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    Ancient Cherokee Marine Voyages​: Berber Enigma--w/Charles Rogers & Brian Wilkes

    in Religion

    Dr. Charles L. Jahtlohi Kingfisher Rogers (website) and Grandfather Brian Wilkes (website) discuss Ancient Cherokee Cross Atlantic Migrations... The Berber Enigma. Wonder along with us as Brian Wilkes ponders tribal customs of the Cherokee Nation that match those of Berbers (Imazighen) living in the Atlas Mountains

    What Our Historical Chiefs Have Said:

    According to Chief Attakullakulla's ceremonial speech to the Cherokee Nation in 1750, we traveled here from "the rising sun" before the time of the stone age man.

    What Anthropologists Say Today

    The Cherokee migrated back and forth from Mexico twice, making the Ozark plateau our home the second time, about 800-1500 years ago. This fact has been proven scientifically by Dr. Tim Jones (a Cherokee descendant) of the University of Arizona -- who holds doctorate degrees in BOTH archeology AND anthropology.

    What Anthropologists said in 1949

    Cherokees skulls are NOT like those of other American Indians, as is shown from Anthropological evidence gathered in Archeological sites.

    From a newspaper article titled For Palefaces, by Walter Carroll, Durham Morning Herald, December 11, 1949,

    "Dr. Kelly explained that his initial concern with Cherokee Origins occurred when he came to the Cherokee reservation in 1929 as a fellow of the National Research Council. He had traveled from Harvard to make a racial study of the present tribes, principally their head forms, which are 'dolicephalic,'

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    Marguerite Rigoglioso -- The Amazon Women of Tunisia

    in Spirituality

    Hear scholar Marguerite Rigoglioso discuss the foremothers of the Greek Amazons - the Amazon women of Tunisia, N. Africa. She will discuss who they were and if they were real. How Medusa and the Gorgons fit into this story - as well as Athena. Is there evidence of female warriorhood in Africa and what happened to the Amazons? Do the Amazons relate to the contemporary Tuareg or Berbers of N. Africa and why the Amazons are a useful image for women to reclaim today.

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    Ep 53- The Endorphin Effect with William Bloom

    in Self Help

    Author and Transformation Coach Lynn Serafinn hosts Author and Transformation Coach Lynn Serafinn world renowned author, teacher, spiritual activist William Bloom. Author of “The Endorphin Effect,” “Feeling Safe,” “Psychic Protection,” and “Soulution: The Holistic Manifesto,” William is of the UK's most experienced teachers, healers and authors in the field of holistic development. His background includes a two-year spiritual retreat living amongst the Saharan Berbers in the High Atlas Mountains, 30 years on the faculty of the Findhorn Foundation, co-founder and director for 10 years of the St. James's Church Alternatives Programme in London, and is the founder and co-director of The Foundation for Holistic Spirituality. In this week’s show, William will be sharing his groundbreaking with the “Endorphin Effect”, a true unification of mind, body and spirit, in which we train our brains to evoke feelings of physical and emotional euphoria, so we can lead happier, healthier and more stress-free lives.

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    Hal Fleming - The Bride's Fair

    in Books

    The Bride's Fair is a fiction tale of diplomatic intrigue & terrorism set in the Mid Atlas Mountains of Morocco. The author spent almost five years as Mission Director of the United Sates Agency for International Development’s program for Morocco & is very familiar with the regions of Morocco, becoming steeped in the diversity of the coastal, mountain & desert cultures. With the help of his archaeologist wife, Hal traced the vestiges of the Roman era, the early Arabs & the Spanish moors. Above all, it was the indigenous Berber culture of the Mid & High Atlas Mountains which fascinated him & led to his using the Berbers as a backdrop for his novel. www.freewebs.com/halflem -&- find the host at www.brummet.ca