    For Scrolling Images  which will accompany
    Dr. Hildy and Charles ' Conversation:
          Chronological List of Plate Images within
        “Category of Design” – Plates # 0001-0023
     http://onecellonelightradio.wordpress.com/2012/09/18/91912-dr-hildy-charles-berliner-show-business/   and
    open the SCROLLING IMAGES LINK .pdf file on the page - -  THEN
    return here via the LISTEN NOW link on the page to simultaneously listen and scroll down the images in separate windows as Dr. Hildy and Charles Berliner discuss his work.
    This week on One Cell, One Light Radio,
    Dr. Hildy changes gears once again and welcomes a very special guest,
    The Delightful Mr. Charles Berliner!

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    1-9-13-DR HILDY-Paradigm Shifts-Charles Berliner, Rick Dubov

    in Spirituality

    Today’s show will have special guests and friends of Dr. Hildy – Charles Berliner, Theater and Costume Designer/Artist and Rick Dubov, Artist.   Happy New Year from One Cell One Light Radio! As expected, the potential, predicted apocalypse did not occur (though the long-term effects of the winter solstice of 2012 are yet-to-be discovered). The vibrational changes mentioned in many predictions are deliciously apparent to the aware, and we’re all here to welcome the 14 b'ak'tun! MORE>>    

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    The Kerri Edelman Show presents Comedy Writer Neil Berliner

    in Comedy

    Neil Berliner is not your average comedian and comedy writer as he is psychiatrist along with being an actor and musician!! As a well-known comedian, Neil can be seen performing his stand-up act at comedy clubs around the country.  He has performed and been featured at clubs such as NY Comedy Club, Gotham Comedy Club, Stand Up Silver Screen Theater and Levy’s Comedy Club. Neil is also a comedy writer whose writing can be viewed in major network television shows, comedy roasts, radio shows and song-parody writing, to name a few.  Neil presently writes for the John Kerwin Show which can be viewed nationally Saturday nights on Direct TV, Comcast and Time Warner.  Comedy writing comes naturally to Neil and he has written for major radio shows such as The Howard Stern Show along with comedy lines for comedy roasts involving comedians such as Artie Lange, Andy Dick, Gary "Baba Booey" Del Abbate and Ronnie the Limo Driver.  Additionally, his comedy writing has been featured in magazines including his own column titled "Monoblogue" in Stage Time Magazine.  Recently, Neil started acting and has been featured on “The Mike Bocchetti Show.”  Furthermore, Neil is a talented musician.  He has his own rock band as well as he contributes to song-parody writing including writing for Fruity Nutcake Rapping Granny.   

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    The Berlin Wall – 25 Years Later

    in Politics

    Darrell Castle discusses the rise and fall of the Berlin Wall on the 25th anniversary of its fall.

    “Ich bin ein Berliner”

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    in Health

                            This week on One Cell One Light Radio, Dr. Hildy® pays                                            tribute to a very special person.

    We were saddened to learn this week that our friend, Charles Berliner, has passed away.

    A veteran of set and costume design for film, television and theater, Mr. Berliner spent more than four decades in show business, working on some of the most acclaimed productions of his time, as well as serving for 28 years as the Western Regional Representative of the legendary National Entertainment Industry Union, United Scenic Artists, Local USA 829, IATSE.

    Coming from an entertainment family, Mr. Berliner followed his mother, a concert pianist at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco as well as a Broadway singer and his aunt, a vaudeville performer who shared the stage with Gracie Allen into show business, getting his start as a dancer in San Francisco. He became interested in stage design at the tender age of 10, after seeing the original stage production of My Fair Lady with Rex Harrison and Julie Andrews. MORE>>>>


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    Leni Berliner to discuss Green jobs on Close-Up Talk Radio

    in Business

    Washington – According to a report delivered in October by the Department of Labor, over 5.5 million young people are currently unemployed. Many of these young people are college educated but have been faced with a job market offering limited opportunities.
    As the country’s economy continues to recover from the financial crisis, many have suggested further investment in the Green sector as the key to reducing unemployment, generating new revenues and getting the country back on track.
    Leni Berliner of Energy Farms International is a recognized authority in the field of renewable energy and clean technology. She believes developing the Green sector as an engine for sustained economic growth could provide the foundation for our future economy.
    “One of the beauties of the clean energy economy is there’s an entire value-chain,” says Berliner. “From utility companies to agriculture, construction, engineering, manufacturing, sales, education and publishing, there are opportunities, there are Green jobs, but they have to be nurtured like everything else. Growing this economy is going to require collaboration and cooperation.
    According to Berliner, the Green economy is ideal for young people, but, she says, “If you want to find a Green job, you have to know where to look for Green jobs and you have to be prepared to do Green jobs.”
    That starts with education, which will require greater emphasis on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).
    “It’s one of my great personal frustrations. Everyone is encouraged to go to business school or law or finance, but what you need for Green jobs, regardless of what sector you’re working in, is science and math, preferably engineering. Learning how to learn and being intellectually curious is something you need to have.”

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    Sense on Cents with Larry Doyle Welcomes Bill Berliner

    in Politics

    Get an hour's worth of common sense about the economy, the markets, Wall St. and Main St. with Larry Doyle, a Wall St. veteran and NoQuarter USA blog's financial contributor.

    The issues within housing and mortgages are at the base of our economic crisis encompassing both Wall Street and Washington. From structured transactions on Wall Street to financial regulatory reforms in Washington, the issues ultimately come back to housing and mortgages. Larry Doyle will discuss all these issues with Bill Berliner on tonight's show. Mr. Berliner is uniquely qualified to address these topics. He has extensive experience within the financial industry and currently shares this experience from his firm, Berliner Consulting and Research, LLC. Please join us for an informative discussion.
    And don't forget . . . if you need some direction navigating the economic landscape, please visit Larry Doyle's blog, Sense on Cents.

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    Serve, Taste or Trash! Food Game #2

    in Health

    Mr. Divabetic hosts the new hilarious culinary podcast, Serve, Taste or Trash! Game. A delicious combination of crazy food challenges and fresh perspectives on the latest food trends.Tonight Mr. Divabetic discusses easy ways to go from ‘Farm To Fabulous’ with co-founders, Debra Moser and Mitchell Berliner of Central Farm Markets and one of the market’s featured vendors.Our Serve, Taste or Trash! Game challenge features jerusalem artichokes, kale and oranges. One lucky contestant must decide which choice they'd serve, which choice they'd taste and which one they'd trash. But will they regret their decision after hearing our guest culinary wizard’s mouthwatering recipes for each choice? Can low-sodium foods rate high in taste? Stay tuned.Special guests include Wellness and Diabetes Coach, Ginger Vieira, the author of "Your Diabetes Science Experiment" and "Emotional Eating with Diabetes," Co-founders of Central Farm Markets, Debra Moser and MeatCrafters owner, Mitchell Berliner, Chef Robert Lewis aka ‘The Happy Diabetic', the ‘Queen of the Green’ Miss Aida Romaine and Laura from Chattanooga, TN who is living with diabetes.This program aims to encourage kids of all ages to become more open-minded eaters.Get inspired to eat more fruits and vegetables. Check out Mr. Divabetic’s Serve, Taste or Trash! videos on Mr. Divabetic YouTube channel and join Divabetic’s Facebook page. GLAM MORE FEAR LESS.

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    LA Kings Road Talk- Ich bin ein Berliner Buffalo

    in Sports

    Hipcheck and Tonga talk all things LA Kings and continue the european road trip in Berlin against the Buffalo Sabres. So Far So Good for the 2011 season and this is the place to talk LA Kings Hockey. If you are a diehard King fan-this is the place to be no matter what site you hang. Be it Letsgokings, HFBoards, Hammond, the Mayor, Frozen Royalty-whereever. If you call yourself a fan...this is the place to be all season long every Road Game.